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Playa del Carmen hotels
adult only on beach
beachfront upscale European Plan adult only for your Playa del Carmen vacation
Real Playa
Lovely bed and breakfast away from the noise but close to it all: the beach and of course Fifth Avenue. This is your Playa del Carmen hotel as two bedroom units with kitchenettes there too
economical three star all-inclusive
Las Golondrinas
Free WiFi of course. Cable TV. Great location downtown near Fifth Avenue. Beach Club on wide beach. Two bedroom suites with kitchenettes as well as rooms with two queen beds.
El Campanario
This Playa del Carmen hotel has kitchenettes in all units. Special prices on monthly rentals
Playa del Carmen hotel right near the beach and near Fifth Avenue. Economical. What else can you want?
Gran Porto Real
Not one but five Restaurants | 4 Bars & Lounges | Activities Pool & Quiet Rooftop Pool with a view so cool | Oceanfront Dining | Recreational Activities
Fully Equipped Fitness Center | Kids Club so they have their special holiday | Teens Club with video games | Culinary Demonstrations | Aqua Aerobics
All included in the package.
Beachfront on widest Playa del Carmen beach family all-inclusive with family suites so three children may stay in the same room with parents as a separate area houses three bunk beds while mommy and poppy have their king bed. Fine restaurants.
Royal Porto Real
This Playa del Carmen hotel is an adults only all inclusive for a luxury beachfront holiday for you. Fine dinning. Superb wine list. European class spa. Gourmet dining at its' best. Or tasty vegetarian plans low in calories. Call down for a snack whenever with their 24 hour room service.
Early booking at this resorts goes to 45% off discounts.
Go for the savings. Go for the great food. Go for awesome Playa del Carmen lodgings
Mosquito Blue
Adult only attractive bed and breakfast in Playa del Carmen.
Mosquito Beach
Paso del Sol condos
Luxury Playacar condominium offering two and three bedroom lodgings in residential Playacar (a quiet section of Playa del Carmen)
Corto Maltes
Beachfront luxury condos in the heart of Playa del Carmen.
the Royal Hideaway Playacar
Be Playa Hotel
Boutique Playa del Carmen hotel with Complimentary wireless high-speed Internet
Playacar Palace luxury all-inclusive
Luxury adult only all inclusive in Playa del Carmen Jacuzzi in every room, round-the-clock 24-hour room service, and luxurious décor
El Faro hotel
Playa del Carmen hotel landmark a fine one, two, and three bedroom upscale hotel right in the center on the beach
monthly rates for nice units with kitchenettes
3bdrm villa
2bdrm 6 month rental
more Playa del Carmen information
read about the dumb building inspector down in Playa del Carmen
typical Playa del Carmen beach
magical art work and about a great local food here pazole

what do they say about us
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Hotel on the beach. Lodgings with kitchenette. Spa. Jacuzzi in your hotel room?
Hotel with internet access.
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flora de Playa del Carmenel centro de Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Ven y disfrutar de unas vacaciones inolvidables en una de las playas más de moda de la republica mexicana, Playa del Carmen, esta hermosa playa situada a solo una hora de otra mundialmente reconocida, Cancun. Tiene todo para el visitante, sol, arena y bastante diversión.

Ven y goza de las espectaculares puestas de sol tirado sobre una silla reclinable en la blanca arena de Playa del Carmen sin nada en absoluto que te moleste, goza de la paz y tranquilidad que te brinda el caribe mexicano.
Aquí encontraras los mejores precios en reservaciones de hoteles en Playa del Carmen, obtén descuentos en tarifas en hoteles de toda la región.

Ofrecemos early booking bonuses
Precios tan bajos que no tienen igual, paquetes todo incluido, hasta comidas y bebidas incluidas por un costo tan económico que querrás venir tan seguido como puedas.
No tardes más y ven a gozar de las maravillas de esta región, estamos seguros que no te arrepentirás de vivir esta experiencia única en la vida! Ven y vive playa del carmen! Vive las vacaciones de tu vida, Playa del Carmen, en el caribe mexicano te ofrece todo lo que buscas para que pases un tiempo que nunca podrás borrar de tu memoria, sin duda la exquisita belleza de las aguas de playa del carmen te conquistaran.

