Your hotel's all-inclusive Club kids club

Come on in. The kids club is free. And open seven days a week.

Videos. Arts and crafts. Games.


So come on in.

This child lost his ball.

We don't want him to be sad. This is Cancun.
So use your arrow keys to bring the ball to him.
Click anywhere then move the ball with the arrow keys.

Let's help the lovely assistant.

Entertainment for your children is the happiest and the most creative part of the hotel's animation package.
It is adaptable considering the age, weather, and of course the number of children in the Hotel's kid's club at the time.
In the morning and in the afternoons, the children are invited to take part in many fun interactive games and activities including arts and crafts so little Tommy can make you a gift he made in the kid's club.
Sunny weather, the ocean, sandy beaches, playgrounds, swimming pools, video rooms make the extraordinary conditions for kid's games and activities that are more fun for them than hanging around with adults. Now they make new friends.
Each evening, before the show for adults, animators organize one of different exciting children shows, such as: Kid's Disco, Evening with different games for kids, Masquerade, Children theatre and Kid's Cabaret.
Each children show is a learning experience and makes optimal introduction for the main evening performances in the kids clubs.

kid's club in all-inclusive hotel so you can get soused in the hotel bar while someone watches junior in the kids clubs
What do you think they will build?

She'll be so happy to show mommy.

She'll say hey mommy look what I made.

Mommy will tell her how nice it is and go back to the pool bar for another slammer.

Their father took her little brother to several baseball games where The Star-Spangled Banner was sung before the start of each game you know the routine.
Then the father and son went off to church on a Sunday shortly before the Fourth of July.
The congregation sang The Star-Spangled Banner, and after everyone sat down, the little boy suddenly yelled out, "PLAY BALL!!!"

Watch Allyson and your little girl create a design for daddy.

Click on the small green arrow to watch the creation.

Won't it be fun later when daddy tries to guess what the design is after all those tequilas?

Hit the green return arrow to remove daddy's design from the drawing paper.

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