Hotel El Campanario in the center of Playa del Carmen efficiency apartments by day, week, or month best of the economical hotelsHotel El Campanario in the center of Playa del Carmen. Only two blocks from 5th Ave and three blocks from the beach in Playa del Carmen.

A small fountain in front of this two-storey hotel offering Jr Suites complete with patios in Playa del Carmen. Kitchenettes fully equiped. Either fan or air conditioning.

Rentals daily or monthly.

An air conditioned indoor mall is only one block away with boutiques and fast-food in Playa del Carmen.
So you can walk to the tourist zone on 5th Ave or hang-out with the locals in the indoor mall in Playa del Carmen. Almost next door to your efficiency apartment with high speed internet

Campanario has housed travelers to Playa del Carmen, singles and couples, families and friends alike for since I can remember.
Spawned when playa del carmen was still young, the hotel is splendidly built, having expanded from the initial guestrooms to todays superb suites and garden. Although economical (cheap lodgings if you are looking for quality but a cheap hotel in Playa del Carmen near everything) maintain the same relaxed caribbean atmosphere as expensive alternatives. Browse through this page and feel free to contact us with the links provided below!
Rates in USD per night including tax 2018 - 2019 double occupancy.
Add $20 per additional pax per night except XMas when it's $27. from 10 yrs old billed as extra pax
Jr Suites
high speed internet
dec 20 - dec 25
apr 9 - jul 10 18
sep 1 -dec 19 18
dec 26 18 -jan 5 19
standard with kitchenette $90 $65 $105
deluxe with balcony $105 $80 $120
suite with private terrace $170 $112 $195

these wholesale rates must be pre-paid prior to arrival
three night minimum

Rates in USD per night including tax double occupancy. 2019
Add $22 per additional pax per night except 20 dec to jan 4 jan when it's 28usd. from 10 yrs old billed as extra pax
Suites jan 6 - apr 28
jul 11 to aug 31
apr 29-jul 10 19
sep 1 -dec 19 19
dec 20 17 - dec 25 17
standard with kitchenette $80 $74 $82
deluxe with balcony $100 $85 $100
suite with private terrace $140 $120 $170

these wholesale rates must be pre-paid prior to arrival
three night minimum

Hotel El Campanario in the center of Playa del Carmen view of fridge; kitchen; air conditioning

View of air conditioned Jr Suite showing kitchenette.


Air conditioner.

One of the beds.

Some of the towels the maid left folded like swans.

Hotel El Campanario in the center of Playa del Carmen efficiency apartments two beds in all Jr SuitesBoth beds shown.

Escape the hustle and busle of 5th Ave for peace and tranquility when you go back to your home in Playa del Carmen.

Then when you're into the beach a short three block walk brings you to the transparent turquoise waters this bohemian city is famous for.

A two block walk to 5th Ave brings you to the main action.

And one block away is an indoor air conditioned mall complete with movies; shoe stores; clothing bouthiques; and all at prices targeted at locals not tourists.
Feel like a king. Feel you belong here.

Hotel El Campanario in the center of Playa del Carmen efficiency apartmentsStandard room with kitchenette:
Ample rooms with 2 double beds. Air conditioned with minisplits. Ceiling fans. Telephones. Cable TV. Fridge. Stove. Sink.
These spacious rooms (32 square meters) have two double beds, air-conditioning, a ceiling Fan, telephone, Cable TV, kitchenette equipped with refridgerator, stove, sink and private bathroom. The Standard rooms on the ground floor have a backside patio. We recommend them for families and couples looking for a cheap hotel for weekly rentals or monthly rentals in Playa del Carmen without sacrificing quality.

Updated view of standard unit with equipped kitchenette.
wireless internet while you're in Campanario.

air conditioned for your comfort in Playa del Carmen.

Kitchenette is equipped so you'll be like at home.

The staff at the front desk are great. They are knowledgeable and friendly.

This unit even has a desk you can use as a work area.

A cable TV allows you to see your favorite channels right here.

Oh yes it is a LCD TV.

There is a patio out back too.

Hotel El Campanario in the center of Playa del Carmen efficiency apartmentsDeluxe room with balcony:
Large rooms with king size beds. Air conditioned with minisplits. Ceiling fans. Telephones. Cable TV. Fridge. Stove. Sink.
Plus hair dryers. Balcony with view of the church.
And dig those big wooden beams in the ceiling. Nice touch.

