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CancunSteve the company was born in 1995 when some Cancun hotels and US condo owners with beachfront property in Cancun asked my help in renting out their units for them.
We created a website for that purpose. Hotels added. Destinations added.
Happy people traveling and CancunSteve grew to cover all of Mexico.

The rest is history.

Travel brings new experiences; a chance to escape brutal weather back home; and your family will be seeing new cultures.
We're here to help make that special trip enjoyable and affordable.
And secure for your family and friends. CancunSteve has bed and breakfast deals;
Nice to know a hot breakfast awaits you in the morning!
all-inclusive plan hotels;
pay one flat price for it all
or Mexico City

The CancunSteve on-line agency can provide you with a broader and more personal range of services than can be found with the typical internet service provider.
The ability to conveniently talk with a real person can make all the difference when you have a problem, or need some special advice or assistance. You can always speak with a real live person at CancunSteve we are all about personalized support not just the lowest prices.

Some on-line travel agents lead you to believe they can be an expert on everything, everywhere in the world. This is a completely unrealistic claim if you think about it. They offer Timbuktoo, the Bahamas, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Neptune, Uranus, the moons of Jupiter, New Zealand, North Korea, Argentina, Afganistan, Stinkystan, Ouagadougou, Chad, the equator, and the Artic.
Now whom do you trust with your reservation?

We specialize in offering Mexico.
Cancun. The Riviera Maya. The Yucatan and Isla Mujeres. With a sampling in other areas of Mexico. No interplanetary travel nor travel outside of North America and the Carribbean. As we believe focus makes for BEST. What do you think?
CancunSteve has establish open communication channels to facilitate the flow of information to all our customers so they get the information they need.
Ever try to get through to a human at some typical on-line agencies? Like the possibility of a solar eclipse on July 4th in Cancun while it's snowing there. I ask you this: why pay more and get less good people.

Look at what past travelers have to say (comments):
a sampling
(as it's not just about price good people)
Mucho ojo con el trato barato amigo lo barato sale caro!

Eugene & Donna Larocque wrote to me March 25th 2015:
Hi Steve:
Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our stay at 410 Villas Marlin. The condo is very nice and we were so comfortable. Liz was great and very helpful. We loved the peace and quiet at this place.
We usually come to Cancun around January 1 each year and would like to rent again in 2016. How far ahead do we have to let you know in order to book the condo for a month? Thanks for renting such a nice place to us.
Eugene & Donna Larocque

visiting from Norway April 12 2012 2PM (EST)
Let us thank you for your follow-up for our room and all my friends rooms in Playa del Carmen recently Did you know Wenche booked with us four times now! We know there are other agencies out there so we are pleased someone selects us above the rest! Thanks Wenche and God bless! And we know how cold it must be in Norway now! For you reading this, is it cold where you are? If yes, come on down! We're here waiting., they were very satisfied with your Excellent service and low prices, and Im sure that everyone will book through you again.Then Wenche goes on to say I will of course also recommend you to everyone planning to go to Mexico through my Facebook-page.
Dear Steven, You are “an angel” – I like the way you work !!!!!!!! Thanks a lot Have a great day CancunSteve! Wenche from Norway

