The magical mystery tour to Isla Mujeres begins on a ferry like this one. Want to listen to the girls on the ferry? Good. Put yourself on the boat. We'll help!. Whenever you're ready move the mouse until it becomes a hand and click. Yes, it's true; sometimes you can see dolphins in pairs on the way over. Will this be your lucky day?
Isla Mujeres is 5 miles long by 10 blocks wide at it's widest point. It is 4 miles off the coast Quintana Roo coast. See more about it's name below.

There are pristine beaches sorounding all of the island of Isla Mujeres. The major beaches are on the north and west sides of Isla Playa Norte and the beach at Mia Reef respectively.
Calm, turquoise waters and soft white sand make them ideal for taking in the sun, swimming and snorkeling.
The spectacular and rocky eastern shore is dangerous for swimming in my opinion, the currents are strong on this Caribbean side. There are posted warnings, but many pay them no mind, so please be careful if you swim here.
Even on Playa Norte there are areas where the undertow is quite strong. CHILDREN 12 YEARS AND UNDER SHOULD NOT SWIM UNLESS SUPERVISED BY A SOBER ADULT! Playa Norte (North Beach) is considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, Playa Norte (once known as Playa Cocos) is the most popular, therefore crowded beach on Isla Mujeres. You can rent water toys, kayaks and snorkeling gear as well as lounge chairs and beach umbrellas or just put your beach towel on the sand and enjoy as I do.
There are several palapa restaurant and bars that will also bring drinks and snacks to your towel or beach chair. Just call a passing waiter.
Playa Paraiso, Playa Lancheros and Playa Indios are more secluded beaches are located on the west side of Isla Mujeres, mid-island near Hacienda Mundaca and Milagro Beach resort. There are open air palapa restaurants, gift shops, rest rooms, chairs and umbrellas. You can also rent kayaks, canoes and even beach toys for the kids. One of the biggest attractions of these beaches are the shark pens where you can take a swim with the sharks (no thanks). Don't forget to tip the trainer if surviving this.

For as little as two dollars you can ferry to the island in a boat like that shown in the photo to the right to great Isla Mujeres hotels. Isla Mujeres means the island of women which may give the wrong idea to single male ferry passengers anticipating their dreams will be realized on the island of women. Mind you their dreams may still be realized but know the ratio of men to women on the island is equal. Like Cancun the ladies are lovely. The island got it's name from the early explorers looking for Isla Mujeres lodgings. who found the island decorated with idols in the images of women. The women on the island at that time were naked. Today on CoCo Beach you will find some topless sunbathers as in the south of France. But unlike the south of France, Isla Mujeres lodgings don't cost so much.

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There is a Mayan observatory at the southern tip of the island to visit while on your Isla Mujeres vacation. (The Mayans knew the earth goes around the sun and the sun is the center of the solar system long before the Europeans.)
Near this observatory is a lighthouse which has been rebuilt twice since the pirate Mundaca.
This famous pirate lived on this island centuries ago.
Mundaca's grave is still present on the island; however his hacienda has crumbled to the ground being cheap Infonavit construction.
Mundaca loved an island girl who did not recipocate his feelings as she loved a local native boy and married him. This broke Mundaca's heart. Dumb Mundaca to win her heart built a two story mansion in hope this girl wouldn't care he was 38 years older than she was.
Her words were get away from me you old geezer and Mundaca died insane in Merida. Fool. Stay in one of our Isla Mujeres hotels not the old geeezer's run-down mansion.

CoCo Beach which is in our opinion the island's most beautiful swimming beach is located right at the northern end.

Some call this lovely beach Playa Norte while others call it CoCo Beach. And some North Beach.

It is the place to go and stay which is why we offer lodgings in this area at this choice hotel Na Balam North Beach
Awesome breakfasts. Yoga. Ecological.

And to a private island off North Beach is as well as the very special The place to be is North Beach (Playa Norte) (yes you guessed) .
Also on North Beach (Playa Norte) we have the ecological Na Balam .
Posada del Mar center of town across from beach ideal for your Isla Mujeres vacation.
On the center of the island, secluded near a turtle farm offering one and two bedroom beach units we have Hotel Cristalmar Resort.
Two minutes from the town by taxi is this jewel of beachfront units and cabanas. All with high speed internet and air conditioning. Even a BYOB bar! El Milagro Beach and Marina.
All-inclusive Isla Mujeres resort Did you know that we can book your complimentary yacht ride to Isla Mujeres for up to nine guests, your luggage included.
Intimate seaside candlelight dining, a serene pool and a blissfully kids-free beach awaits (no hot spots and cold in the water here).

Back in the 1500's pirates and smugglers used the island's isolation to their advantage. Putting treasures in Davy Jone's locker.

