Bandaras bay near Acapulco CopaCobana

Hello good people today is

In this beach resort where there is always something to do and for no matter how long you stay it just isn't enough time you will enjoy all this mother of Mexican resorts has to offer.
Playa Hornos or Hornitos on the bay is near all the commercial centers; shopping; restaurants; night life of which Acapulco is famous.
The bay offers a great mountain view; and all along the bay each beach has its own charm and character.
Acapulco not only has beaches but 18 hole golf; deep sea fishing; night-life that doesn't stop; surfing.

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And of course the fampous La Quebrada cliff divers. CancunSteve offers several Acapulco hotels at discount rates for your discount priced resulting in a cheap vacation.
Choose either EP (European Plan) lodgings only or AI (all-inclusive) food;drink;lodgings for your value-priced vacation.
Here you will find impressive nightclubs that are state-of-the-art temples of sensuality packed wall-to-wall with beautiful people both local and tourist.

The bay of Acapulco or Bahia de Acapulco begins with the maritime terminal at one end with Las Brisas at the other extreme. Somewhere in the middle is Costa Azul. Somewhere over the rainbow you will fly to your Acapulco lodgings booked with us.

And fishing?
The fishing in the waters here, particulary sailfish, is awesome, in fact, it's news when someone doesn't catch a fish unless of course it's Joel Gondelman.

It is said that one of the most exciting cities in the world is Acapulco; famous for its nightlife, beaches, unlimited watersports, first-class hotels offered by CancunSteve , gourmet restaurants and the breath-taking physical beauty of Acapulco Bay!

The famous Baby O's a favorite is a throwback to the town's disco days, although the music is exceptionally contemporary. The mid-to-late-20s crowd dances to everything from house to hip-hop, techno to disco.

beach scene in Bandaras Bay near Acapulco CopaCobana
surfing in Bandaras Bay near Acapulco CopaCobana
Acapulco Bay is one of the world's most beautiful natural harbors. Each beach has its own character. Be sure to try more than one during your stay.
Revolcadero is THE beach for surfers due to its punding surf shown above. Notice how different the beach to the left is with its calm waters.
The center of town is positioned around the plaza just two blocks from the ocean. But it's a different Acapulco. Here the resort city changes into a tropical port town; noisy and gay. The main plaza is dominated by a cathedral that resembles a mosque.
Now if you're shopping for bargains this is the place.

This beach paradise you get at a deep discount with CancunSteve is in Guerrero State, on the Pacific Ocean founded in 1550 used as a trading port by the Spanish with East Asia but today as a party place for YOU.
Where else is there 360 days of sunshine a year? You know where.

You're comming here to party.
Here are the night spots:
This disco diva reigns supreme over the city's nightlife.
This nightclub's unique setting will impress all those who travel around the globe looking for the best in discos.
The best DJs in the world have played here.
Its minimalist décor creates a fabulous ambience.
This nightclub offers the best in music, light, drinks, service and party
It is an exclusive Piano Bar, located inside Mandara nightclub, where you can sit back and enjoy the best view of this Bay
After Hours:
The best venue to party after hours is Privado. It's inside Mandara and is open from 4 am 'til noon. Prepare yourself to emerge to the brutal tropical sun after Privado.
Baby 'O:
Colonia Costa Azul. Needs no introduction.
The best disco in Acapulco for the social elite of Mexico. Baby'O is smaller than most others, has an all ages crowd, and is a first class bar.
However, space and seating is limited, it's a bit difficult to meet new people, and it costs US$30-60 (ouch!) to enter NOT including drinks.
Salsa club with live entertainment (celebrity impersonators), music, and dancing. Has all-ages , mostly Mexican crowd and is good for dates or groups. Get rowdy with the locals and learn how to dance. Admission includes an open bar and is only US$22. Ninas is located in front of the Convention Center next to "SuperGigante and the Acapulco hotels shown here.
The Costera is lined with places to buy many souvenirs, including silver jewelry, Mexico knickknacks, and the common T-shirt.
The shopkeepers aren't pushy as they're sleepy, but they'll test your bargaining skills. The starting price will be exagerated, and getting it down may take some time.
Before buying silver, examine it carefully and look for ."925" stamped on the back. This signifies that the silver is 92.5% pure, but the less expensive silver metal called alpaca may also bear a stamp. (Alpaca is generally stamped MEXICO or MEX, often in letters so tiny1 that they are hard to read and look similar to the three-digit ."925.")
1 how tiny? smaller than Rosita's tip in a restaurant. and that's small.

