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Hotel Nacional is a truly modern style Hotel with a peacful atmosphere for your lodgings in Merida. Located in the heart of Merida, less than one block from the bus terminal.

To demonstrate the hotel Nacional is next to everything try this demonstration: You can move this image with your mouse (if your browser supports this) by putting your mouse over the image and holding the left button down and sliding the mouse (dragging the image)
let the fun begin.
Make your booking for Nacional in Merida right now.
Only 500 feet from the bus terminal your home in Merida Nacional Hotel Merida which forms a part of Excellent City hotels located in the center of the historic district.

I mean everything is right there!
On 67th and 62nd streets find Parque San Juan.
On 67th and 60th is the artesanias bazar.
Santa Lucia can be found on 55th and 60th if you want to get down and pray.
The Grand Plaza is on 63rd and 60th.

Surrounded by theaters, shopping, restaurants, must see churches, and other tourist attractions in Merida.

The front of Hotel Nacional of Merida shown at left.

Calle 61 #474 x 54 y 56 No. 474. Centro.

Situated in the city center, this hotel is close to Plaza Grande and Teatro Peon Contreras.

Nearby are cinemas, theaters , ancient churches, government institutions and businesses.

buying your hammock in Merida:
Firstly, check for triple woven hammocks where three threads are interwoven in a continuous, overlapping manner throughout the whole hammock body. This is stronger.
Then look at the weave of the hammock. Is it tightly woven? Threads that are loosely woven together will not give you a lot more support.
Ask about the material the hammock is made with.
Cotton is the most comfortable good people.
Avoid Nylon hammocks as they get uncomfortable in warmer weather.
If they claim that a hammock is made from ‘sisal’ , don't be too fast to believe this.
Hammocks are rarely made from this material anymore.
Merida is famous for its great quality hammocks. So buy it from here while you are in this area.
If you are buying a hammock from Merida and you’re not too keen on bargaining, check out Hamacas De Merida on Calle 65 as they sell their hammocks by weight at a fixed price.
There is also a prison in Merida which sells hammocks cheap.
Did you know that hammock weaving is a tradition that dates back over 4,000 years.
The skills needed to create a traditional handmade hammock have been passed down through the generations.
The basic design has hardly changed during that time. The weaving of Mexican hammocks is an integral part of Mayan culture.
You can use them on the beach and save money from renting a beach chair. The hammock becomes your lodgings Merida
You can also use them as ultra cheap accommodation. Sleep on your hammock outside under the stars with the sounds of the crashing waves lulling you to sleep.

Hotel Nacional Merida Yucatan Standard:
All rooms have air conditioning, cable TV and wireless internet.

yes free wireless internet! in a cheap hotel

Most standard rooms have two double beds and can accommodate up to four people.
Some rooms have a king. (Subject to availability).

These rooms are spacious, have air conditioning, allow up to four people and which have two double beds. The rate includes wireless internet and cable TV
Larger than the standard room allowing more space for you.

These are also called the executive rooms.
Los habitaciones:
Habitación de una cama king zize o dos matrimoniales, Escritorio, Closet, Teléfono. Baño privado, a/c., tv con Cable, Teléfono, Wifi gratis, Secadora de pelo.

Hotel Nacional Merida YucatanThe hotel also has a pool as shown to the left. Relax after a day at the archeological sites.

The hotel has a business center as well.

Bar and cafeteria.

Laundrymat if you need to wash something.

Another view of room below...

In this white city is the Hotel Nacional of Merida, for 35 years has been home to local and foreign tourists visiting the city for pleasure or business.

Attracted by the variety of attractions in the city, the comfort of the hotel, the quality of services and the friendly and cordial staff, which has made the hotel one of the best of its kind in the city.

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Hotel Nacional Merida Yucatan
This hotel has to be your best deal in Merida good people.

Prices in Pesos per night including tax as shown 2017 regular season
Superior or Executive
Single or double
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Extra person
Children under 12 free with parents. Prices include tax and fees. Courtesy room for groups. Ask. AmericanBreakfast $115 pesos per person
Buffet $130 pesos per person

Prices in Pesos per night including tax as shown 2017 high season
Superior or Executive
Single or double
promo win game below then just 670
Extra person
Children under 12 free with parents. Prices include tax and fees. Courtesy room for groups. Ask. Breakfast $85 pesos per person

Prices in Pesos per night including tax as shown 2018
regular seasons
Superior or Executive
Single or double
Extra person
Children under 12 free with parents. Prices include 19% tax. Courtesy room for groups. Ask. American Breakfast $120 pesos per person
Buffet breakfast $150

high season in 2018 Mar 24 - Apr 8th | July 15 - August 18 | Dec 18 18 - Jan 6 19 |

high season in 2015 who cares

Prices in Pesos per night including tax as shown 2018
high seasons
Superior or Executive
Single or double
Extra person
Children under 12 free with parents. Prices include tax. Courtesy room for groups. Ask. Breakfast $120 pesos per person American breakfast
$150 for buffet

