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Playa del Carmen

ocean view studios; rental pool in place; use of Solymar facilities; try before you buy ocean view studios as low as 65usd a night incl tax in selected seasons. best rates on the net folks for this beachfront Cancun condominium. Click here to see more info on Condo complex.
We have an ocean view one bedroom and an ocean view two bedroom right in the heart of Cacnun's hotel zone. The one bedroom at rents from 1500/mo see the one bedroom!
These lovely units are situated in the heart of the Hotel Zone of Cancun near La Isla and Plaza Kukulcan.
Rental pool in place and many benefits too numerous to mention. Feel free to contact the webmaster with above letter animation

ocean front studio for sale in Cancun. awesome ocean views. furnished. 580 sq ft. $89,000 USD

Round Web Buttons by v2.0 low maintenance fees. rental pool in place.
retire in it. rent it. vacation in it.   property taxes much less than the cost of a dinner in the USA
use facilities of sea Adventure Resort free - gym - tennis - pools - Jacuzzis

Estimated that 90 million North Americans will be retiring over the next ten years.

Cancun Mexico was named one of the Best Place in the World to Own a Second Home. Mexico offers an affordable and enjoyable place to visit, or stay and some outstanding investment opportunities! If you’ve been interested in Mexico, now is the time! By investing now, and you will get in when the prices are relatively low and there are great deals to be had. The U.S. economy has suffered. That situation will not last forever and millions more are already looking at retiring to Mexico. And Mexican real estate. Real estate is always a great investment, and choosing a location on the beach will ensure your investment holds its value better than any other!
What would beachfront cost in Hawaii or California?

inside news about what's going on in Cancun and surrounding area. the stuff not found in your guidebook
Less than 3 miles north of Playa del Carmen this 54,000 sq meter parcel of land with 352 meters on the water can be yours at $42USD per meter or about 4 dollars US per sq foot. Total price $2,268,000USD. Land ID=La Confradia. Use e-mail links above.
Also less than 3 miles from Playa del Carmen this parcel of virgin land has a huge cenote on it. Only $7USD sq meter or 70 cents per sq foot. 300,000 sq meters. Total cost $21,000,000. Land ID= Sachaucax with Laguna Cenote. Use e-mail links above.
At km 12 down the Boca Paila road. Lots range from 3 to 16 hectares where one hectare=10,000 meters. Sand beach with the nicest sand on the coast. Lagoon frontage depends on the lot. With average of 350 meters each side. Use e-mail links above. See more below:
How about your own island. 20 km (12 mi) off the Q Roo coast of Tulum. The island shown to the right. Will it be yours? 5 km of beach Caribbean Ocean and 7 km of beach Boca Paila. Has sport fishing club; cabins; electric generating plant; fresh drinking water. Mosquitos. $40USD per sq meter; lots from 12 hectares (10,000 sq meters). Island ID= Chencho Mac.

or roll the dice win a free airport transfer valid in Cancun

have your vacation for free. This ain't no timeshare garbage.
Anyone can holiday for free by having the cost paid for by their savings on costly dental work back home.
The cost of a crown in the USA runs from $600 USD and up for a metal crown, while I just paid 1,700 pesos here in Cancun for mine in 2016.
At present exchange rates that's equivalent to less than $90 USD.
Do the math.
If you require several crowns, you can see having them done here can easily pay off many hotel stays for two weeks in major hotels.
Thus amortizing the cost of Cancun lodgings.
With your bookings I furnish the names of dentists that can see you.

Reports from leading universities and other research centers have demonstrated that taking care of your teeth may save your life. Did you know?
The bacteria in dental plaque and unhealthy gums can cause platelets (tiny clot-triggering cells) in the blood to clump. Clumping leads to clotting, and if a clot ends up in the heart or brain, the result is a heart attack or stroke.

So now have the dental work done by competent dentists then have some fun!

Welcome to Thigh Land. Our favorite vacation spot. Visit the forrest. Play in the lake. Jump in.

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