No deje a sus niños en casa, tráigalos a Playa del Carmen además de las maravillosas aguas transparentes donde podrán bañarse en aguas tranquilas y seguras, se divertirán jugando con las blancas arenas con que cuenta Playa del Carmen, además de esto existen otras actividades que encantaran a sus niños aparte de hacerce trenzas con su pelo.

Conviven y aprenden de la naturaleza.

Hoteles como Gran Porto Real cuenta con actividades por los niños .

The highway 307 south to Playa del Carmen is modern, fast, and wide. And safe. Once there we imagine you will opt to stay in Playa del Carmen itself or the residential area of Playacar just to the south.
The Pedregal to the west is a possibility.
Unlikely you will stay in Ejidal which starts to get seedy no hotels in Playa del Carmen there for you. Or Colosio to the north.
Your hotel in Playa del Carmen shall be near 5th Avenue on the beach maybe or in Playacar. With us go FAR!
IF getting around by bus and you need to call the bus station Estacion de Autobuses 984 873 01 09
The Playa del Carmen local community and government have attempted to retain Playa del Carmen's reputation and charm as a small fishing village and artists' colony (good luck), without it becoming as large and metropolitan as Cancún however you will find Club Sam and Walmart there and your favorite fast food places as well.
The city passed an ordinance limiting buildings to four stories (good luck).
A few five story buildings were built despite the ordinance as some think they paid someone off most likely or the inspectors can't count that well. OR five is close enough to four anyway.
Playa del Carmen is currently expanding north beyond the ugly Colosio section and on the other side of highway 307, the Ejido.

there are endless great eateries next to your Playa del Carmen lodgings found with us.

Italian. See food. Chinese. Mexican of course.
And even those fast food joints the kids like such as Burger King and McDonalds.
They're all here.
At the doorstep of your Playa del Carmen lodgings with WiFi for free!

Gran Porto Real in Playa del CarmenOf course Playa del Carmen has the legendary Fifth Avenue with its' nightlife, restaurants, hair braiding, and such. Awesome sugar-white beaches with turquoise waters.
Five star hotels such as Gran Porto Real (photo at left)
As part of the Riviera Maya which extends along Highway 307 all the way to Chetumal, Playa del Carmen is THE place to be. Most activities when you want them. Great shopping. Snorkeling. Hair braiding. And not far from archeological zones such as Coba or Tulum. Speaking of these areas once sacred to the Maya one recals such legends as the snake woman of the forrest which goes as follows:
This female called the Xtabay shrouded in mystery (like how airlines compute fares) is known as a malignant spirit.
She lives in the trunk of an ancient ceiba tree. Poor thing. She should have booked a nice hotel with us.
She preys on men who venture into the jungle alone (and those who don't book their vacation with CancunSteve) suddenly apprearing in the form of a lovely but snake-like woman and lures them off their path. She bewitches them so they forget everything.

The conversation goes down like this; the poor bewitched man is returning to his wife in the hotel room:

Wife: What's that red lipstick on your neck and collar? It's 3AM!
Poor bewitched man: Saw my grandma down the road near the Mosquito Blue adults-only and she took me to her 90 year old birthday party. As the party was going downhill and lacked spirit I dressed up as a clown to animate the guests.

So keep out of the enchanted forrests and windsurf; kayak (activities included in your all inclusive hotel with us); snorkel and see the reefs; do the cenotes; see the classic and post-classic ruins; but most of all don't go the grandma's party and upset the other half! Take her for a hair-braiding she'll love you for it. Make her happy.

Be good. Have a great time. Book with the best CancunSteve.

Since 15 years CancunSteve has offered hotels in Playa del Carmen from small family operated hotels on the beach to adults only to five star all inclusive resorts.
Take your pick at our low prices and fine service.
Lovely beachfront rentals of two three bedroom units as well.

