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I love these cactus

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The Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific
Ocean as land ends.

whale in Cabo San Lucas,Baja,Los Cabos,hotel information,sportfishing,travel,vacations,Cabo,resorts,beaches,golf,whales,lodgings
The whale is in the same family as
the dolphin. Maybe you can see one
of these great creatures off the coast.
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Cabo San Lucas, where the sea, sun and desert join to cast an air of mystery and romance over all who visit.
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Cabo was once a tranquil fishing village and, in times long ago, a hangout for pirates looking for Cabo San Lucas lodgings.

Cabo is still small and charming by any standards, with a population of under 25,000. They do have 4 stop lights now. And most important great places to stay like Presidente all-inclusive resort or bungalows in Cabo San Lucas. And with the number of activities available to the visitor, you could easily imagine you are in a giant amusement park. Would you believe a medium sized amusement park? How about where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean and land ends. Lunar landscape and maybe a whale or two.

Cabo has been blessed with what many describe as the perfect climate. Average year-round temperature is 78 degrees, it is a little cooler in the winter and a bit warmer in the summer. For years Cabo was the remote playground reserved solely for private yacht owners. Cabo San Lucas is the undisputed billfish capital of the world. How would you like your photo next to a 200 lb billfish hanging from the scales? Take mine next to Salma Hayek.

Cabo can be, many different things to people. Cabo San Lucas has become know as the perfect vacation spot or the entire family.  Cabo can be as quiet, romantic and relaxing as any secret hideaway. It can be as lively as anyone can possibly imagine. If your wish is to enjoy a quiet candlelight dinner, "muy romantico", beside the shimmering sea for just the two of you, we have some of the most romantic dining spots on the face of the earth.  If golf, water sports, boating, fishing,  horseback riding and numerous other activities are what you seek, they're all here, waiting for you.If your thing is to party till dawn; Cabo has got it. Next day just sleep late in your Cabo San Lucas lodgings.

The sport fishing is unparalleled in the world. Marlin of the blue, black and striped variety. Sailfish, dorado (also known as mahi mahi the ugly fish), tuna, wahoo, roosterfish and endless varieties of bottom fish top fish and surf fish. Cabo is, by far, the world's very best all around location for sport fishing. Even if you are not a fisherman, you should try your hand at fishing while visiting Cabo. Landing your very first marlin is an experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. For more fishing information click here

Swimming, scuba diving, surfing, para-sailing, snorkeling, sea kayaking, water skiing,   glass bottom  boat cruises, wave runners, wind surfing, whale watching, you name it and it is available here. Scuba divers will not soon forget their dive at the world famous sand falls, located just past the even more famous natural rock arch at Land's End. More on swimming, just click here.

Los Cabos is home to five world class, championship golf courses, with another on the way. Three of these were designed by Jack Nicklaus, one by Robert Trent Jones II and one by Pete Dye. CancunSteve designed one too; a mini-putt with a coffee can on its side . How does someone design a golf-course I ask you? I can understand designing a mother board for a computer with it's zillions of transistors. Or designing a TV set. But a golf course? Maybe it goes something like this:
-hey Fred, get that little shovel out of your back pocket and dig a hole right here
-and Gomer, put some sand from your wheel barrel here
Cabo del Sol, a Nicklaus creation, which skirts the shore of the Sea of Cortez, has been called one of the five most beautiful courses in the world. Nearby San Jose del Cabo is the home of a delightful nine hole public course.Golf has quickly become a major attraction here. Where else can you catch a marlin in the morning, play eighteen holes and still be home by early afternoon? Or drink all night and get in by early dawn.

The area offers some great places to ride. Ride along the beach at sunset, go a little farther, up into the hills and view Cabo from an angle most people never get to see. Take your camera! Tours can be arranged for any number of riders. There are also jumping and dressage arenas for advanced riders. The surrounding desert offers unlimited riding possibilities. The desert and nearby mountains combine to offer great rides within a short distance of town. Organized tours are offered to El Faro Viejo, the old lighthouse on the Pacific, with its great sand dunes. Another great tour is the half day trip up to the mountain village of Candelaria, where it is rumored that some of the locals still practice witchcraft. You can also rent motorcycles and scooters. But don't let the locals put a spell on you.