Jerrilyn Herd
Visiting from the USA 2012
Jerrilyn Herd wrties: Steve the hotel was FANTASTIC. We loved the hotel Baccara (now called Bacaratte)- it could not have been any better.
By the way this hotel is now called Hotel Bacaratte Cancun and we have a 40% off discount The new management has revamped the hotel and it does look good! Went out there two weeks ago for an inspection and liked what I saw! You will too.
In the past we (my husband and I) always stayed in the Ritz-Carlton Cancun I ask you: why pay those prices when you can book Bacaratte at a deep discount and be closer to the shopping, but now I'm sure we'd be hard pressed not to return to Bacccara. - thank you so much for your help. Airport pick-up was perfect and punctual - they were waiting for us which we greatly appreciated . You do a wonderful job at CancunSteve. Again my thanks and appreciation. Jerrilyn Herd
Another happy CancunSteve traveler. Yoo too can be one. Easy! And free bonuses to. With your booking get the password for this page:
for those lucky good people booking hotels with us
It's all about service. Once we had someone who booked just one night in a downtown Cancun hotel. What could we possibly earn on that? Less than Rosita leaves for a tip in a restaurant.
They asked us about the caves of Calcehtok situated in the Yucatan. About 50 km from Merida.
We told them: These caverns were discovered back in 1895 by Henry Mercer who called them cave of rats or maybe the cave of bats as he had a lisp we don't know for sure.
There's always someone down to guide you into the depths with torches. Probably these caves were once a Mayan pottery factory centuries ago. Look there's the punch clock.
Archaeologists have found and removed ceramic arrowheads, quartz hammers and other tools which they sold to get beer in the catinas.

These caves served as shelter for the Mayan people during the Caste War. In this war the Mayans were on the verge of winning their independence (of the Yucatan) from the Spanish but the call to harvest the corn was heard and the Mayans left their posts, weapons, comic books in place and ran back to the fields for the corn. The war or rebellon was lost.
You can see stalactites, stalagmites, other natural formations; and even Mayan artifacts.
Jerry Waak writes:
Back when Hotel NYX was called Avalon Grand
Steve, a note to let you know our trip to Avalon Grand was just fabulous and better than you advertised.
We have never stayed anywhere in our five previous trips to Cancun where we were treated so grandly.
CancunSteve does it best!
Airport transfers were handled perfectly and our day trip to the Reef Club was terrific. We were also amazed by the dancers in the shows. We'll be talking to you next year.

Hope you do now Jerry. Don't forget your friend Steve down here in Cancun. And by the way got a half-price sale here. Why not take a look costs nothing to look.
Hotel NYX has new menus. Awesome beach beds with cabanas. Select from European Plan to a complete meal and beverage plan.
We'll get right back to these CancunSteve testimonials folks but first we'll take a break with some locals cheering here have for their favorite soccer team ( or football team) as the locals call them.
Which is why they chant Mexicanos al grito de goool
Here come the fans with tunics woven with symbols of elkhorns, bottles of beer, keys, dragons, moons, trees, jars of vaseline, bells, pumas, asperagus, unicorns, sarapes, manguey, sombreros, hammocks, and axes.
They are on their way to the stadium.
Chris Murphy and Tammy Conley
visiting from the USA January 10 2011 4PM (EST)
"Let us both say that the CancunSteve agency delivers excellent customer care and follows up in a manner that exceeded our expectations and will exceed yours.Then regarding airport transfers, Tammy says He made sure that the transportation company was reputable and reliable, thus easing our fears of missing our plane or hoping that the van provided would get us there safely and on time. For those booking with us there is air conditioned insured professional transfers from the airport; hundreds of dollars of discounts; secret information; and a frequent renters program to accumulate points for free hotel nights in the future. Steve also checked up with us to make sure that our accommodations were acceptable and he was willing to help us out any way that he could. It was nice to know that CancunSteve cared enough to ask us to email him when we arrived home safely and even beat me to my email response by emailing us and asking that we please let him know that we did indeed make it home safely. Also, the staff where we stayed and the drivers for the transportation company were courteous, helpful and very kind. A+ service in my book! CancunSteve will be the only person we work with in planning our future travels to Cancun. - Tammy and Chris
Visiting from the USA 2011
Jean writes: Ixchel was nice Thanks for all your help CancunSteve. We'll call on you when we take our next trip to Isla Mujeres.
When you’re looking for Isla Mujeres accommodations ocean view units and awesome North Beach, then look right here. Why: direct dialing telephones no need to go through tiresome hotel operators who don't understand you, wireless internet to surf the web with your laptop available, radio alarms to get up on time, iron for those wrinkles, marble bathrooms to live like a king, bath amenities, apart vanity area, blow hair dryer, digital safe deposit box for your security, full equipped kitchenette, refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, microwave & bottled water.
Tracy Borrosh
visiting from the USA September 15 2011 7:00PM (EST)
We had a GREAT VACATION AND WARM HOSPITALITY AT VILLAS MARLIN content: I want to thank CancunSteve and his great team for the outstanding customer service and georgeous villa I recived on my stay there last week The villa was everything I was promised and then some The staff was most accomodating I will be back before the year ends for sure thank you again for a most wonderful expierence on our Cancun vacation my dear CancunSteve
Select one, two, three, or four bedroom villas in the heart of the hotel zone of Cancun
Jaime Chase
visiting from the USA November 23 2010 4:00PM (EST)
Thank you so much for all of your help.
Corto Maltes was amazing. This Playa del Carmen beachfront condo was fantastic. Well furnished. Conveniently located, we were able to walk anywhere around town.
Now read about the bar good people... The condos bar downstairs had great food and drinks. The condo had these swanky cabanas on the beach for our use. The only recommendation: when we checked out of Corto Maltes on Sunday they came and inspected our place like they said that they would but they really inspected/over inspected the condo.
Guess they wanna keep it nice for the next arriving guest Transportation was smooth, especially getting there. On our return we were arrived at the airport 3 hours early. We all said that we wanted to go to Playa again, stay at the Corto Maltes but stay longer! Thanks again for helping us! Jamie
Greg Leckrone writes:
From the USA
John and I just got back from the Posada del Mar on Isla Mujeres yesterday and let me thank you for your good work CancunSteve. We got the big suite with the oversized balcony overlooking the ocean and had a marvelous time staying there.
yes that was the studio
We were most comfortable and the view from the balcony was wondrous; and marvelous. We want to do it again. And again! And will!