Hotel El Campanario in the center of Playa del Carmen efficiency apartmentsSuite with terrace:
On third level (the higher you are the better the view!)
King bed plus double bed too.
Living room. Dining room!
Bathroom with tub as well as shower.
Air conditioned with minisplits. Ceiling fans. Telephones. Cable TV. Fridge. Stove. Sink.
Up to 5 people in this suite
The whole family can be together now. No need to split up in different rooms.

Get to know the king who always stays here when he comes to Playa del Carmen.
The good king always stays at the El Campanario in Playa del Carmen.
Here you too can be a king.

Click anywhere on the king image to hear the kings story.

Shop like a king Playa del Carmen is a good place to buy arts and crafts and unique curios that you will not find elsewhere. There is a selection of shops in town around the main plaza. In recent years, the art and craft outlets have been adding to their fare; they are now offering tourists fine examples of locally and and nationally produced, hand crafted works; effectively undergoing a transition from being tourist craft outlets into good art stores

Just a few blocks from the Campanario find El Jaguar Dorado.
Multi-colored paintings. Art objects. Textiles. Some art from Chiapas.
Known artists like Marisol D'Estrabeau y Leon Alva and some kids down the bock.
There's a treasure of creations on the wall.
IF you love art this is a must.
One of a kind hand-knitted works to take back home.

The Riviera Art Gallery has awesome pieces.
This is a fine art gallery in Playa del Carmen.
They provide original oil and acrylic paintings, lithographs, photographs, sculptures, tribal hand crafts and prints of our original works.
The goal is to make a buck (peso) and offer the greater public some great art.
Our favorite artist on display is Noel Rodriguez. Oil on canvas.

low monthly rates available

free high speed internet in room

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5th Ave scenes

Este comodo estudio cuenta con una práctica cocineta en donde podrá preparar sus alimentos y gozar un economico descanso en este comodo espacio con decoración tipo mexicana en Playa del Carmen.

huesped dice:
un Hotel excelente, económico, limpio, y seguro, y tiene WI-FI dentro de la habitación

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No, there's no discos here like the Hotel Zone of Cancun. There is a Senior Frog's. but no Bull Dog or CocoBongo or Dady Rock. No problem. With all the money you will save you can go to all these places in your rented car from CancunSteve.
The hotel is next to the main church of Playa del Carmen. Within bocks are supermarkets, banks, currency exchanges, the bus terminal.

Recently a CoCo Bongo has opened here. With acrobatics. Shows. Rock and disco music.

The boutique has T Shirts. Coffee mugs. All saying CoCo Bongo and made in China in small print.
And would you believe steel ashtrays for those who still smoke. Caps. Water bottles in different colors all with colorful logos on them.
Not far from the hotel Campanario.

Also new is the Palazzo Disco also near your cheap hotel in Playa del Carmen.
High tech, lights, action.

You may have noticed in the above animation the girl does not move.
Why do you think this is?

Notice the Very-Good-Book on the counter of the reception desk. It's off to the right of where Pancho is working. Near the entrance to Pancho's area. Click on the black book to see what it says. Then click on the x in the upper-right corner to close the screen.

Pancho loves when the hotel guests come to see him for advice. He can practice his English:
Guest: Hey Pancho where can we go to get some good lobster?
Pancho: Ze Blue Lobster jus down ze block. Goot lobster. Other guest here always go there. She has old timer's disease (Pancho means Alzheimer's disease) .
Guest: Thanks Pancho. You're so cute and funny!
Pancho: Have a nice dinner!
Guest: Thanks Pancho for your recommendation yesterday to visit the Liverpool. Nice stuff there. As it rained it worked out best to visit this amazing store.
Pancho: So the rain was a blessing in the skies! (Pancho means a blessing in disguise).
You can be in this dream setting. Don't dream it. Be it.
Just 4 little things to do:

Click on the CIRCLE in the circle button to see more.
Then click on the SQUARE in the circle to celebrate in style.
Then when it appears click on the ARROW button to return.

Now reserve with CancunSteve your room and discount price at The Campanario hotel NOW

For upscale romantic dinners near the Hotel Campanario consider Luna Blue.

Or Kalaka on Calle 4. An intimate little out of the way place with wonderful food and a traquil, romantic ambiance.

OR Wicky's on the beach at Calle 10. Large restaurant with great, although pricey menu.The restaurant has terrific views, and a deck overlooking the Caribbean Sea and the lights of Cozumel island.

Down on the beach near the economic hotel Campanario with free WiFi was this elderly Mayan guy trying to catch the attention of this girl with braided hair and when she snubed the old geizer he gave her the old Mayan sign which is the thumb on the nose and the five fingers moving up and down.