During the 1960's beach bums and hippies came over lured by the island's laid-back atmosphere.

More recently the island has attracted tourists from Cancun looking for a more typical Yucatan experience than Cancun or Cozumel.

At the southern end of the island you can find El Garrafon for snorkeling. Across the entrance to Playa Lancheros is the old abandoned mansion of Mundaca. This pirate built this hacienda for the love of a native girl who he hoped to marry and live with in the mansion but she rejected him and married a local man.

After all that pirate was 40 years older than that little girl.

The main shopping and attractions of the island are found in walking distance from both Hotel Posada del Mar and Na Balam. There are also all-inclusive hotels Isla Mujeres like the lovely Mia Reef (former Avalon Reef) and who needs anything else.
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Avalon Reef Club
Posada del Mar   Isla Mujeres
Hotel Na Balam   Isla Mujeres

Cristalmar   Isla Mujeres
What do CancunSteve's past guests say about Cristalmar in Isla Mujeres?

Hotel Na Balam   Isla Mujeres

Guy M. writes:
My trip went great.
They were expecting me at Cristalmar. They knew that I had already paid a deposit to you. The final bill was exactly as expected. I would use your company again. I would also recommend your company to my friends. All the best,
Ann Arbor, MI _______________
Earl Rees writes:
We had a great time on Isla mujeres (as usual). The Cristalmar is a good hotel with the usual number of problems, but a willingness on the part of the staff to make everything right. Thanks for getting us a good rate and for advising us on transportation from the airport to the ferry. Hasta luego.
Karen Timberlake writes:
Hi Steve
It seems the perfect place on Isla. It worked out great. We went up the road to the very fancy hotel and had dinner. But it was no better than at Crysalmar. We walked up and down the beach to different restaurants, which was cool. All was very relaxing. Had one huge storm with lots of high water, but it was gone the next day.
Karen T

NaBalam   Isla Mujeres
What do CancunSteve's past guests say about Nabalam with wireless internet in Isla Mujeres?
Jean writes:It was nice Thanks for all your help. We'll call on you when we take our next trip .
Meeta writes:
Hello Steve! .
The NaBalam was a very nice place on Isla Mujeres - we enjoyed staying there very much!

Need cash while on the island?
It is true that the HSBC branch on Isla Mujeres is no longer exchanging foreign currency, no problem; there are several money exchange places downtown that are more than happy to exchange Dollars or other foreign currency with rip-off rates.
There are also plenty of cash machines (ATMs) in the downtown area where you may withdraw money directly in Pesos. This way generally gives you the best exchange rate and that's your best option says CancunSteve

A visit to the island of Isla in not complete without renting a bike, moped or golf cart and exploring the entire island. Even if staying in one of our all-inclusive hotels in Isla Mujeres.
You can visit the Turtle Farm and see the majestic sea turtles, stroll through Hacienda Mundaca, visit Punta Sur and play at Garrafon Park, have a relaxing massage, take a yoga class at Na Balam and of course, shop for souvenirs and arts and crafts!
Another great activity on this island:
Isla Mujeres, which is an enchanted island just a short ferry ride from downtown Cancun houses in its' waters the enormous 800-pound manatees, which are admittedly large but also quite timid. Bigger than my mother-in-law!
Patti's mother stands chest-deep in the water, watching a manatee play patty-cake with a human, and feels like an eight year old again.
Unfortunately, manatees have become endangered in the wild, due in part to their heightened sense of curiosity and complete lack of aggression. In addition, when they enter shallow waters they are at risk of being struck by boat propellers as they graze on underwater plants, and others succumb to the dangers of fishing or accidentally ingest pieces of things they shouldn't eat found in waterways.
Basically, the manatee experience on Isla Mujeres involves helping caretakers feed the animals, who will gladly take lettuce, bananas and other treats from your hand. The two adult manatees will even high five you or kiss you for a reward and also love to receive belly rubs.
Eating is basically a full-time job for manatees, like my mother-in-law, which consume as much as 40 pounds of lettuce (the manatee that is), along with as many apples, bananas, sweet potatoes and other treats as they can find. The giant mammals are also patient and gentle.
You can book your lodgings with us and we'll gladly explain where to swim with the mantees.
Mantees shown on the left above.
They like interacting with people.

To the left view of the pool set against the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Mexican Carribbean in one of our Isla Mujeres lodgings.

Pamper yourself with the best of Isla Mujeres lodgings with luxurious bedding, designer bath products, fantastic views from generous windows and thoughtful amenities designed for your comfort and convenience in one of our resorts for your holidays.

We offer Isla Mujeres accommodations offer a double Jacuzzi, private bath with shower only and a private balcony with chaise lounge, tables and chairs & wireless internet in all the fine lodgings we provide.