Arq Alvaro Zamudio
visiting from San Louis Potosi Mexico September 3 2008 5:00PM (EST)
a proposito tengo un promocion ahi Golondrinas buen precios
Bekah Brown
visiting from the Talahase Florida May 11 2009 11:30AM (EST)
steve... just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help regarding our trip to Cancun. The hotel we booked with you was absolutely amazing and everyone was so friendly...I can't tell you how grateful I am and also how jealous I am that you live there and go anywhere whenever you like as you live there!!! I look forward to working with you again as I love to travel whenever I can and next time I won't hassle you with so many questions (which you were so kind to answer) because I understand how it works a lot better....thank you thank you thank you CancunSteve...!
Ask us anything! You always have our recommendations.
Mary Ann Hiatt
visiting from the Vancouver Canada Feb 28 2009 3:00PM (EST)
Paseo del Sol was excellent both in price and quality wish we could have stayed a second week thanks for your help
As at home, a complete kitchen with stainless appliances, a washer and dryer too; microwave; toaster; coffee maker.
Wendy Batty
visiting from the USA Dec 5 2009 5:00PM (EST)
Everything was GREAT! Judy and I can't thank you enough for all your efforts. Our hotel was beautiful, the food was great, could not complain about the weather at all . . . and even our transporation guy was there - BOTH TIMES (encountered no problems whatsoever). I appreciate your patience and follow-through on everything and apologize for not thanking you sooner (still trying to catch up in the office - wish I was back there instead of here).
Thanks so much and I look forward to "working" with you again CancunSteve.


documents for entry into Mexico for a US citizen:
A passport or equivalent travel document is now necessary for U.S. and Canadian citizens traveling to Mexico.
You may not be asked to present your passport if entering Mexico by land, but you will need one to return to the United States.
Once upon a time, U.S. and Canadian citizens could travel to Mexico without a passport. Then in 2004, the US government initiated the strengthening of border security creating some obstacles for vacationing travelers. With this law, passport requirements were phased in gradually depending on the mode of transportation used to enter and exit the country.
So insure your passport is valid and up to date before traveling we advise.
There are ways and means to get a passport quickly in the USA or renewed quickly using an express service. Costs a few dollars more.
But with all the money you save booking your hotel with CancunSteve it's paid for.

