At the beginning of the 19th Century, Merida earned the title of Paris of the New World because the facades of the some mansions are made of marble and decorated with fine antique furnishings, furthermore a European flavor impregnates the residential zone of the city.
Sites of interest CancunSteve recommends:
  • Casa Montejo (1549)
  • Museo de Arqueologia e Historia
  • Plaza de la Independencia
  • Casa San Juan B&B
  • The Cathedral (1598)
  • la Ermita de Santa Isabel (1748) surrounded by a beautiful botanical garden with Mayan sculptures
  • Palacio de Govierno decorated with murales by the painter Pacheco
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Here the Bohemian life is embellished by improvised poetry, guitars and serenades, with lovers being privileged to hear true trova yucateca. The Golden Age of trova produced artists such as Ricardo Palmerin and Guty Cardenas, whose ballads in praise of feminine charms have secured their status in the anthology of Mexican popular music.
Music in Merida is indispensable to daily life.
The Academic Chamber Orchestra of Merida performs regularly in Merida's Olimpo Cultural Center, a stunning facility next to the Municipal Building.

One of these women brought the wrong pillow-case. Which?

It can take nearly one kilometer of yarn and two weeks work to make some hammocks.
When in Merida take some time to shop for a hammock. They come in all sizes and colors. And of course embroidered fabrics which are embroidered with flowers; birds; lips.

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