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Wall humor
February 11, 2019

An engineer, who works at building consulting firm Apollo and teaches at University of Houston, notes the wall would run up against a variety of problems, including landowner challenges, potential ecological damage, and higher flash-flooding risks.
Believes the final bill would end up being closer to $50 billion.
constant maintenance requirements and unexpected glitches would obliterate original cost estimates.
One can purchase a 32 foot extension ladder and weld a cheap custom saddle for the top of the proposed wall so that I can get over it

Next generation drones can carry someone over it.

A resident near the Texas border said while pulling up his overalls, “He may be targeting Bentsen State Park, if the state of Texas allows him to.
The state of Texas is the landowner there, or if any private landowners agree to sign over their land, and that is done before the construction is set to begin,” Nicol said.
“But places like the butterfly center, the court has not granted the federal government possession, they can’t legally do anything there.
They can’t legally bulldoze land and build stuff on property that they don’t own anymore than I could go and bulldoze my next door neighbor’s house.

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June 30, 2018
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Message in a bottle from 1886 found recently in Australia
March 6, 2018
The world's oldest message in a bottle was discovered on a remote Western Australian beach.
While walking across the dunes Rollie saw something sticking out of the sand. A bottle.
The note inside was damp, rolled tightly and wrapped with string. We took it home and dried it out, and when we opened it we saw it was a printed form, in German.
The message read: "This bottle was thrown overboard on June 12, 1886 at latitude 32° 49' South and longitude 105° 25' from Greenwich East. Tell Molly to feed the cats and next time book me an all-inclusive package with CancunSteve here:
Hotel NYX Cancun."

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Participate in a brief survey
February 16, 2018
Take a two minute survey.
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No old hag can't travel for free
January 29, 2018
A 66 year old woman tried to fly for FREE.
This hag whose efforts to sneak onto airplanes have earned her the title serial stowaway was arrested early Sunday after Chicago police found her at O'Hare International Airport.
This old hag had been arrested at O’Hare just days earlier after sneaking onto a flight to London.
On Jan. 14, she made it through TSA security without a passport or boarding pass and somehow managed to board the London-bound flight.

British Customs officials detained her at Heathrow Airport on Jan. 15, and returned her to O'Hare on Jan. 18. Police arrested her upon her return.
The old hag left jail on Thursday after a judge reduced her bond feeling sorry for the hag.
Police arrested the old hag again in Florida. She is on probation and ordered to stay clear of airports.
So if you should see an old hag around your boarding gate without a boarding pass in her hand, give her a shove toward the authorities.

Wedding on the border
December 24, 2017
The ceremony was so nice that even one of the serious-faced U.S. border guards smiled as they held a gate open while an American groom and his Mexican bride took their wedding vows last month.
On the Tijuana side of the wall: Evelia Reyes and her young daughter, each with white gowns but no visas.
On the California side: a beaming Brian Zachary Houston, who earlier this year had been caught smuggling 133 pounds of meth, cocaine and heroin across this very same section of the border, and was out on bail.
When asked What's black on the outside and white on the inside? Brian replied Whitney Houston's nose!

Pan Am airlines dominates the skies
September 25, 2017
In August 1936, Americans retreated from the summer heat into movie theaters to watch China Clipper, the newest action-adventure from Warner Brothers.
As the Clipper makes its maiden flight, the flying boat (not like our adult-only cruise Desire Cruise) goes off into the waters off San Francisco before soaring in the air (like Superman) and passing over a half-constructed Golden Gate Bridge. As it crosses the Pacific, cutting through the clouds and a typhoon, a team of radiomen follow its course on the ground, relaying updated weather information.
The plane arrives in Macao to a harbor packed with cheering spectators and beaming government officials.
Pan Am became the first commercial airline to fly across the Pacific in 1935!
The film providing a psychological boost to the airline.
Pan Am made it possible for Americans to cross oceans in days rather than weeks. Passengers dined on four-course meals.
Back in 1927 people gathered at Roosevelt Field on Long Island, watching through the early morning drizzle as Charles Lindbergh piloted the Spirit of St. Louis into the air and toward Paris.
Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, and Whitney all invested in his airline at the time.