If one is looking for music, dancing, partying, people watching, and a good time, you can find this in Playa del Carmen. Playa is not Cancun nor Paris but it's not Butte Montana either.
The wild annoying spring break nightlife is generally not found here nor are people giving out copies of Watchtower, but there are plenty of fun places to spend the evening, including the big disco type clubs found in Cancun, beach fire shows, dance clubs and quiet bars good for conversations.

everything for your Playa del Carmen vacationLots of bohemian types frequent Playa del Carmen electing humble fare like the hotel shown on the left.

Know that as well renowned world rulers arrive with their families for their family vacation. Just last week a little league umpire arrived from exclusive Teaneck New Jersey. And the week before a referee from a 125th Manhattan basketball court.

From the beaches of Playa del Carmen the island of Cozumel may be seen on the horizon. The locals there often furnish their palapas with that shown on the left.

Much further down the coast is boring Chetumal. The capital of the state of Quintanna Roo.

Xcaret is not far from Playa del Carmen offering snorkeling in underground rivers. Shows. Prehispanic artifacts.

This hotel which will remain unnamed's claim to fame is the world's smallest swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Enjoy your Playa del Carmen vacation at the hotel booked with CancunSteve.

First click on the GREEN arrow to bring the girl into the Jacuzzi. Then click on the BLUE arrow and hear her splashing around.

South of Playa del Carmen is Paamul about as interesting as making photo-copies. Then comes Akumal renowed for great coral reefs for snorkeling and diving.

Back in Playa del Carmen have a look using the above links to visit Playacar Palace for an elegant beach family vacation.

Tourist services are on the increase in Playa del Carmen. There is now a Liverpool as well as a Sanborns.
Over 4000 hotel rooms.
Fifth Avenue is closed to all trafic so enjoy a stroll down the avenue.

This is the snorkeling and diving to expect in these transparent tropical waters.

Parrot fish which are red, pink, and blue abound in these warm turquoise waters.

The all-inclusive hotels we offer provide snorkeling gear for you in case you've forgotten your own.

Or pick some up in the Playa del Carmen Walmart.

bicycle in Playa del CarmenMany enjoy bicycling down here. Numerous Playa del Carmen hotels we offer provide bicyles free or rent one in the town.

The terrain is level so it is ideal for this fun healthy sport. The gated community of Playacar is one nice place to bike.

There's more than just shopping and bars in Playa.

One popular route is along 50th Avenue North.

Another route is Avenue 115 North from Ejidal to Bosque Real.

For your Playa del Carmen vacation we have for you bed and breakfast or all-inclusive or lodgings only (European Plan). Playacar condos fully equiped. Discounts for your family vacation. Playa has grown making it ideal for your family vacation with fun shopping. Pristine beaches. International restaurants as well as those fast foods you know back-home.

Don't pay more for hotels in Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen has recently undergone rapid development with new luxury beach condominiums, great restaurants, boutiques and entertainment options. There are plans to develop even more shopping places, American chain restaurants, including Hard Rock Cafe, as well as a small upmarket shopping plaza offering designer boutiques, a cinema with movies in English, luxury spas, and the first international House of Blues entertainment night club.

The Playa del Carmen local community and government have attempted to retain Playa del Carmen's reputation and charm as a small fishing village and artists' colony, without it becoming as large and metropolitan as Cancún (good luck). The city passed an ordinance limiting buildings to five stories but for a new BMW gift to the right person permits for a skyscraper could be issued. Playa del Carmen is currently expanding north beyond the Colosio section and on the other side of highway 307, the Ejido.

The building inspector is trying to decide if he should issue a permit to a new family vacation all-inclusive hotel.

The builders of the project throw gold coins into the scales while this inspector plays solitare. He cheats.

He swore he wouldn't wear that outfit but the photographer gave him a nice gift to pose in it.

A building inspector puts a coin in a vending machine near a Playa del Carmen hotel and gets a Coca-Cola. He puts another coin in and gets a second Coca-Cola. He puts a third coin in and gets another Coke. A tourist staying in an all-inclusive Playa del Carmen hotel, who gets all he wants to eat and drink included in his stay, standing behind him waiting says, wow you certainly do like Coca-Cola.
Why stop playing when I'm winning, replies the building inspector.