Enjoy the convenience of in room wine, and the liquor dispenser contains whiskey, tequila, rum and vodka, while the mini-bar contains sodas, purified water, juices and domestic beer.

We just ask you're careful with the Carribean sun as it can burn if over-exposed without protective sun screens.

Put on the lotion and flow with the motion. We'll put you up right on the ocean.
No need to be a bosan.

Yes, Isla Mujeres is more laid-back and tranquil than Cancun to the west, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do, it just means you can do nothing at all or fill your day with shopping, snorkeling, exploring, eating the freshest seafood in the Mexican Caribbean and drinking in that special magical atmosphere that is Isla Mujeres.

Shopping is fun here in the town which is right next door to your beachfront lodgings here on the island.

Like every Mexican town, the Zocolo is located at the center. Not much happens during the day as it's siesta, fiesta, mañana, but if you decide to come by in the evening, you’ll often see dances, events and celebrations going on. Next to the Mia Reef Isla Mujeres.
Isla families and tourists alike enjoy their evenings at the Plaza eating tacos and pastries from the vendors, joining a pick-up basketball game, celebrating Mass at the church and watching the world go by.
On the west side is the Palacio Municipal (City Hall). The Catholic church is on the south side with the basketball court nestled between the two. On the east side is a small playground for the children.

As you might expect, Isla has several lighthouses.
Built by the Mexican Navy during World War II, the largest is known simply as El Faro (The Lighthouse). Located on Rueda Medina across from the main strip near Mia Reef Isla Mujeres, it is 19 meters (62 feet) tall and flashes white twice every 10 seconds unless the bulbs burn out.
The public is not allowed to climb to the top.
Maybe if you give the guard a small token of appreciation he'll let you go up to the top.

Near Hacienda Mundaca, a fair distance from your Isla Mujeres lodgings, at the entrance to Sac Bajo road, there’s a statue dedicated to Ramon Bravo (1925 - 1998). Ramon was an oceanographer, researcher, environmentalist, philanderer (kidding), and colleague of Jacques Cousteau who called Isla his home.
He is well known for his work for the preservation of marine life and for his outstanding research and discoveries about the behavior and habits of sharks.
He astutely said if you see a shark fin while swimming get outa the water fast baby!
Shown on the left girl swimming with mantees. These are gentle creatures who are most affectionate.

Punta Sur is located at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, which is at the other extreme of the island in relation to the Mia Reef, roughly 60 feet above sea level, where the rising sun first touches Mexican soil.
Its rocky cliffs, the waves crashing on the shore and the multitude of blues of the Caribbean Sea make up some of the most awesome views on the island. This is the highest elevation in the Yucatan and was home to an ancient temple honoring the Mayan Goddess Ixchel.
Because it was built on high ground, archaeologists believe the temple was also used as a lighthouse to guide trade boats coming from Cozumel, Tulum and Xaman-ha (Playa del Carmen).
Or maybe it was a tavern. Or cantina. No one knows for sure.
Ixchel is the Mayan Goddess of the Moon and the wife of the Sun1, also considered a fertility goddess with great healing powers. For centuries, Mayan women came to Isla Mujeres on yearly pilgrimages to seek her help, and now Isla residents gather at Punta Sur very New Year morning to greet the first rays of the sun.
1 I now pronunce you Sun and Moon

beautiful exclusive  Isla MujeresThe magical island Isla Mujeres. For an exclusive vacation come to this special place for special people. Lovely units with an ocean view from each one. This exclusive island has access via a foot-bridge from Playa Norte (Isla Mujeres most attractive beach). The town is at your doorstep.
Prestigiously located on the North Beach of Isla Mujeres. A short ferry ride from the parties, activities of Cancun, Isla Mujeres offers a beautiful setting with seclusion and all amenities. Add to this breathtaking views, diving, snorkeling, superior service and brand new accommodations.
There are so many dinning options in Isla Mujeres created for satisfying the most demanding palate: refined Mexican cuisine for those who want to discover Mexico's essence through the savors inherited by its' ancestors (remember Agua por Chocolate); grill dishes elaborated on the beach, elegantly served and of course, the best wines, cocktails and snacks.

Fun in Isla Mujeres
The photo taken inside a disco which is magic as is all of Isla Mujeres. Notice the beer bottle on the bar. Put your mouse over the bottle. Move it around with your mouse. Anywhere. Let the bottle go. The bottle always returns to the bar. Always. Just like you will always return to the enchantment of Isla Mujeres.
The views from the disco are breathtaking as it is set above the ocean.

There are many bars and discos in this small island.
The Soggy Peso palapa bar is a short trek from downtown on the ocean.
Scotty get me warp factor one. Let's get down to the Soggy Peso and get some margaritas and lobster tacos.

