hotel Hilton GuadalajaraEnjoy Guadalajara be it a show downtown, business, or a visit to Selva Magico, Expo Guadalajara, or shopping at Tlaquepaque.
Guadalajara is the undisputed shopping capital of México. Modern malls, some very specialized, are located throughout the city. Tlaquepaque. Enjoy at best by staying at the Hilton Guadalajara hotel.
An AAA-4-Diamond-Award hotel situated just 30 minutes from Guadalajara Airport.

Located in the business complex of the World Trade Center, this Guadalajara hotel neighbors the Expo Guadalajara Conference Center. Host a meeting or event for up to 2,500 guests in this Guadalajara hotel’s well-equipped business and conference center offering nine meeting and banquet rooms for events of all sizes.

You can celebrate your dream wedding on one of three outdoor terraces for up to 1,400 guests.

Stay productive in the business center with eight smaller meeting rooms for up to 40, and three semi private rooms.

Hold a conference in the hotel’s auditorium and take advantage of high speed WiFi throughout the hotel.
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Upgrade from a comfortable Guest Room to a Presidential Suite and enjoy the extra space of a separate living area split across two levels.

Work out in your private gym or do business in the exclusive 10 seat meeting room. Stay active in the fitness center with the latest cardiovascular equipment and weights.

Rooms have either two double beds or a king size bed.

Hilton Guadalajara offers 450 guest rooms. All with a large work desk with lamp and ergonomic desk chair, WiFi, and an in-room safe.

Enjoy voicemail, thermostat-controlled heating and air conditioning, a coffee station and private bath. Rest easily on an exclusive mattress, super Topper mattress pad, down duvet, touch of down pillows, luxurious linens and premium bath amenities. There are also Club Level rooms on the 7th and 8th Floors. These feature continental breakfast as well as afternoon cocktails, daily soft drinks, and coffee/tea complemented by delicatessen foods.

hotel Hilton Guadalajara Refresh in the outdoor heated pool before rejuvenating with pampering treatments at the hotel spa (shown in part below). Relax in the hot steam rooms or unwind with a body massage.

Feast on a range of Mexican specialties and international cuisine at Guadalajara restaurant, Los Vitrales and relax in stylishly comfortable surroundings with a glass of wine.

Down a fine tequila in its city of origin at the Vinifera Wine Bar and choose from any one of 63 brands.

Nibble on bar snacks and sip on cocktails or indulge with a delicious meal before partying into the early hours of the morning at this Guadalajara hotel.

hotel Hilton Guadalajara At Hilton, dining options are designed for you.
Begin your day with a hearty breakfast or nutritious light snack; savor innovative dishes prepared with only the freshest ingredients, or simply relax with a cup of coffee in the hotel lounge.
From business brunches to pre-dinner drinks and everything in between, the options at Hilton are catered especially for you. at this Guadalajara hotel.

Enjoy the most exquisite and International cuisine at Los Vitrales. Hilton offers a great variety of buffets and carefully crafted A La carte menu items with capacity for 220 people and divisible into 4 non-smoking sections. Breakfast buffet is served daily from 7 AM to Noon with menu item selections from Noon to midnight daily. Enjoy menu items such as succulent beef tenderloin and an ample amount of regional specialty items.

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With over 92 years of experience behind them, Hilton continues to be synonymous with hotel because of their innovative approach to products, amenities and service.

Hilton helps make traveling more fun with it's smart design, innovative restaurant concepts, authentic hospitality.

Located in the heart of downtown across from Expo Guadalajara. Near Lechuga and Chicharo Streets.

Guadalajara is the second-largest city in Mexico. It has attracted numerous multinational businesses, particularly in the high-tech industry, leading to Guadalajara's distinction as Mexico's Silicon Valley (how cute).
The city is surrounded by hills and Sierras. The metropolitan area comprises the neighboring municipalities of Zapopan, Tlaquepaque and Tonala.

The shopping center is a few blocks away.

The historical center is five miles away.

