Restaurant Bogart's Hotel Krystal Cancun
Outside the restaurant
Bogarts at the Hotel Krystal. For your most unforgetable dinner in Cancun or anywhere . A bronze statue of Humphrey and Ingrid greet you in front of this one of a kind restaurant. International and Mediterranean fare.
Play it again, Sam! In the heart of the hotel zone of Cancun in Punta Cancun on the side of the Hotel Krystal at km 9 Zona Hotelera.
A MUST for your Cancun vacation.
Your romantic evening begins as soon as you enter and pass by the pools of water and fountains and hear the tuxedoed paino player playing tunes while sitting at the white baby grand piano as in the classic film Cassablanca.

IF you pass your mouse over the photo of the piano player shown at the right you can hear a sample of the music. Then click on the image for an important message.

Restaurant Bogart's Hotel Krystal Cancun preparing a flambee dish

Is this Bogart's waiter preparing a cafe flambee (cafe flameado en Espaņol) or a crepes Suzette? Make your reservation at Bogarts tonight and find out by
calling 8 48 98 00 ext 767.
But be sure to reserve your hotel with CancunSteve first so you can benefit from our special discount.
And be sure to bring your camera to this special place for special people.
Try the Ali Baba Burgundy snails prepared with butter, shallots, walnuts, and mushrooms. Or perhaps begin with a Cesar salad. Then journey on to the Casablanca Supreme for an extravagant combination of chicken and lobster. This is CacunSteve's favorite. And for a flambee desert try the Bananas Singapore. Flambed with kahlua and banana liqueur and coffee.

Restaurant Bogart's Hotel Krystal Cancunm food arriving
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