The Rock Bar downtown has great music and drinks. Get down and boogie.

Just strolling down the street from your Isla Mujeres lodgings you're bound to find a bar or disco to your liking. Enjoy. Some up the stairs. Some right on the street.

Who will you meet?

See the view of the ocean from the disco during this day-time photo. In the night photo see the lights of the island set against the sea from your table.
By 1AM the dance floor is full.
Come before midnight.

Notice the attractive Mayan art work in the bar. At night hang-out here or the disco or stroll on the beach. Or play in the room with the ocean as a backdrop. Don't dream it. Be it.

There's a fully equiped yoga club too with ocean views in the Na Balam.
Or try the spa.

How many people are hanging out in the pool area now at hotel pool? Can you guess to win a discount off our already low rates? The pool is on the other side of the lobby. Shown is the beautiful mural in the lobby. If you bring your mouse near the POOL button it will change colors. Then click for a quick look at the pool. Then try the game by entering your answer below. HIT the POOL button as often as you wish. Remember people are always coming in and leaving the pool area from other areas of the resort. So the actual number of people there constantly change. So if you don't get the right answer the first time just try again. If you win you will be given a magic word. Use this in the comment area of your reservation form for your discount.


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While you enjoy your Isla Mujeres lodgings nearby golf-cart rentals abound.
With the little cart drive around and explore the island.
Out at the southern tip is a lighthouse with a Mayan ruin.
And just to the side El Garaffon park for snorkeling. Mind you, one may snorkel for free right near your lodgings in North Beach. See angel fish and stripped French grunt.
Also one may search for Mundaca's old mansion. It's 300 meters from Playa Lancheros on Avenida Rueda Medina and Calle Paseo de los Peces. The entrance cost is modest. About $1.50USD.

Use your arrow keys to move the golf-cart around.
Works in most browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Later Internet Explorer as well.
An ageing pirate flaunting a new Porsche may be the butt of derisive male jokes. But he is far more likely to entice female natives than a younger man with a cheap used car.
Mind you no one had Porsches back then. Neither did they have Isla Mujeres lodgings with CancunSteve.

Costa Occidental de Isla Mujeres National Park:
El Parque Nacional Costa Occidental de Isla Mujeres, forms part of a reef barrier known as Gran Cinturón de Arrecifes del Atlántico Occidental (which means it's pretty good) considered the second largest reef in the world.
Big stuff.

Dolphin Discovery:
They sing touch a toucha touch me, I wanna feel dirty. Yes interact with these intelligent creatures.

Norte Beach:
Lovely beach next to all those Isla Mujeres lodgings we offer. Snorkel. Picknic. Hang out and dig the scene.
Get a lovely tan.
Massages available on the beach as well.

Cancun Underwater Museum:
In 2009, a monumental underwater contemporary museum of art called MUSA was formed in the waters surrounding Cancun and Isla Mujeres.
This project was founded by Roberto something, former President of an organization and his buddy Jaime González Cano, Director of the National Marine Park.
This unique museum hired English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor who was out of work at the time.
Today, MUSA consists of over 500 permanent life-sized and monumental sculptures and is one of the largest and most ambitious underwater artificial art attractions in the world.

Secreto BeachJoysxee:
The beach itself isn't exceptional, but that in no way took away from the setting in the little cove.

Floating Bottle Island:
This lunatic spent the past seven years carefully constructing a floating eco-paradise the floating bottle island made from discarded plastic bottles - complete with a hot tub and Internet connection no less - out of 150,000 recycled bottles.
But Richart Sowa, 61, started to feel the only thing missing from his idyllic life on Joyxee Island was someone to share it with.
The mad artist, originally from Middleborough, Yorkshire, met former model Jodi Bowlin, 47, from Tennessee, invited her to come and live with him on the Island.
No way Jose she replied.
Living on my own floating island has been my dream for over two-decades, said Mr Sowa, who has been married twice and has four children and six grandchildren. And a warrant out for his capture to return him to the cookoo's nest.

Tortugranja Turtle Farm:
Although they're endangered, sea turtles are still killed throughout the Caribbean by greedy low-life fisherman for their eggs and awful tating turtle meat.
In the 1980s, efforts by a local fisherman led to the founding of this tortugranja (turtle farm), 5 km south of town, which safeguards breeding grounds and protects eggs.
If you’re coming from the bus stop, bear right at the ‘Y’ just beyond Hacienda Mundaca’s parking lot (the turn is marked by a tiny sign). The farm is easily reached from town by taxi as well.

Capitán Dulché Museum:
A cool maritime museum detailing the island's naval history. The canoes those Mayans took out to sea right up to the submarines they made.
Also one of the best beach clubs in town – with a boat bar.

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