The show at Gran Caribe Real
The Golf for adults and kids nearby.
You can stay up late and do the show to the left or get up at 5AM to get ready to tee-off at 6:30AM and shoot 18 holes on the course right on the beach.
Guess where CancunSteve will be? Hint. I don't own a golf club, folks.
Speaking of clubs these are mandatory. After all how do you intend to hit the ball? Can't kick it. Each player will be provided free use of his own clubs.

Golf shoes are necessary. Joel Gondelman e wears a size 13 EEE or thereabouts. Golf carts are not mandatory.
First tee-off is 6:30AM.   Conditions continue below.


golf ball lost somewhere in Cancun
While golfing stow the kids in the extensive and free kids club.
If you bring juniors of any age to the golf course they will enjoy golfing next to the ocean. Juniors cannot golf without being accompanied by an adult.
This is golf in Cancun!
Look at the faces of the kids below. Do they look like they want to go golfing?
kids club

Golf vouchers are not required. Golf is for the golfer in you.

Registered guests at the Gran Caribe Real will be entitled to play as much golf each day as they desire as long as green fees paid.
teeing off at  Golf course near the Gran Caribe Real
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Who's made for golf? Who is the golf type? Fat guys like Craig Stadler? Skinny guys like Tiger Woods? Intense guys like Jack Nicklaus? Laid-back types like Lee Trevino? We don't know. But if it's you this we do know. Book the Gran Caribe Real with us now.
This is a designer golf course. CancunSteve designed one too; a mini-putt with a coffee can on its side . How does someone design a golf-course I ask you? I can understand designing a mother board for a computer with it's zillions of transistors. Or designing a computer program. But a golf course? Maybe it goes something like this:
-hey Fred, get that little shovel out of your back pocket and dig a hole right here
-and Gomer, put some sand from your wheel barrel here

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