No need to bargain to get that best price with CancunSteve on the one and only Acapulco CopaCobana.

Boutiques selling beachwear crowd the Costera Alemán. These stores carry attractive summer clothing at prices lower than you'd pay in the United States take advantage while on your Acapulco vacation.
If there's a sale, you can find good bargains.
One of the nicest air-conditioned shopping centers on the Costera is Plaza Bahía, Costera Alemán

Se extiende casi cuarenta kilómetros de la Barra de Coyuca (al noroeste de la ciudad propiamente dicha) a Barra Vieja (sureste del aeropuerto internacional de la ciudad) y de casi diez kilómetros tierra adentro desde la Isla de la Roqueta a sus colonias septentrionales. Hay decenas de lugares a visitar y cosas a hacer, numerosas playas, cientos de restaurantes y cafeterías, y nunca el tiempo suficiente para exprimir todo adentro

Capilla Submarina
Este monumento se encuentra en el fondo del mar entre las playas de Caleta y La Isla de la Roqueta. La estatua de la Virgen de Guadalupe fue colocada aquí por los pescadores locales, y se puede ver, además de una gran diversidad de plantas y animales acuáticos, a través de barcos con fondo de cristal especial que salen todos los días de playa Caletilla. Si se encuentra en Acapulco, el 12 de diciembre (aniversario de esta Virgen), usted será capaz de asistir a una procesión de gente, rodeado de flores y artesanías hechas a mano, y escuchar su música.

Stop by for a drink at nostolgic Caleta or at the hilltop of Los Flamingos built in the 1930's. Hollywood's biggest stars like John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Frank Sanatra, Johnny Weissmuller and others partied here. Their only regret was there was no CancunSteve at the time to get them great deals on Krystal Beach or airport transfers.

From these points, a five minute boat ride gets you to Roqueta Island to find good snorkeling, gentle waters, and a good restaurant.

Many people come to Acapulco hotels and never get to see the Diego Rivera Mural; the shame of it all. And hard to believe but true. Many never booked with CancunSteve.
Diego Rivera spent 18 months creating this 60 foot long mural of tiles, seashells, stones, and bottle caps.
Why did it take so long to complete this mural?

If you come to Acapulco hotels you MUST do the Costera! This attractice urban boulevard is is where Acapulco got its' fame for being a party town!
Countless places to eat from fast-food to fine dinning. And gourmet. Bars. Take your pick. Diego did. Action 24 hours a day. Come to play!
Plenty of shopping here. Rosita can get a cheap bottle opener saying Acapulco hotels made in the exotic Orient (probably China). Do the art galleries and big department stores.

Acapulco es un destino especial para su boda de ensueño o luna de miel. No hay lugar mas encantador. No es unicamente el destino predilecto de ricos y famosos como Elizabeth Taylor; Mike Todd; los Kennedys; y otros presidentes Americanos. Durante decadas los lunamieleros han escogido a Acapulco como destino favorito.

This is THE place for Acapulco hotels!

Cici is a water oriented theme park for children. Dolphin and seal shows, waterslides, and a large pool area where there are warm spots and cold.
The sky coaster is for the brave.
The Acapulco hotel booked with CancunSteve is smart! Be it Krystal Beach with our fabulous discounts or CopaCobana

Did you know Acapulco has an archeological zone not far away? It does! Tehuacalco. A side-trip while on your Acapulco vacation. Home of the Yape Culture. This site is close to Chilpancingo the capital of Guerrero so it is a ways from Acapulco itself.

Most sadly no one knows much if anything about the Yape culture. Like the town sleepy June Lake Loop in California. Or truths spoken by Hillary Clinton.

Don't get confused good people. Those young boys diving off the cliff at La Quebrada are not lemmings. I repeat; they are not lemmings. These brave1 boys dive from cliffs 136 feet above the crashing Pacific Ocean. They land in an 11 foot deep inlet.
They were given a choice of jumping off this cliff or a weekend with Elba Esther Gordillo.

gane un descuento de $10USD devinar cual es Elba Esther Gordillo en los dos fotos