Hilton has more than 540 locations in 78 countries.
Hilton provides a comfortable and contemporary experience for guests worldwide. For example the high speed internet in the Hilton Guadalajara hotel.

hotel Hilton Guadalajara

extras you deserve

one of the hotel's fine restaurants here in Guadalajara
pesos per night plus 19% tax Hilton Guadalajara 2017
Monday through Thursday
Friday though Sunday
Standard room single or double
extra adult
Buffet breakfast $360 pesos per person | Children less than 12 years of age free sharing room with parents

USD per night plus 19% tax Hilton Guadalajara 2016
Monday through Thursday
Friday though Sunday
Standard room single or double
extra adult
Buffet breakfast $18usd | continental breakfast $12usd
lunch and dinner from $32usd
children have a 50% discount on meals
Children less than 12 years of age free sharing room with parents
Don't be fooled by notorious websites offering the Hilton Guadalajara a few dollars less with no refunds.
We on the other hand have a generous cancellation policy and no-cost change policy.
We never know what may come up to alter our plans.
Who was it that said the best laid plans of mice and men
We pay for our bargains.
promo 2016 $1555 pesos por noche habitacion doble | mas 19% impuestos
promotion 2016 $1555 pesos a night double room | plus 19% tax

hotel bath is stunningHave a look at that bath.
Lovely no!?!
That's what we mean by contemporary experience.

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attractions near the hotel in downtown GuadalajaraThe lovely cathedral of Guadalajara located in the Centro Historico on Avenida 16 de Septiembre, Hidalgo y Morelos. (It is not uncommon for streets in Mexico to have specific dates as names, such as 16 of September, or 5 of May. These correspond to historic moments in Mexican history like when Chivas beat America 2 to 0.)

King Filipe the II1 of Spain had the idea to build this cathedral way back before 1618.

The construction took over 50 years to complete. Frequent fiesta, siesta, mañana.

Constructed by Architect Martín Casillas, it shows an interesting mix of architectural styles with gothic, baroque, morisco and neoclassic influences and its three naves are covered with gothic vaults and arch ribs.

1 As he married Queen Mary the Ist he became King of Naples and Sicily as well as Duke of Milan and Duke of Earl. During his marriage to Queen Mary I (1554–58), he was also King of England and Ireland. And Mayor of Butte Montana. He was lord of the Seventeen Provinces of the Netherlands and lord of the flies.


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guest from San Francisco said:
The staff location and dinning were very good I love the food pool location weather and the night life
recent visitor from Puerto Rico says:
Staff was friendling and kind. Room was clean and in excellent conditions. Pool area and Fitness center was neat.
from San Jose:
The Hilton in Guadalajara is very clean, comfortable with great staff and service but it is NOT cheap.
from Colima:
Nice hotel with a good location. The staff is friendly and happy to serve you. Theres a good steak house at the hotel.
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about Guadalajara:
The city center is laid out like a cross, which consists of the Guadalajara cathedral and 4 surrounding plazas.
Guadalajara is the birthplace of Mariachi music, and the city hosts an annual Mariachi festival in September. In addition to Mariachi music, there is a vibrant music scene in the city. There are plenty of clubs and bars, where a whole array of different varieties of music are played. Like Salsa, rock, cumbia, hip-hop, disco, Latin, but to the best of our knowledge no polkas, watusis, or the twist.
Gualajara is home to Libertad Market, which is the largest public market in the Western Hemisphere. You can find plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a variety of goods such as arts and crafts, homemade pottery, leather goods, chairs. But don't imagine you'll be buying a chair to bring back home.

Remember at the doorstep of your Guadalajara lodgings is the very capital of Jalisco. Unique architecture influenced by Gothic, baroque, and Europe in general.
The mariachis abound, as does fine tequila, hospitality, and a wide range of flowers.

These colorful flowers adorn 150 stone fountains in the city.
Some have said if you throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish it will come true.
I say you are just throwing money away and at night a little tyke will take it too.

There are still carriages pulled by horses to get around the city.
A romantic way of exploring downtown Guadalajara.
Go past the cathedral. Dig the gothic towers.