Instead of giving a building inspector the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks.

When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators and building inspectors.

Everyone down here on vacation are partying and digging the wide beach not paying any mind to building permits. Come on down. Party. We have your ideal Playa del Carmen hotel for your vacation.

typical beach Playa del Carmen  one block from Fifth AvenueThis is your beach. Notice the snorkel coming out of the water near the shoreline. See tropical fish right by the shore.

Walk on the sugar white sand which is always cool for the feet.

Paradise found.

See a 3D snorkeling scene (if you have RED-BLUE glasses):
3D snorkel scenes

This pristine beach is a few blocks from Be Playa where lodgings are equiped with with built-in Jacuzzis, white marble, and exotic wood.
These lodgings are walking distance to anywhere you would like. Upgrade to a junior suite so you get a jacuzzi in your room.
Perfect for that bride and groom.

Two blocks away is value-priced Campanario where we have monthly rentals all can afford. High speed internet in all units. Equiped kitchenettes. Balconies in these Playa del Carmen lodgings.

Several blocks away is lovely Golondrinas where you can find hotel rooms with two queen beds as well as two bedroom suites. High speed internet throughout good people.

The perfect lodgings in this intimate hotel in downtown Playa del Carmen, with typical Mexican colonial style decorations, surrounding a lush tropical garden and two swimming pools, not just one. Great for families and friends, the hotel is just a few blocks away from the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea, the famous 5th Avenue, shops, bars, eateries, and banks and supermarkets. And hair braiding.

beach near this near these Playa del Carmen hotelsThis is the beach you dream of for a vacation. Right here by your Playa del Carmen lodgings. And did you know the sand is always cool even when it's a burning 85 ° F out.

Italian and Mexican restaurants as well as several bars almost at your doorstep. And down the street even a Liverpool!

And in the ocean under the transparent waters coral and colorful tropical fish that astound the senses with beauty. See French grunts in the waters by this Playa del Carmen hotel. They are stripped yellow and turquoise.

Angel fish and black sea urchins too.

A sleek long fish the the Wahoo. Do not confuse it with a search engine from Silly Cone valley.
The Blue tang surgeonfish is round and blue with yellowish stripes. One of my favorites in Playa del Carmen.
Can't you just imagine walking barefoot on this beach now? Get out of the cold. Come on down!

fun on Fifth AvenueDon't forget the braiding you can have done on Fifth Avenue. The braids can be made in any design you want.

And also that are great bars abound.

After braiding the hair stop into a bar and groove. They'll say here's the human helicopter

This young girl may attach a small motor to her braids and fly off.

Somewhere over the rainbow little black girls fly.

If tiny little girls fly over the rainbow why then a why can't I?

Somewhere over the rainbow on the beach getting high
There's a Playa del Carmen hotel that I heard of once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow this agency is true
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true in the eve when you book with CancunSteve Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far
Behind me
And good vacations await me.

the Mayan culture is awesome. Did you know they had 20 days in their week.
Yes sir. Imix, Kan, Chikchen, duck, Lamat, bigbat, Ok, Eb, Kawak, talk.
The ancient Maya were great visionaries. What were they smoking? The present Pelicano Inn is great vacationary. The Mayans dedicated thousands of years to the observations of cycles of time. When the old leaders developed the calendars, they entered into the cosmic consciousness to discover the way of things. The Mayans understood everything is cyclic in nature. They studied the cycle of insects, plants, rioters in Ferguson Missouri, humans, the earth, the solar system, cycles of the cosmos, Universal cycles, and even lunar cycles. They created 20 calendars. My favorite was one of some ladies on the wall of the auto repair shop.
The western world knows of five. Today the living Maya are allowed to speak of 15 of these calendars. Five of these Calendars they dare not speak of at this time. These are the Calendars of the cosmic ancestors.
What do you think are in those five secret calendars?

a ♦ An Arab country wins the Nobel prize in economics
b ♦ Hilary Clinton is honest
c ♦ big solar storms reach the earth
d ♦ CancunSteve gives hundreds of dollars of discounts in addition to low prices and personal service with your booking

Select your answer to win:

Shown on the left typical Playacar beach.

