You'll love visiting La Isla. Attractive canals with bridges adorn the surroundings where you may even find an interactive aquarium for the youngsters. Here near your Cancun hotel booked through CancunSteve they can swim and interact with the dolphins. No need to travel far away to Timbuktoo or down the coast by mule-train or camel caravans. Just walk across the street or take the local bus a few stops.
The poor little fish has lost his way. Help him find his way back to the aquarium and the two cute girls and dolphin. All you have to do is click once on the pink fish and he'll know how to get back home. Don't click a second time or he'll get frightened and swim away.

Also at La Isla you may find air conditioned cinemas with films in English. A Mayan maze game. Great bars and restaurants for every taste and budget. Trendy boutiques for sport clothes. Beautiful arts and crafts of the highest caliber. Even a Warner Bros. store with Sylvester the cat night shirts.

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