be a king get the dental work done in Mexico save on dental careYou can in effect vacation for free by having the cost of a holiday paid for by savings on your costly dental work.

The cost of a crown in the USA runs from $600 USD and up for a metal crown, while I just paid 1,700 pesos here in Cancun for mine.
At present exchange rates that's equivalent to less than $90 USD.
Now if you require two crowns, you can see having them done here can easily pay off many hotel stays for two weeks in major hotels.
Thus amortizing the cost of Cancun lodgings.

Imagine even more costly dental work.
Like restoration.

Yes have your dental work done here a live like a king.

With your booking with us I shall supply you with the name of my dentist who I have been using now for over 20 years if you indicate DENTAL on your reservation form. He's a good if not better than dentists I had in New York or in Montreal in the past.


If the mere thought of a dentist makes your teeth ache, you are not alone think of me.

Some experts estimate that as many as four in every five adults fear dental treatment to some degree and especially the bill, and only 20 percent of us see the dentist twice a year as we know we should.

Yet thereís reason beyond white teeth and a glistening smile to keep up with your dental care that may suprise you.

Studies at the leading universities and other research centers have shown that taking care of your teeth may save your life. How? The bacteria in dental plaque and unhealthy gums can cause platelets (tiny clot-triggering cells) in the blood to clump. Clumping leads to clotting, and if a clot ends up in the heart or brain, the result is a heart attack or stroke.

be a king get the dental work done in Mexico

Medical travelers who seek dental care outside their national borders have a single thought in mind: money. (and perhaps a sexual encounter)

In the US, UK, and many European countries, dental care is expensive, especially if extensive reconstructive or cosmetic work is required. In the US, only the most basic dental care is covered by health insurance plans so perhaps those crowns are not, which is why more than 150 million Americans are without dental coverage, despite the many pitiful reforms to the limited US healthcare system.

As we age, our flesh outlives our poor teeth, often calling for extensive reconstructive or restorative procedures costing tens of thousands of dollars.
Thus, savings is a real factor for a global population.
The traveling dental patient need not sacrifice quality to save money.
Highly competent dentists who attended respected schools of dentistry and are certified by boards in Western countries often work "just across the border," providing excellent services for a fraction of the cost. For people who can easily cross a national boundary, the choice is a no-brainer.
Dentistry also attracts what might be termed the smart traveler.

Patients who take a vacation in a dental destination country may find that they can work some affordable dental care into their holiday plans.
Business or vacation travelers whose work or play takes them to Mexico may arrange for dental care while on a tripósaving on both oral treatment and travel costs.

fine dining in Cancun

Consider this: with the money saved on dental work you can have your own private table in this secluded restaurant room in just one of the Cancun hotels we offer enjoying a lobster dinner with fine wine and have money left over.

Dental patients who live close to an international border or airport form the majority of dental health travelers.

US citizens can easily cross the border into Mexico, a two hour flight can save them thousands of dollars in dental costs. Save on dental care.

Donít assume that one dentist is as good as another.

Although professional societies and accrediting agencies set standards, compliance varies widely. Seek out evaluations from previous patients like me, and donít forget to ask for proof of competence before you make an appointment. You are paying the bill. You have a right to know everything there is to know about your dentistís training and experience.

live like a king get the dental work done in Mexico Yes, with your booking my Cancun dentist's name, address, and phone number provided.

Combining dental work with your vacation is also viable in other areas of Mexico as well.

Just put the word DENTAL in the comments box of your reservation requests. For reservation requests outside of Cancun I am providing names of dentists given to me by acquaintances.

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