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To give you a better idea, the Hotel Zone in Cancun is about 20 kilometers long from the town to the tip. The airport is about 5 kilometers from the Hotel Zone tip. The Ambiance Villas is 6.5 kilometers from the town. The Cancun Plaza hotel is 19 kilometers from town. Temptation Resort and Spa is only 2.5 kilometers from the town.

Driving time or bus time varies depending on the time of day and traffic. All hotels above are ocean-front.

La Boom disco across from Temptation Resort and Spa
Plaza Nautilius across from Ambiance Villas
Carlos & Charlie's close to Aquamarina Beach
Senior Frogs Bulldog Cafe CocoBongo at door of Krystal
Plaza Caracol across from Salvia
Senior Frogs across from GIRASOL
Party Center across from SALVIA and Forum by the Sea next door
Planet Hollywood and Plaza Flamingo across from BACCARA
La Isla one block from BACCARA
La Isla across from Avalon Grand
Senior Frogs near Gran Caribe Real
Plaza Kukulcan across from VILLAS MARLIN
Pok ta Pok golf across from Dos Playas Cancun
Plaza Caracol up the road from Hotel Krystal
Del Rey ruins across from CANCUN PLAZA
Wet and Wild park near Cancun Palace

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