Cabo has an abundance of shops selling all types of Mexican handicrafts, silver, and all kinds of beautiful ceramics. Tee shirts with some of the most outrageous designs available anywhere, wood carvings, Cuban cigars, unique objects made of pewter. People have been known to spend an entire vacation just cruising the shops. They lost their way back to the hotel at the third traffic light. So take it easy with that tequila.
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IF you saved your 3-D glasses from Spy Kids and wish to see Cabo in 3-D then click here.

Captain CancunSteve's fishing report for September 2013:
The most exciting time of year is upon us here in Cabo. There's a new stripper in town or was that striped bass.
The water is at its warmest like the kid's pool in the hotel, and along with the 85-degree water come the Blue Marlin. And with the Blue (and Black) Marlin come the largest fishing tournaments in the world! The docks are already humming with excitement.
All species are now present. Five to ten Billfish bites per day are common as are plenty of cold beer on the boat.
The waters are THICK with Striped Marlin. We have had some monster Blues on the good ship, including an approximately 400 lb fish taking 4 hours 50 minutes to land on light tackle!
Good thing no one had to take a leak!
We have landed three others over 300 lbs. We are fishing almost daily now
Join us!

Cabo San Lucas has always been one of Mexico’s favorite vacation and ex-pat destinations as it lies along the shores of the Sea of Cortez and Pacific, not far south of the U.S. state of California. So many look for vacations in Cabo. Here, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, including some of the world’s best golf courses (tee off) many PGA stars have been here, wide beaches, aquatic sports and of course its' fabulous local cuisine.
Tamales are also a local favorite and are typically prepared with chicken or pork that is mixed with a blend of olive oil, raisins and olives.
The local and international food options in Cabo have plenty to offer, even for the most sophisticated palates, including everything from scrumptious street foods to the finest gourmet cuisine. The indigenous people of the region already had a wide variety of tasty culinary traditions that mixed over the years with foods that were introduced by missionaries, who taught the people how to grow wheat, corn, olives and vineyards to create new dishes characterized by exciting flavor combinations. Today, the local cuisine relies heavily on the natural bounty that is pulled daily from the ocean. For example, Chocolata clams (not chocolate) are exquisitely flavorful shellfish that are cooked in a stone bed with regional herb known as romerito, while the now world famous fish tacos that originated in Cabo San Lucas are second to none. Fresh shrimp, lobster, abalone, stingray, crab and many varieties of fish round out the area’s robust seafood options and are typically prepared with locally grown spices, including chilies, garlic, onion, salt and pepper.

MORE FISH  The region around Cabo is one of the top sportfishing regions of the world. Poor Morris didn't know how to play the fish. But with the help of the mate and captain's handling of the boat Morris was soon battling his first marlin. The marlin pulled on the line then suddenly stopped. This is the time to crank the line suggested the mate. After about 30 minutes the marlin got close to the boat. Then was gone. Morris was fustrated yet happy as the fish was free. Soon he had another chance. The second marlin fought for only 10 minutes jumping out of the water several times. The captain and the mate brought the marlin up to the boat and hit it. Then the fish was bound and gaged to the back of the boat. You too can have your own fish bound and gaged to the back of the boat; ask the front desk. You may either rent a boat yourself or join a group; get up early. Get your fishing license; get on board. If you are prone to seasickness please don't sit next to me nor wear a white dress.
The captain will back up and go forward to help tire out the fish. Once you caught your marlin perhaps you'd like a photo of yourself with the fish to put in the den next to the one of your wife with your mother-in-law. The marlin is put up on the scales. Your photo taken for posterity. If you want to save your fish for mounting let your captain know otherwise the local kids will start cutting it up for supper. The hotel will be glad to prepare some for you for supper, or you may have it frozen to bring back home. The only problem with this latter option is in the event of long flight delays you may find fellow passengers giving you strange looks and moving away from the cardboard box holding your defrosting marlin.
There are of course captains who have a reputation for catching more fish than others. Those hotels Cabo San Lucas who know are listed here for your vacations in Cabo After you've made your reservation with us we'll tell you how to find out. Cabo is home to several sportfishing tournaments. The largest is the classic Billfish Tournament. The event lasts five days. A record catch of a 1,007 pound blue marlin was caught in December 1992. This fish was bigger than my Aunt Mildred who wore a wristwatch on her thumb.
Other small game fish abound including wahoo, bonito, amber jack, and tuna. Don't be fooled by the name small game fish as wahoo often exceed 60 pounds.
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SWIMMING  The currents on the Pacific side of the beach are very strong. Caution with small children. When the tides are low you can walk around the rocks and even go beneath the arch. For swimming and snorkeling the bay side is ideal. The Presidente is on the Sea of Cortez north of Cabo San Lucas near the golf course of San Jose del Cabo. Here the water is crystal clear and calm many hours of the day. Return to where you were in the text by clicking here.