Pan Am won two contracts. A Foreign Mail Route spanning seven countries, swinging 2,074 miles from Miami to Panama. Another Foreign Mail Route went from Florida to Cuba, over to Haiti and the Dominican Republic and on to Trinidad for a total of 1,930 miles. Even though most in the Dominican were illiterate and could not write any letters. Pan Am received $2 a mile to transport 800 pounds of mail twice a week, making the contracts worth $2.5 million a year. The contracts shored up the finances of the new airline, which would henceforth be called Pan American Airways.

The mail routes provided the foundation for Pan Am’s push into the Caribbean and Central America. Over the next few years one can see the build up of Pan Am’s routes in the region, along with South America, systematically acquiring local airlines or cutting deals with the ones who wouldn’t sell or intimidating them in order to ensure Pan Am’s supremacy. The expansion was aided by Wall Street, which was keen to invest in the region, and businessmen, who didn’t mind paying more to spend less time traveling between home and Latin and South American capitals.
PAn AM was skilled lobbyist who secured government favors for Pan Am by branding it as an agent of the national interest (pure bull) with corrupt government officials.
The maiden flight of the American Clipper, complete with paying passengers, departed Miami on November 19, 1931 bound for Cristobal, Panama. Lindbergh was once again at the controls. While en route to the first stop in Cuba, passengers dined on the very first hot meal prepared in an airplane sailing over water. The food was awful.
The China Clipper was manned by a crew of a six, who received support from 42 men on the ground who played six card stud, and kibitzed.
If passengers needed help entertaining themselves, magazines, cards, and games were available.
In a little more than a decade, PAN AM had built the largest airline in the world, employing 5,000 people supporting 126 planes flying 54,072 route miles. Pan Am was also mired in debt. It struggled to turn a profit in the Pacific while making large capital investments to launch the Atlantic routes. Newspaper headlines and record-setting flights didn’t translate to healthy balance sheets.
These were the days before airlines nickled and dimed you for carry-ons. Your bag being 2 inches too wide.
Surcharges for blue bags. And the like.
Pan Am maintained control of its routes thanks to a corrupt Congress.
In October 1958, Pan Am began transatlantic jet service between New York and Paris. The Boeing 707 carried 141 first and economy class passengers and logged a cruising speed of 607 miles per hour. It traveled almost four times as fast the Clipper and carried six times as many passengers.

Holiday travel
September 20, 2017
Who wants to hear.
To grandmother's house we go.
No sir!

They wanna all hear.

Off to Cancun we go.

If the kids are making too much noise and carrying on at the airport...

Play this game.
Who can go the longest without talking? Winner gets to go to a water park !
All Ritmo Resort and Water Park.

August 28, 2017
Airlines have flight delays.
Check out the zombie to the left.
How long has he been waiting?

Did you know at CancunSteve can arrange to have your bags checked after check-out time so you continue to vacation.

No need to hang out hours, weeks, months in the airport like our friend to the left.

Cancun's open 24 hours a day to enjoy.
Do a mall

Or the pool.

Surf the net in the lobby bar.

points to maximize family travel
August 24, 2017
Airlines have program that allows you to ticket an award from your account for travel by a family member, although they prohibit the sale or trade of awards.
There’s no requirement that the account holder travel with the award recipient.
So you can send mother-in-law off to Timbuktoo with your points and no need to go with her too.
Nevertheless, some often overlook this possibility (while annoyed at the high price that airlines charge to transfer miles between accounts.
In fact, I suspect that airlines make a healthy profit from those who pay to transfer miles to family members rather than just redeem their miles for an award in someone else’s name.
The vast majority of airline programs only allow their points and miles to be transferred for a price, but there are some that do allow some sort of sharing or pooling of miles. This is a huge advantage when family members need to combine miles to book an award flight.

Did you know at CancunSteve your frequent renters points which may be exchanged for FREE HOTEL nights or airport transfers never ever expire.

Unlike the airline points which have expiry dates.

British Airways offers an Executive Club Household Account which allows members to pool miles between up to seven people living at the same address.
Any adult member of the household can then redeem miles. This program also allows members to redeem awards for up to five others not living in the same household.