Right near this cheap hotel with kitchenettes there are so many cool sights on the beach. Lovely parasails in the clear skies.
Good people just strolling along the water's edge by the shore with their feet kissed by the gentle surf.

Do snorkel as below the transparent waters are schools of tropical fish and coral too.

If you get up early the sunrise over the water is awesome.
At night the moon reflecting on the waters is picture-postcard perfect.

Just yesterday a guest from the Campanario wrote Dear Somebody, we love it hear in our lovely Playa del Carmen lodgings right in the center of town and near this great beach with funny old geizers and sexy chics.

You've now been in Campanario a week now and have fallen in love with the lodgings, the beaches, Playa del Carmen, and the people. So now you want to purchase property down here.
Cool. But don't be a fool.
A word to the wise is sufficient.
For example, an ejido land deal causes problems for those who don't understand it.
The majority of Mexico's population is Native American or indigenous like that old Mayan guy above.
They were not killed or herded off to reservations like in the States.
During the Mexican Revolution, the government took land away from large haciendas that had acquired it illegally and placed it in trust to the indigenous inhabitants who had lost it.
This land is technically owned by the Mexican Government but used by local indigenous communities.
In recent years, laws have been enacted that allow the heirs of the original families to whom the land was entrusted to privatize and sell it, but the process can take years as each interested party is tracked down for their signature and this is Mexico (siesta, fiesta, mañana).
If you deal directly with a member of an ejido, he or she has the right to take a down payment in return for a promesa, or agreement to sell you his share after it is privatized.
He or she will undoubtedly offer you a great price.
You may be tempted. But it is a highly speculative deal because the ejido may never be privatized, at least not in your lifetime (especially if you're old like that Mayan elderly man).
I suggest you do not even consider this kind of deal. But if the Mexican citizen in question has lived through the division of the ejido and has a clear title, then do it.
Be safe continuing renting Playa del Carmen lodgings with us. No hassles.
Travel tips from the good guys at CancunSteve:
Chances are you're flying down to the Campanario for your Playa del Carmen lodgings.
When you’re booking flights, be sure to clear your cookies or go incognito if you’re using Google Chrome. Important.
Travel sites will often track your visits and can raise the prices on you just because you’ve visited their site before.
That sucks!
Not everyone out there does business like us.
You will have a deal on your Playa del Carmen lodgings here in Campanario with kitchenettes.

Tuesday afternoons are when airlines post the best deals on flights. Who knows why, but it’s a real thing. Take this hack, go forth, and book cheap flights, on Tuesday.
Maybe some releation to that Rolling Stones song Ruby Tuesday?
Our prices LOW every day.

Sometimes it's cheaper to book two one-way flights as opposed to one round trip. Not logical but that's the world of airlines.

Because early flights aren’t as popular, they tend to be a little cheaper. It's a drag to get up at 4AM but you save lots of bread.

Like booking Playa del Carmen lodgings with us.

To save space packing put your socks into the shoes.
On the trip to Campanario when in the bar put ice in the booze.

Use a Binder Clip For Your Headphones keep them untangled.

scan your passport, driver’s license, and any other ID you’re carrying with you on your trip. In case you lose it you’ll have a record of it.

In the unlikely event you misplace your voucher to the Campanario, just give us a call, we'll fix everything up.

Ask for a fragile tag when you check your bag in the airport. This guarantees it’ll be handled nicely, and since fragile bags go on top of the heap, they’re often the first ones out on the baggage carousel.

Avoid paying seven dollars for a bottle of water at the airport by bringing your own empty bottle.
You can’t bring a full bottle through security — they’ll confiscate it — but you can bring an empty bottle and fill it up at a water fountain.
Don't pay MORE for your holiday with someone else. We do it best for your Playa del Carmen vacation.

An elderly gentleman staying at the best Playa del Carmen lodgings, Campanario, was telling his friend about a new restaurant he and his wife recently visited nearby the Campanario Playa del Carmen.
“Both the food and service were excelent!” he said.
His friend asked, “What’s the name of the restaurant?”
“Gee, I don’t remember,” he said, “What do you call the red flower people give on special occasions?”
“You mean a rose?” asked his friend.
“That’s it!” he exclaimed and turning to his wife, asked, “Rose, what’s the name of that restaurant we went to the other day?”
typical weather near hotel Campanario by period:
January - February low 66 ° high 84 °
March low 68 ° high 88 °
April - May low 70 ° high 90 °
Jun July August September low 73 ° high 90 °
October November December low 67 ° high 88 °
As you see always nice near your Playa del Carmen lodgings Campanario