The Clemente Orozco museum is a must visit! See his studio and residence.

Pre-Hispanic objects are on display in the Museo de Arqueologia del Occidente.
That last word means west not accident by the way.

See original works by the famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera in the Mueseo Reginal de Guadalajara not to be seen anywhere else in the world. And all this so close to your Guadalajara lodgings.

Enjoy local music and browse the library at the Casa de la Cultura Jalesiense.

Also while in this great town take in a charro. The horse and rider ride as one to lasso animals and do tricks. A Mexican rodeo. Fun for the whole family.
You know it also fascinated me how they can make that rope form circles in the air.

Some say the loviest church in Guadalajara is the iglesa de Santa Monica built in 1720.
Awesome engravings in stone in the front of this church.

The mercardo libertad is an enormous tiangus (market) where you can buy everything from partridge eggs to medicinal herbs. It's a trip to visit here.

Guadalajara, The Pearl of the West, is the Capital of Jalisco and Mexico’s second largest city and is one of the largest urban centers in all of North America.
The city has deep colonial roots which are evident everywhere you wander around this great city.
The city center is laid out like a cross, which consists of the Guadalajara cathedral and the four surrounding plazas.

Guadalajara is the undisputed shopping capital of México for arts and crafts or leather goods or ceramics.
Modern malls, some very specialized, are located throughout the city. Tlaquepaque and, on a smaller scale, Tonalá are located within the city limits of Guadalajara and offer a shopping experience that is considered by some to be unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Tlaquepaque mentioned above is one of those places that shoppers dream of.
This Guadalajara suburb is a must on any visitor's agenda.
There are people who have flown halfway around the world just to shop in Tlaquepaque.
The main shopping area has been closed off to traffic so that you can stroll and shop at a leisurely pace safely.
Specialty shops are everywhere baby.
Over three hundred quaint shops will make your shopping experience, in this traffic free environment, a real pleasure.
This seemingly small town offers some great bargains and an incredible variety of items in just about anything in the way of quality handmade goods, from fine crystal to furniture, and almost everything in between.

You must have heard mariachi music is to Guadalajara like lying is to Hillary.
Like terrorism is to towel-head extremist cowards.
Like cover-ups are for the Warren Commission.

Take in the Mariachi Plaza (Plaza de los Mariachis).
Maybe it’s the soulful sound of the horn or the iconic sombrero-and-charro-suit performance clothing, but there’s something timeless about mariachi music, the joyful music of Mexico, and something great to be said about a visit to its cultural center.
Guadalajara Jalisco is the birthplace of this form of music and can be enjoyed so close to the Hilton Guadalajara folks.
While the exact origins of the music are disputed by bean counters and pencil pushers, Guadalajara’s Mariachi Plaza, or the birthplace of this art form, is a particularly famous musical location and the best place in town to experience the custom, where bands of musicians offer up tableside serenades.
Visitors to the plaza can grab an outdoor table in this working class part of town, request a tableside song and sit back to watch, unwind and sing along with the locals.
Often paired with tequila tastings or food tours, a stop in Mariachi Plaza can be a spirited way to spend an evening in Guadalajara.
Guadalajara is a well-known mariachi song written and composed by Pepe Guízar in 1937.
Pepe is a popular way of saying Jose, it does not mean urine.
Guízar wrote the song in honor of his hometown Guadalajara.
It goes:
Guadalajara, Guadalajara.
Hilton Guadalajara,
You are the best lodgings in Guadalajara.
CancunSteve got us a good deal.
And in the hotel had a great meal,
You are homeland of thousand doves afar.
Guadalajara, Guadalajara,
Better put some windshield washing fluid in the car.

Did you know that Elvis Presley in the 1963 film Fun in Acapulco sang this tune in the final scene of the film.

July is the hottest month in Guadalajara with an average temperature of 75°F which is comfortable, and the coldest is January at 41°F not so bad, with the most daily sunshine hours at 11 in the month of August.
The wettest month is November the month peepee Guizar was born.