Close by the hotel:
A few blocks from Plaza Grande in the market district, on Calle 56 between 65 and 65A, the Museo de la Ciudad (City Museum) the grand old post office building.
An exhibit outlining Mérida's history includes explanatory text in English.
Visiting hours are from Tuesday to Friday from 8AM to 8PM, Saturday and Sunday from 8AM to 2PM. No admission charge. Closed Mondays.
Next door to the cathedral is the old bishop's palace once a palace inhabited by an old bishop, now converted into the city's contemporary art museum, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo or MACAY.
The palace was confiscated throwing the old bishop into the gutter; and then rebuilt during the Mexican Revolution in 1915.

Near the Hotel Nacional is everything. Pay the lowest price here.
For a GREAT but cheap Merida vacation.
And while here discover the Mayan culture. Did you know they had 20 days in their week. Yes. Imix, cakemix, Kan, Can't, Chikchen, lamb, Lamat, wheresitat, Ok, Eb, Kawak, Kiwanis.
The ancient Maya were great visionaries as they consumed peyote. The present Merida is great vacationary. The Mayans dedicated thousands of years to the observations of cycles of time. When the golden-age leaders developed the calendars, they entered into the cosmic in communion to discover the truth of things. The Mayans understood everything is cyclic in nature. They studied the cycle of insects, fish, plants, humans, the earth, the solar system, cycles of the macro and micro cosmos, Universal cycles, and even moon cycles. They created 20 calendars. My favorite was one of the Starship Enterprise. The western world knows of only five. Today the living Maya are allowed to speak of 15 of these calendars. Five of these Calendars they do not speak of at this time. These are the Calendars of the cosmic ancestors.
What do you think are in those five secret calendars? If you win get the low prices above.

a ♦ There is an Islamic State leader who is not a pedephile
b ♦ Hilary Clinton tells the truth
c ♦ big sun storms reach the earth
d ♦ CancunSteve gives hundreds of dollars of discounts in addition to low prices and personal service with your Merida booking

Select your answer to win:

Lots of folks talk about the fact the Mayan calendar did not go past December 21st 2012. Some said it was because the world would end.

And now The Mayan Channel forecast. Thursday: cloudy, chance of showers, high 82 degrees. Friday: volcanoes, asteroid strikes, apocalypse.

Actually the truth is Pedro Chuc Pool Muc when engraving the calendar on stone ran out of space after December 21st.
But don't get down on Mayans for predicting the end of the world. The Jehovah Witnesses back in 1899 predicted the end of the world in the year 1900. Need we say more?
Some say a piece of the Mayan calendar was lost. Others say some religious cults try scare tactics to bring in more monetary donations to their houses of Bible study.

When Francisco Hernández de Córdoba first arrived in 1517 at Cabo Catoche, Yucatan , he asked the first Mayans he encountered “what do you call this place?” The Mayans were supposed to have responded with something that sounded like “Yucatan,” allegedly meaning I don't know what you're talking about“. Remember the Mayans did not speak Spanish at that time. And we did not yet offer lodgings in Merida.

more history:
Oppressive policies of inequality and prejudice were imposed on the native Mayans by the cruel Spanish colonial government. In November 1761, Jacinto Canek, a Mayan had enough. He led an armed uprising against the government, which was quickly put down. He could have won but at the point of victory the Mayans returned to their farms to harvest the corn.
Captured insurgents were taken to Mérida, where they were tried and tortured. As a warning to the population against rebellion, a town was burned and covered with salt.
This abortive rebellion was not of great importance to the colonial regime, but it marked the history of the peninsula and clearly delineated anti-colonial tensions in this region. The uprising was a precursor to the social upheaval that would explode soon, as the Caste War. The Canek rebellion is remembered today as a symbol of the racial and social conflict that predominated for centuries in the Spanish colonies and putting salt on the wounds.
cusine in the region:
The regional cuisine of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, which isknown as Yucatecan cuisine, is a unique mix of influences from Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean.
The influence of the old Maya, whose legacy can be felt in many aspects of life in the Yucatan, is especially prevalent in the food of the region.
Some of the dishes are unique to the Yucatan and difficult to find outside of the peninsula but right there next to the Hotel Nacional in downtown Merida.
(Still others, like ceviche, are popular throughout the entire Caribbean and Latin American region as well.)
Pavo (turkey), pollo (chicken) and pork are the main meat dishes, along with fish closer to the coasts, while seasonings like achiote -- a sweet, slightly peppery red sauce made from the seed of the tropical annatto plant— and sour orange (brought to Mexico by the Spanish) impart a distinctive flavor profile to many Yucatecan dishes.
Do try:
Ceviche is a dish consisting of raw fish marinated in citrus juice (such as lime or lemon) and served with chopped onion, chiles, cilantro and sometimes fruit.
Chilaquiles is a breakfast dish consisting of fried tortilla strips simmered in a red or green salsa and often toped with beans, eggs, cheese or meat.
Chiles Rellenos
Chiles rellenos is dish consisting of a green poblano chile stuffed with cheese, then battered and deep fried.
Pibil is a dish consisting of marinated meat wrapped in spices and banana leaves, then cooked in a barbecue pit. Cochinita Pibil, meanwhile, is made from a whole suckling pig.