Playacar is an upscale gated community resort area adjacent to Playa del Carmen and part of Playa del Carmen.

There are golf courses of course.

Playacar does not have public restaurants on the beach so bring your own snacks and something to drink.

No noisy beach bars around here.

Snorkeling is great when the water is calm.

We do offer condo rentals here good people.
Paso del Sol condos Sixty-five condos of both thee and two bedrooms.
Fully equipped modern lovely kitchens.

Some with washers and dryers!

Magical art work greets you in Playa del Carmen a short walk from the lodgings booked with us. Take a good look at the exotic painting to the left. Notice how the king and queen have halos of light turquoise.
That's because they booked their Playa del Carmen lodgings with you know who.
Now notice how the witch in the green dress brewing pozole (lower right) has no halo.

IF you move the magic blue ball found in the cauldron to the left with your mouse it will transform into a blue halo for the green witch. Try.

After that no matter where you should move the halo it will return to the head of the green witch cooking pozole.

Pazole is a popular food down here in Playa del Carmen. Surely you will find some in the hotel and or in the restaurants which are nearby.
Great pazole and more good Mexican food around the corner from the hotel on Fifth Avenue Playa del Carmen.
Near the bed and breakfast hotels and lodgings only hotels.
Many of the all-inclusive resorts have this on their menus.

The coast of Quintana Roo where Playa del Carmen is situated is on the Carribbean Sea.
The climate is tropical and rainy periods in September with rainfalls that last an hour in the afternoon then stop.
Some history: during the 16th and 17th century the population on the coast of Quintana Roo including Playa del Carmen suffered numerous attacks from pirates like Johnny Depp who found refruge in the Carribbean islands.
Today the only attack in Quintanna Roo is from the sleazy time-share man who is more rampant in Cancun than in laid-back Playa del Carmen. Here in this laid-back paradise you'll find 'attacks' from girls offering braids (trenzas) all along 5th Avenue near your Playa del Carmen lodgings.
Going south from this vacation paradise with the best vacation deals is the Xcaret ecololgical park where amoung the numerous activities you can swim with dolphins (not cheap). Remember you can swim with Joel Gondelman for free.
South from Xcaret is Akumal.
Across from this beach resort is Cozumel.

Typical scenes like this are yours as you walk out of those discount Playa del Carmen lodgings be it all-inclusive like Gran Porto Real beachfront resort, or Golondrinas bed and breakfast in town, or upscale lodgings in the one and only El Faro a local landmark.

And look at what past good people have said you booked these with us:

guest from down under says:
Nice and clean Playa del Carmen lodgings. Great breakfast buffet just across the road. Special thanks to Lisa at reception for good advice. Very close to the main street and beach. Good internet connection. Coco Bongo next door did not bother us that much
Olejonsson (from the Netherlands) says:
Ligger fint uden for meget støj tæt på stranden og gode resturanter
So I think he liked it

The beaches down here are white sand always cool to walk on and uncrowded with clear turquoise waters.

See photo on left.

Freedom and space.

This is the place.

Laid back far from the rat race.

Don't let no sleeze agent sell you the scene below.

See the lady in the blue cap with white spots in the middle below?

What's she yelling?

Next time she'll book a great holiday with Steve.

more comments
and more still
and others too
Read them all!

