CancunSteve Isla Mujeres Quiz

1) What Isla Mujeres hotel below does not offer kitchenettes in the units?
a) Ixchel
b) Avalon Reef
c) NaBalam
d) Plaza Almendros

2) What is the one Isla Mujeres hotel not offering ocean views?
a) Plaza Almendros
b) Na Balam
c) Posada del Mar
d) Avalon Reef

3) Which activity is not generally practiced in Isla Mujeres?
a) bicycling
b) swimming
c) polo
d) snorkeling

4) Which Isla Mujeres hotel offers all-inclusive?
a) Na Balam
b) Posada del Mar
c) adult only Palace Isla
d) Ixchel Condos
5) Which boat gets you into Isla Mujeres?
a) Good ship Lolipop
b) Puerto Juarez ferry
c) HMS Pinafore
d) Bounty
6) Which luxury lodging below offers wireless internet in the unit?
a) Ixchel Condos on North Beach
b) Posada del Mar
c) Na Balam
d) Plaza Almendros

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