The delicious platter shown above is not local cusine but is found in restaurants in downtown Merida close to the Nacional.

A few blocks from your Merida lodgings, the Hotel Nacional Merida find the Cathedral of San Ildefonso or Merida cathedral which got its name from when it was assigned to the head of the Archbishop of Toledo.
People said, thank God it wasn't assigned to Howdy Doody.
It is considered the oldest church in the Americas built on the mainland.
Its construction, made from the stones of the pyramids of the ancient Maya city of T’hó, began in 1561 when the Spanards looted the site, and the first stage was completed 37 years later, in 1598.
With siesta, fiesta, mañana it took long to complete.
But see it. As the cathedral is a wonder.
Vaulted ceilings dome shaped.
It is considered to be Renaissance, mannerist style; as well as Herrerian; no art deco here baby; (the building is similar to the architectural style of the known Spanish architect Juan de Herrera1); although the interior is noted by its Moorish style, as are the towers.
1 don't know about you but I never heard of him. Frank Lloyd Wright yes. But who's herring?
The façade contains the main door (Door of Forgiveness), which is only open on special dates (when they find the key), flanked by the sculptures of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (some ask where's Mary?.
On the sides are four columns which symbolize the four apostles charged with protecting and instilling the religion. Up above, in the center, used to be the Royal Spanish coat of arms of Felipe II carved in stone, replaced in 1822 by the Mexican post-colonial coat of arms as well as the eagle which was the symbol of the first and only emperor of Mexico, Agustín de Iturbide.
But there are still two stone blocks on either side of this coat of arms, pertaining to the Spanish kingdom. The machinery of the enormous clock was built in London in 1731, and gave the correct time until 1871.
Now best to set your watches by the time indicated on your mobile devices or the radio.
On the north wall of the church, where there are still various wooden crosses, is the entrance to a fresh-water spring, closed a long time ago, noticeable by its walled-in arch.
There used to be an official bell ringer, who had his own room, measuring approxiamtely 4.5 meters by 2.5 meters, with his hammock, a candle, and a small organ (we refer to a musical instrament).
His job was to climb up and ring the enormous bells a half hour before each mass. At that time there was a mass every hour, so the bell ringer had to have good running shoes, as well as a pair of good strong legs.
A bell ringer is no longer needed, as new technology allows this function to be carried out mechanically with electricity.
So if you should see the poor old bellringer outside begging alms be generous. Remember what Hemmingway once said for whom the bell tolls.
During the revolutionary period various altars and images were destroyed or disappeared, including the revered Christ of the Blisters and the altarpiece at the back. The Christ of the Blisters which is there today is a replica. Today there are no remaining pieces of great antiquity.
Between 1903 and 1905, during the henequén boom, the choir was built to protect the first of the Cathedral’s organs, which was manufactured in Germany. Unfortunately, the organ (the musical instrument) was destroyed during General Alvarado’s looting.
Alvarado served in the Mexican military during the Mexican Revolution and as a statesman.
He was a general of the Constitutionalist Army under the orders of Venustiano Carranza who told him oye disgraciado no robo nada de le pueblo!.
But Alvarado took things anyway and busted the organ (not his own mind you).