This Riviera Mayan town, now the third-largest city in Quintana Roo, ranks up there with Tulum as the Riviera's coolest cities. Sitting oposite the island of Cozumel, the town’s beaches are jammed with Europeans, Canadians, and Americans.
Most in bathing suits.
With an ocasional Armenian.
The waters aren’t as clear as those of Cancún or Cozumel, and the beach sands aren’t quite as champagne-powder-perfect as they are further north, but still the town just grows and grows.
What's its' secret?
Could it be the Fifth Avenue? The hair braiding? The snorkeling? The nightlife? The beach scene?
The nearby golf courses? Golf is what you play when you're too out of shape to play softball. What are the four worst words you could hear during a game of golf? It's still your turn! Where is the best place to go on vacation? In the Golf of Mexico! There are two things you can do with your head down, play golf and pray.
Nearby are hidden rivers. On the cable back at the hotel Joan Rivers.
In its earliest days, this area was inhabited by the Mayans. They puttered around (not golf mind you). It later spent time developing as a fishing area before growing to become the tourist destination of today.
The post-Classical period saw the height of the Mayan civilization, with Cozumel, Cancun and this town becoming major players in the area's trade industry. Merchants sold corn and fish to buyers from inland.
The town's location, lying between the two ports of San Basura, Honduras and Veracruz, maked it ideal for international trading.
In the early 1900's, Playa del Carmen became a territory of Mexico and, more specifically, a part of the state of Quintana Roo. The 1960's ushered in the growth of the surrounding areas of Cozumel and Cancun. Cozumel gained popularity because of an underwater documentary filming the Great Mayan Reef, the second largest reef system in the world.
During this time, the tourism in Cancun also started to blossom, with the beginning of a big development project there.
In the 1970's, Playa del Carmen lodgings became more accessible to travelers, with the building of a boat dock enabling ferry service to Cozumel and the Cancun International Airport. However, the town remained an undeveloped fishing village with hooks, lines, and sinkers.
Gradually, more and more tourists started traveling to the area, leading to the eventual establishment of hotels, restaurants and all-inclusive resorts offered by CancunSteve.
The boat dock also opened up to cruise lines, bringing in even more travelers.
In the 1990's, the local population substantially grew, making it known as the fastest growing city in Mexico.

Close to the center of town, are Mayan archeological zones worth visiting. Pyramids. Cenotes. Inscriptions which mean something. Mayan hieroglyphs, was the writing system of the Maya civilization and at least they had a writing system that has been substantially deciphered. What did the Apaches ever write?
The earliest inscriptions found which are identifiably Maya date to the 3rd century BCE.
Maya writing was in continuous use until the Spanish conquest of the Maya in the 16th and 17th centuries.
When the proud Spanish said stop writing them jokes about us.
I’ve just realised why Spain is so good at soccer; No-one expects the Spanish in position. (inquisition). Maya writing used logograms complemented with a set of syllabic glyphs, poking fun at the inquisition in response to the Spanish criticizing the sacrifices.
They wrote Mayan hieroglyphs, Q: Who is the Spanish patron saint of shoes? A: San Dalia.
Maya writing used logograms complemented with a set of syllabic glyphs, Mayan writing was called hieroglyphs by early European explorers of the 18th and 19th centuries who did not understand it but found its general appearance obscure.

These are an example of Playa del Carmen lodgings, Riviera Maya lodgings waiting for you on pristine beaches.

Although Playa del Carmen leans toward a young set, some older folk drop in for good Playa del Carmen lodgings.

In the hotel restaurant listen to this conversation for example:




All these lovely hotels have WiFi, pools, attentive staff and CancunSteve discounts.

Playa del Carmen in the in the Riviera MayaPlaya del Carmen is located west the state of Quintana Roo (named after Andres Quintano Roo), strategically located between Tulum and Cancun, the state is 19th largest Mexican state , and Playa del Carmen, one of the most famous tourist destinations in this state. Other near tourist destinations, are Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

The municipality located on the beach, counts with adult-only lodgings, all-inclusive lodgings, two and three bedroom beach condos, seaside bed and breakfasts.

This beautiful town has charming scenes like the gazebo shown.
Sometimes musicians strike up a tune inside.

Other times kids toss a frisbe, this is a perfect area for family picnic days. In places like this near your best priced Playa del Carmen lodgings locals and tourists practice hiking, strolling, horseback riding, kayaking or boat tours; bicycling, shopping, and bar hopping; plus enjoying minor fishing in the sea and safe areas for fond camping days.

A short distance away, are Mayan ruins, snorkeling, this the perfect place for fishing so put that wringling bait on your hook and away you go, where time stops, and girls in discos go go, where you can enjoy of the scenery, wild life and aquatic sports.

On your way to this gorgeous town, you could find the most abundant zone in hair braiders ( all over Fifth Avenue).
It’s believed that this town is the crater of a world of its' own.