Cancun Malls: part III

Plaza Kukulcan not only has air conditioned cinemas with films in English with Spanish sub-titles, but bowling alleys as well. All the fast food joints you know back home have migrated here. The Mexican handicraft boutiques will surprise you with their original and special designs. Stores ship worldwide. Some of Cancun's finest restaurants are to be found here. Cenacolo; Ruth Chris; and others. A piece of the Villas Marlin building can be seen in the background.
Villas Marlin is just in back of this mall on Cancun's nicest beach and Avalon Grand nearby. A few miles to the south are Solymar and Cancun Plaza.
A few miles to the north is Baccara
Young and old enjoy Cancun's malls. Here two women are about to enter the mall to shop; we assume not to go bowling as they took the wrong ball.
The photo to the left shows the south entrance to this great plaza. The photo to the right shows a piece of Plaza Caracol and the convention center in the distance. Cancun drivers go south on Blvd Kukulcan. Many have no drivers licenses and those that do never passed a driving test to get it.
This colorful mall with bars, restaurants and a Warner Bros store as well as fine casual wear boutiques is just 4 blocks south of Baccara. Both Villas Marlin and Avalon Grand are just a few blocks or so to the south. Both Solymar and Cancun Plaza are just 4 miles south. Going towards the airport.
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