There is so much history to experience in Merida!
As a base, from Merida, visit power-paces like Labna, Chichen Itza, and other Mayan archeological zones a short drive from Hotel Nacional Merida.
The Mayans centuries before Gallileo knew the sun was the center of the universe, and in their observatory tracked the planet Venus to an accuracy within seconds each year.
speaking of history:
A revolt of the Mayans against the European-descended population occured around 1847.
The Spanish had long held political and economic control of the region. A lengthy war ensued between the Spanish forces in the north-west led by El General Esteban Enrique-Núñez-García Ramírez-Vasquez-Rodriguez-Hernandez-Cortés Martínez-Roberto Jones leading the charge against the independent Maya in the south-east.
Not far from where the Hotel Nacional Merida now proudly stands.
There was regular raiding between them.
And other games.
In Spanish colonial times, the Yucatán (like most of New Spain) population operated under a legal caste system: peninsulares (officials born in Spain) were at the top, the criollos of Spanish descent in the next level, followed by the mestizo population, then descendants of the natives who had collaborated with the Spanish conquest of Yucatán, and at the bottom were the other native indios.
So woe to them born a native.
Woe to them paying more and not staying in the Hotel Nacional Merida.
To bear the costs of the war against Texas (remember the Alamo), the Mexican government imposed a variety of taxes, including raising importation duties on many items. It even taxed the movement of local goods.
So when Maria Pun Putz sold some hand-made tortillas to her neighbor Carlos Puc Puc, it was taxible.
In response to this, a movement led by Santiago Imán created a rival government in Tizimín, which soon took over Valladolid, Espita, Izamal and, finally where the Hotel Nacional Merida stands.
To increase his strength, Imán ate spinach out of a can, appealed to the Maya population, providing them with arms for the first time since the Conquest.
Some of the arms were defective.
He promised that he would give them land free of tribute and exploitation but the land was arrid.
With their support, he prevailed in battle. In February 1840, he proclaimed Yucatan to be an independent republic.
But Antonio López de Santa Anna, as head of the Mexican government, did not accept this independence; no he did not like this one bit. He invaded Yucatán in 1842, establishing a blockade like the teachers of this century financed by Manual Lopez Obrador the Asinine of Mexico.
Land invasion followed, but the Mexican forces were frustrated in their attempts to take Mérida, and withdrew to Tampoco.
Santa Anna was not one of your brilliant generals. Being not too bright instead of lodging in comfortable Nacional Merida with WiFi he booked into a YMCA. No air conditioning. No hot water.

In 1847, Méndez learned that a large force of armed Maya with supplies had gathered near Hotel Nacional Merida, a property then owned by Jacinto Pat, the Maya batab (not bathtub) batab meansleader.
So if someone says Take me to your batab, don't take them to your bathroom.
Fearing revolt, Méndez arrested Manuel Antonio Ay, the principal Maya leader of Chichimilá, accused of planning a revolt, and executed him at the town square.
Searching for other insurgents, Méndez burned the town of Tepich and repressed its residents.
In the following months, several Maya towns were sacked and many people arbitrarily killed.
Cecilio Ti Chi, the Maya leader of Tepich, with Jacinto Pat attacked Tepich on 30 July 1847.
In reaction to the indiscriminate massacre of Maya that had taken place, Chi ordered that all the non-Maya population be killed.
By spring of 1848, the Maya forces had taken over most of the Yucatán, with the exception of the walled cities of Campeche and Mérida and the south-west coast.

Mayan troops held the road from Mérida to the port of Sisal. The governor Miguel Bachagaloo had prepared a decree for the evacuation of Mérida, but was apparently delayed in publishing it by the lack of suitable paper in the besieged capital.
The decree became unnecessary when the republican troops suddenly broke the siege and took the offensive with major advances.
The Maya troops, not realizing the unique strategic advantage of their siege situation, had left the lines to plant their crops, planning to return after planting.
It is said that the appearance of flying ants swarming after heavy rains was the traditional signal for the Maya to start planting.

Also it it said they look for any excuse to abandon the task at hand.
Don't you abandon the task and book Nacional Merida right now. book Hotel Nacional now.

Hotel Nacional Merida is your perfect base to explore the lovely city of Merida and wonder at the Mayan archeological sites nearby.
Yes there is a cheaper hotel next to the bus terminal's toilets but remember we pay for our bargains.
Cheap Rose Kleper opted for this dive and found the mint on the pillow starts moving when you come close to it.
The pictures are not placed for decoration but to cover up recent bullet holes.
You have to wait until the guy next door is done with the towel so you can use it.
There's a chalk outline in the bed when you pull back the covers.
The Only TV station you can get is a porno channel with roseanne on it.
The wake up call comes courtesy of police helicopter

Book Hotel Nacional Merida with us for your lodgings in Merida. It is next to principal tourist sites of interest. As Hotel Nacional is in the heart of the historic center.
Find theaters, old churches, and shops of every flavor.
  • ♣ 63 modernas, bellas y cómodas habitaciones de clase empresarial modern lovely rooms business class; desk, closet, air conditioner, phone, private bath with amenities, WiFi, hair dryer
  • ♣ TV cable
  • ♣ Secadora de pelo
  • ♣ Gimnasio gym
  • ♣ Servicio telefónico, fax e Internet inalámbrico
  • ♣ Centro de negocios
  • ♣ Sala de juntas halls for your event
  • ♣ Bar

  • ♣ Cafetería -room service
  • ♣Cajas de seguridad safety deposit boxes in room
  • ♣ Tarifas especiales para empresas y grupos group rates
  • ♣ Lavandería
  • ♣ Tienda de artesanías (próximamente)
  • ♣ Estacionamiento para autos y autobuses parking


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