Do not carry your passport around with you needlessly. It is for entering the country and returning back home. No need to take it to the beach or disco. In the unlikely event you loose it.
In the event your U.S. passport becomes lost or stolen while you are here, report it immediately to the local police and to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. A consul can issue a replacement passport, often within 24 hours!

Recently Mexico declared one of the safest places to travel. Hillary Clinton may say otherwise sitting on her folding black chair with a crack in it but don't pay that known liar any mind.

Major voilence is on the border where you will not be traveling.

There is just fun friendly good people here. Just keep away from that time-share man!

Hotels all provide bottled purified water except this one El Siesta Veniciano Cheapo.
Other drinks: Mexican beer (cerveza) is quite good. Try horchata a sweetend rice water.

dog travel wants CancunSteve to feed him my comments are bow-wowTry to guess where in Mexico this photo was taken and win a discount with your rental with us.

This photo does appear on our website. Is it in Cancun?
Or in
Playa del Carmen?
Or Merida? Acapulco? Isla Mujeres? Mascota Jalisco? Palenque Chiapas?
See all the possibilities here all our hotels in Mexico.

Good luck!

send us your answer and win a discount with your vacation rental!
Beware of this scam:
It is practically assumed nowadays that if you plan to travel, you must first receive a barrage of vaccines in order to stay healthy and safe, especially if you intend to visit any third-world countries.
But as you might imagine, this general sentiment is based largely on pharmaceutical industry propaganda, which presents itself as reputable-sounding immunization programs from known phamacies who never tell you about side-effects of these injections.

Popular drug store chains actually offers its traveling customers one-on-one consultations with “specially trained” pharmacists who are more than eager to jab you for conditions like yellow fever, tennis elbow, meningitis, encephalitis, dish pan hands, typhoid, rabies, polio, ingrown toenails, and Hepatitis. These same pharmacists will also urge you to purchase a slew of prescription and over-the-counter drugs as part of your travel itinerary.
Tell them to bugger off.

Never take vaccines you don't need. Some have mercury to preserve them. Frequently in flu vaccines. And mercury is highly toxic even in small dosages.
Be aware, vaccines contain dead viruses or bacteria, germ components, toxic extracts or live organisms that have been made less virulent--a process called attenuation. To stimulate an enhanced immune reaction against these organisms, manufacturers added powerful immune-stimulating substances such as squalene, aluminum, lipopolysacchride, etc. These are called immune adjuvants.
And when autopsies done on Alzheimer's patients guess what was often found in the brain cells? Aluminum. So avoid those vaccines.
Don't believe everything the FDA tells you. The real information is out there in well researched books and the internet.
Update cat/home care instructions as necessary.
Make sure there’s enough cat food and kitty litter or dog food.
Decide if there are any bills to be paid before leaving (and then pay them). Alternatively, schedule payments electronically to go out at appropriate dates.
Check thermostat levels and adjust as needed.
Clean out perishables from refrigerator; use them up or give them away.
Take out the trash.
Book with CancunSteve
Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula is home to some of the world’s most amazing archaeological zones, many of which are situated close to the safe beautiful Riviera Maya, which is home to such vacation spots as Cancun,
where the sand is sugar white
Playa del Carmen and Tulum, which also happens to be home to the only seaside Mayan pyramid in Mexico.
One good example is the Great Temple of Uxmal, which is older than Peru’s Machu Picchu and lies about 50 miles south of the haven of Merida. As one of the safest and most beautiful places in all of Mexico real estate here is booming.

Showtime in Cancun enjoy the show in a Cancun all-inclusive family hotel

Yes sir! You may talk with a live person at CancunSteve if you need anything while you're here.

Playa del Carmen Riviera Maya select from all-inclusive or beachfront one, two, three bedroom condos and upscale adult-only boutique hotels.

Cruise the Somalian coastline for the adventerous

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