Paseo del Sol in Playacar luxury two bedrooms in gated community of Playacar

Welcome to Paseo del Sol in Playacar.

65 condos developed on a 15,000 sq meter lot in playacar. The condo building is 3 stories tall. The two bedrooms are 1245sq feet of living space.

Views of golf course and pool with upper floors offering ocean views. The complex has waterfalls; pools; rooftop bar; barbecue area.

500 feet from beach a few blocks from 5th Avenue.

A few hundred feet away is the transparent waters of the Quintana Roo coast. The reefs that hug this coast are the foundation of an ecosystem as complex as it is fragile and beautiful.

This world of beauty is home to 500 species of fish of all shapes and sizes. Within a few steps of your condo a kaleidoscope of colors, sponges, crustaceans and coral await you. Welcome to Pasel del Sol in Playacar

When you venture out snorkeling on the beach near Paseo del Sol in Playacar you're sure to see awesome angel fish of different colors.
And blue, green, and pink parrot fish.
The unusual frog fish seems like it has feet!

Paseo del Sol in Playacar luxury two bedrooms in gated community of Playacar
Additional amenities include all of the conveniences of home in a complete kitchen with stainless appliances, washer and dryer; microwave; toaster; coffee maker.

Set among lush, tropical grounds and handsome architecture, this condominium defines the ultimate in luxury for your tranquil getaway in Playa del Carmen.

The project is located in the gated community of Playacar, on its main avenue where most of the main hotels are located and across from the beach.

The beach club is located across from the property.

The golf clubhouse is only five minutes walk, with the property backing onto the first hole (par three or maybe four).

The golf course is rated one of the top in the Carribbean by a well known gofler who's name escapes us.

The Canadian development company responsible for this project has combined their attention to detail with the beautiful Mexican Caribbean and you can be assured of a unique blend of both worlds without the cold Canadian weather.
The condos feature marble floors, high quality fixtures, european designs, and big balconies and patios.

All condos in Paseo del Sol in Playacar have individually controlled air conditioning as well as Spacious living rooms plus Ceiling fans and of course Linens & towels for the best in Playacar

Bottled drinking water in all units in a fully equipped modern kitchen some with dish washer some units with washers and dryer

Accessories include: microwave, toaster, blender, coffee maker, cookware, fine dishes

Condos have either balcony, terrace or patio so you can see the golf or tennis courts and Cable TV, DVD player, CD stereo

wait there's more: Iron/ ironing board

Maid service once per week, includes linens & towels Additional maid service available for $25/day USD
Cribs available [additional cost]
Free off-street parking
Did you know Paseo del Sol in Playacar has a club house, with a game room with books and DVDs you can use, a gym facility with a sauna, a tennis court, a rooftop bar with BBQ area .

Tennis anyone?

How about a game of tennis.
Just click the green button to begin a game.

Reserve with CancunSteve to play for real and enjoy this luxury complex in Playacar.

The grounds are balanced by a gorgeous, 90 meter long swimming pool, a dramatic marble reception area, waterfalls, soothing fountains, fitness center, tennis court, and walkways along the fantastic championship Playacar Golf Club.
For those considering a side-trip it is important to know that Xcaret is just 10 minutes away from your luxury condo in Paseo del Sol in Playacar.
about Playacar:
Playacar is a private resort community on the south-side of Playa del Carmen.
This high-end residential and all-inclusive area offers a long beach intended for Playacar guests and visitors vacationing in vacation homes in this gated community.
All Mexican beaches are public however...
Most of these Playacar beaches areas are reserved for guests staying at Playacar resorts, and beachfront properties. If you see beach chairs on the sand in Playacar, this is a clear indication that this area is reserved for guests of the community, not outsiders or drifters or beachbums.
Guests not affiliated with the resort will be asked very graciously to find an alternative place to sit hey you get outta here.
To avoid this potentially embarrassing moment, move a bit to the south or the north of the beach chairs or book the Playacar Palace with us or bribe the guard. Booking the resort with us will also provide you with more privacy and less interruptions during your quiet beach time on your vacation in Playa del Carmen.
Playacar has two sections: Phase I and Phase II. They were going to make a Phase III but someone misplaced the plans.
Playacar Phase 1 offers up-scale by-the-sea secluded beaches and very exclusive residences, and is very close to downtown Playa del Carmen. Playacar Phase II, was built around a golf course par 72, and all inclusive vacation resorts abound. With luck you may find a stray golf ball lying around somewhere.
And when teeing off don't be teed-off because the guy next to you paid less than you as he booked with us.
You too can and must book with us.
Germany has yet to host a Ryder Cup (as of May 2015) but here in this all-inclusive resort have as many cups of wine as you like.
The Playacar area is in the best location as it is both on the beach and close to the town.

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And another bonus with your Paseo del Sol reservation with us: $20USD in free silver jewelry! a great perk!

yes one of the discount coupons you download from us offers twenty dollars of free silver1
1a nominal 50 dollar purchase required from the merchant where you'll find some great Mexican art

My best guess is that if you're coming down here to stay in Paseo del Sol in Playacar, you're flying down.
In the event of an airline strike what do you do?
This depends on where you're flying from as laws in the US of A and Europe are different.
The European Union does have legislation that looks after rights of the passengers.
For example, if the flight is canceled, you are entitled to a refund or alternate transportation to your destination so you can get down to these Playacar rentals, and golf here in Paseo del Sol in that fine unit with a kitchen CancunSteve booked for you.
You will also receive free accommodation and food vouchers if you can’t get on a flight for several days. Mind you this could be a drag if you're flying out of some off-the-wall place like Regina Saskatchewan (not a body part, it's Regina with a 'R').
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Most airlines, however, want to stay in the good favor of its passengers.
And yes there is a Santa Claus.
This could include offering to rebook you on a partner airline or allowing you to rebook on a different travel date without extra fees.
So you'd be getting here later on. No problem, Fifth Avenue will still be here baby for your Paseo del Sol vacation rental.
Low cost and charter airlines might be less generous, though, so be careful when you make your original booking.

Here are a few tips to deal with a strike:
Purchase travel insurance. If you had enough foresight to buy travel insurance, you’ll probably be covered through the insurer’s trip cancellation and interruption policy. Just double check the fine print.
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The Paseo del Sol Playacar condos feature marble floors, high quality fixtures, european designs, and big balconies and patios.
Choose between two options for finishes in kitchen and bathrooms: tropical or modern. Common areas include a beautiful pool with fountain and an area for children, clubhouse with reception, bar, business facilities, exercise room and gated parking. All within a secure area, and all within walking distance to Playa's 5th Avenue which is 500 feet away.
Remember in Paseo del Sol Playacar there are four, three-story buildings. Not three four story buildings.
The grounds are well kept lawns adorned with palms and some tennis courts and golf next to it.

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