The La Quebrada Cliff Divers are a group of daring high divers, who will do anything to make a show even if it means risking life and limb.
They perform daily shows for the public, which involve diving off the cliffs of La Quebrada into the foaming sea below. The depth of water can vary from 6 to 16 feet depending on the waves.
Timing is crucial for the divers. During the night, they often hold torches while diving but these are extinguished once they hit the water.
Acapulco cliff diving was regularly featured on weekend sports television programming in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s when the USA High Diving Team competed with the La Quebrada Cliff Divers annually during the Acapulco Christmas Festival to see who was more loco. The well known Guinness Book of World Records lists this as "the highest regularly performed dives" in the world.
Although cliff diving at La Quebrada had taken place for many years, it was not until 1934 that the La Quebrada Cliff Divers was formed.
One of the more famous Cliff Divers was little Raoul. A European playboy, club owner and hotelier Teddy Stauffer, is the man who is credited with turning Acapulco into a world class resort, (and for some time managed the El Mirador Hotel at La Quebrada (until he was found dozing) actually turned the boys, who were diving from the cliffs there, into stars, some ten years later. He is remembered as "Mr. Acapulco" to this day or Mr. Europe as he was big also Mr. Ed.
The 1963 Elvis Presley film Fun in Acapulco brought the cliffs to worldwide attention.

When in Acapulco instead of your typical American breakfast be adventerous like those brave boys at La Quebrada and try huevos rancheros (fried egg served over fried tortilla smothered with salsa); after all when in Acapulco (Rome).
Or scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes.
But whatever you order don't leave a small tip like Rosita or you'll force your waiter to jump off a cliff to earn more tips.

1 brave = fool for many

The center of the Acapulco nightlife and the biggest nightclub, follow the crowd. Amazing view, grovy music, friendly bar staff, a decent layout to meet new people, and a mind-blowing show at 4:00 in the morning make it my top-rated disco in Acapulco. But during spring break and on holidays, you may wait a long time to get in and get served.

disco scene on CancunSteve holiday package for your Acapulco hotels

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Nothing easier that a good time in Acapulco

Porque un boton en el elavdor de nuestra Acapulco hotel dice PB. Porque es Planta Baja el primer piso. El siguiente piso hacia arriba es el primer piso. No te confundas. La mayoria de los americanos lo conoce como el segundo piso.

Krystal Beach formerly Avalon Excalibur

Five Star CopaCobana

Facilmente gane un descuento de $10USD
o equivalente en pesos mexicanos con este divertido juego

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information about Acapulco:
On the Pacific coast of Mexico but you know that, 380 kilometres (240 mi) southwest from Mexico City. Which is why so many people from DF do Acapulco.
Acapulco is located on a deep, semi-circular bay and has been a port since the early colonial period of Mexico's history.
It is a port of call for shipping and cruise ships sailing between Panama and San Francisco, California.
The city of Acapulco is the largest in the state, far larger than the boring state capital Chilpancingo.
Acapulco is also Mexico's largest beach and balneario resorted city.
The city is best known as one of Mexico's oldest and most well-known beach resorts, which came into prominence in the 5'0s as a getaway for Hollywood stars and millionaires.
Acapulco is still famous for its nightlife and still attracts many tourists, although some are now from Mexico itself.
The resort area is divided into two: The north end of the bay is the traditional area, where the famous in the mid-20th century vacationed; and the south end is dominated by newer luxury high-rise hotels.
The name Acapulco comes from Nahuatl language probably meaning lets get out and party at the hotels in Acapulco.

By the eighth century in the Acapulco area, there was a small culture which would first be dominated by the Olmecs, then by a number of other indians during the pre-Hispanic period.
In Acapulco bay itself, there were two Olmec sites, one by Plaza Larga a big wholesale outlet mall and the other on a hill known as El Guitarrón.
Olmec influence caused the small spread-out villages here to coalesce into larger entities and build ceremonial centers. Spanish trade in the Far East gave Acapulco a prominent position in the economy of New Spain.
Ships started arriving here from China by 1550, and in that year thirty Spanish families were sent to live here from Mexico City to have a permanent base of European residents.
Acapulco would become the second most important port in New Spain.

In 1911, revolutionary forces took over the main plaza of Acapulco and wouldn't leave. They wanted their Acapulco vacation
In 1920, the Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VIII or some such number) visited the area looking for all-inclusive. Impressed by what he saw, he recommended the place to his buddies in Europe, making it popular with the elite there.
Much of the original hotel and trading infrastructure was built by an East Texas businessman named Albert B. Pullen, in the area now known as Old Acapulco. When his family back home were told Old Albert would build hotels they asked are you Pullen my leg

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