THE TOWN The town's people come from a variety of backgrounds. Some English. Some arrived from Spain. Americans and Canadians have found a niche here as well. In the evenings the boys may be found in a game of chase which sometimes brings them out into the street. Careful driving around as you never know when a boy, girl, dog, or cow will dart out in front of you. The people are friendly and have more time for you than in big cities or the typical tourist spots.
In the nearby town of San Jose del Cabo on the main thoroughfare Paseo Mijares is great for a stroll. See old arches, colorful flowers, pastel painted cottages, and shops. Be sure to visit the old 18th century Jesuit Mission Mision Viejo.
Presidente location mapTo the left we see The Presidente about two blocks from the charming town of San Jose del Cabo on the hotel strip on the ocean. With the Posada Real to the south. Cabo San Lucas is another 15 minutes to the south.

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Located one mile from San Jose del Cabo is the resort .Right at the edge of Los Cabos Presidente Cabo. Of the two dozens hotels that form the hotel zone between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo on the Sea of Cortez, only
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The earliest residents of Cabo were the Pericu indians. These indians lived a simple life existing on the plentiful supply of fish and fruit that abounds here. They had no need for clothing so any selfies uploaded to Facebook would be most compromising.

These early dwelers caught their fish with crude spears that sometimes broke.
They were friendly folk, very relaxed, laid-back, prone to sloth. No cares in the world. They lived in Cabo San Lucas in their simple Cabo San Lucas lodgings.

These were healthy happy simple folk until the missionaries came bringing diseases, sickness, and laid a heavy trip on them.
Eventually the Pericu were wiped out.

Back in 1857 Englad and Spain were at war. What else is new. English pirates waited to attack rich Spanish ships in Cabo.

Spain sent Sebastian Viscaino out there to save the day.
But he partied away.

In the late 1850's the USA Geological Survey sent this guy there to measure the tides of the Cape.
But alas he also partied away.

So what are we waiting for?!

Today the town of Cabo San Lucas has thousands of residents.
All the amenities to make a full all-inclusive Cabo San Lucas vacation for you and me.
There are police (albeit not too bright), a mayor, a city hall, lawyers, dentists, drug stores, boutiques, dive shops, supermarkets, and bakeries.

The embarcadero (wharf) runs from the center of town to the old cannery. The marina provides docks for 300 yachts.
The shrimp boats are anchored at the old cannery pier so the sailers can go off to Shiela's place.

While in the town be sure to look for an ironwood sculpture. This exotic hardware makes a nice decoration.
Got one here in my office.
And remember to bargain.
And to toss some crackers at the fun-living pelicans in the harbor.

