Hotel Imperial Las Perlas Cancun not far from Punta Cancun .
No matter where you look the view is breathtaking.

On the ground on the beach transparent turquoise waters and sugar white sand. Antytime you click on the green button with the arrow you see the view from the top.

Click once on the photo then use the arrow keys to move the magic ball higher and higher to the upper floors of the building. Move the ball left; right; up; down as you wish.As the ball goes up so high it dissapears.use button with square to make ball dissapear;use button with circle and ball appears again. Use the arrow pointing left for the amazing VIEW below.
Great views from your terrace of Isla Mujeres and the turquoise Caribbean.

Reserve with CancunSteve at the Imperial Las Perlas.

The higher you are the better the view.

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Snorkeling scenes near hotel in 3-D (if you have red-blue glasses)
View of Punta Cancun from upper floors
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