off the beaten pathAren't you happy you decided to go off the beaten-path? Where else could you find a place where the locals grow feet-ears. Yes, folks, when he goes to answer his cellular phone he brings it up to his foot. Instead of getting his wife earrings it'll be sneakers. Let's hope he don't end up with athlete's ear.

IF you were in Cancun now you'd be suffering through a lobster dinner instead of the boiled serpent eyeballs which are in front of you on the broken wooden table which needs paint.

In your Cancun hotel you would have had a hair dryer to use after your shower rather than the constant 90 degree heat entering through the cracks in the wall boards of your non air conditioned room with no electricity.

In your Riviera Maya hotel in Playa del Carmen you'd have high speed internet connection in your room. Here off-the-beaten path you have these cute scorpions.

For something really different:
Cruise the Somalian coasline
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