For snorkeling or swimming the bay side is ideal where the water is calm and clear (and cold)
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And wander out a bit from your Cabo San Lucas lodgings booked with us and you may see some whales out there.
But don't get too close.
Joe Howlett was no stranger to the risky job of rescuing ungrateful whales.
More than 15 years ago, the Canadian lobster fisherman co-founded the Campobello Whale Rescue Team, a brave group of fishermen who care so much about whales that they are willing to risk their lives to save them.
They forget fear is a sign of intelligence.
From their base on Campobello Island, just across the border from Maine, the group’s volunteer members would respond to dozens of reports of whales entangled in fishing gear off the coast of New Brunswick.
Although the giant marine animals could be unpredictable when trapped, for Howlett, setting a whale free was worth the painstaking, dangerous work, friends said.
Plus he felt one fine day he'd escape the horrid weather of Atlantic Canada and head on down to lovely Cabo and get lodgings in Cabo San Lucas.
Have a fine dinner and do the fun scene there.
This is something he loved and there’s no better feeling than getting a whale untangled, Mackie Greene, the captain of the whale rescue group said.
Getting it on could be better.
Or Cabo lodgings booked with CancunSteve.
However, tragedy struck Monday when Howlett was killed in an operation to free a trapped North Atlantic right whale off the coast of cold New Brunswick.
No detail how Howlett was killed was provided, Someone noted that there are serious risks involved with any disentanglement attempt and added he should have gone to preach in Nivea as ordered so no whale would have ate him.
May his bravery be always remembered.

whale watching:
Whale watching is the practice of observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat (the sea). Whale watching is mostly a recreational activity (as birdwatching or girlwatching), but it can also serve scientific purposes.
A study prepared for IFAW in 2009 estimated that 13 million people went whale watching globally in 2008.
And suggested the key message is be sure to keep your distance from these gentle giant creatures.
Remember they're bigger than you are. Unless you're like Aunt Mildred who wore her wristwatch on her thumb.
You can go out on an expensive tour on a boat, or just walk to the beach from your Cabo San Lucas lodgings.
That's what I did. Walked down the stairs from my Cabo lodgings and out onto the beach and out to see saw a whale blowing a burst of water from its' snout.
You can see sperm whales, so called due to the icky gooey stuff they leave in the water.
And there's humpback whales. The most famous of which leaped way out of the Atlantic and scaled the bell tower of Notre Dame in Paris, yelling sanctuary.
Some don't know whales are mammals NOT fish.
Just because they're big don't mean they can't be mammals. Look at Kate Smith. She was a mammal. And she was BIG.
And her dark counterpart the one and only great Bessie Smith, perhaps the greatest jazz singer of all time. Was she ever BIG.
Speaking of jazz, they got fine jazz spots near your Cabo San Lucas lodgings for that night out.
Whales are mammals as they give milk to their young.
And don't lay eggs like that Broadway flop Home Sweet Homer.
The all-inclusive lodgings we offer have nightly shows.
Minke whales are small and swim up to 24 miles an hour.
The gestation period for minke whales is 10 months.
The killer whale or orca is a toothed whale belonging to the Gambino family, of which it is the largest member. Killer whales have a diverse diet, like pasta, pravalone, and pizza.
The grey whale is prevalent here in Cabo.
Gray Whales are typically the second most commonly encountered whale species seen on Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours. Cabo San Lucas is the southern most wintering range of the Gray Whale. The Gray Whales arrive in the Cabo San Lucas area usually in late December. The Gray Whales encountered here are typically adults in small groups while mating groups, mothers and their calves are seen in bays and lagoons to the north of the Baja.
Blue Whales are the third most common Baleen Whale species encountered on our Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours. Blue Whales are infrequent visitors to the seas of Cabo San Lucas. One typically encounters Blue Whales as they are migrating between their feeding grounds in Alaska and their wintering area in Loreto to the north in the Sea of Cortez. While we do not get to meet the Blue Whales very often, the experience of seeing a Blue Whale here in Cabo San Lucas is a memory of a lifetime. The Blue Whales we see belong to the North Eastern Pacific population which is estimated at 1,200 Whales.
The blue whale is one of the largest animals ever to have existed on earth, even bigger than Aunt Mildred, and it feeds on one of the smallest. Using baleen plates (of up to 1 metre long), it filters massive swarms of krill, a tiny shrimp-like creature, from the water column.

If anyone claims they've seen the pink whale be sure they're having one tequila too many at the bar of their Cabo lodgings.

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