Japan Air Lines allows members to share miles between up to nine relatives at different households for a one time fee of $30 USD.

JetBlue launched a family pooling program, which allows up to 2 adults and 5 children to essentially share a single account.

Other airlines with sharing and pooling programs are Asiana, Hawaiian, Qantas, and a few others.

Manners when we travel
June 30, 2017
Being in a place we have never been makes us feel loose and comfortable. While this is totally cool, there are things to remember.
At an early age, our parents have been bugging us with lessons on manners.
Give me a break.
Sometimes, it just does not make sense, because obviously you have to be courteous and mindful of other people even if they suck.

Someone's little spoiled brat is being noisy in a plane. Do you stay quiet and endure?

No speak up but with respect and some restraint.

Don't suggest opening the emergency door and throwing the kid out. The rapid change in pressure can hurt all aboard.

Keep the size of your bag in mind if you are going to use public transport.
As much as possible, bring smaller bags when you go out to town so that you would not hit passengers on the bus or the train.
While sitting down, put your bag in between your feet and not on the seat beside you, unless a smelly, ugly, old fossil is about to sit next to you.
Hold down the bag when you are walking so that it does not sway as much, especially on busy streets.

app available
June 22, 2017

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place your bets
February 20, 2017
Some reasons we feel Trump will be removed from office.
He has repeatedly disoboyed court orders. This could ignite a war between the executive and judiciary; a full blown constitutional crisis.
Trump who has shown himself to be impulsive acting like a sovergn in the middle ages forgets he is president in a country with courts and laws.
He may get away with that act in a banana republic today but not the USA.
Disregard of court orders can trigger impeachment proceedings.
Some presidents of the past have been impeached or forced to resign for less.
Trump is in violation of the Logan Act of the US Consitution. This dictates imprisionment for unorthorized negotions with foreign governments. Remember the thing with Trump demanding Mexico to pay the wall or no Free Trade agreement.
Never had that mandate.
Congress passed a number of bills in order to implement NAFTA, under the U.S. Constitution.
The free-trade thing is a congressional-executive agreement approved by a majority vote of each house of Congress.
In the past when a president withdrew from a treaty by executive decree the president’s authority was challenged in a lawsuit. Constitutional law is a field by itself.
Courts can decide one way or another.
But the impulsive Trump never consulted with congress on this threat to the Mexican government.
And according to the Chicago Tribune:
GM might be able to challenge any Trump tariff in court and win if Trump tries to levy a border-tax on GM vehicles built in Mexico. Donald Trump asked Russian hackers to spy on Hillary Clinton.
Graft and conflicts of interests. Guess where foreign diplomats stay when here? The Trump hotel. This is a violation of the emolumentos clause of the constitution baby.
Chances are Trump will continue to dump on the consitution and that congress at one point will be presured to react.
You know in Las Vegas one can gamble on sporting events. Black-jack. Roulette.
Now anyone can place their bet on when Trump will be impeached or forced to resign.
Place your bets.
Speaking of placing bets, did you know Cancun has casinos. And we provide discounts. Tips. Inside information for those whom book with us.
adult only all-inclusive Hyatt Zilara Cancun.

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never groped by Trump
October 14, 2016
This woman claims Trump never groped her.
So he's not all bad.
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vacation free
September 29, 2016
By having costly dental work done here in Cancun or elsewhere in Mexico the savings more than pays for your trip.
So in effect you travel for free!
Read all about it

no more lies
June 14, 2016
She says it ain't safe here
see how safe it is or isn't in Mexico
♦ no nonesense
♣ just take the above quiz and see for yourself
the Good Book says The truth will set you free

In an interview, Hillary Clinton stated that she “came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt”.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has said they will go carbon neutral.
The Facts: Months after that pledge there have been no records that show Clinton moving to live up to this pledge, all the while she continues to fly around in private jets.

something real and a deal

Clinton purports to be a defender of women, yet her foundation has taken money from countries that commit human rights abuses against women.
Donations from Saudi Arabia were especially troubling, since Clinton claims to be a champion of women yet Saudi Arabia bans women from driving or interacting with men to whom they are not related.
The Clinton Foundation has revealed that the so-called charity is truly a quagmire of Clintonian corruption and sleaze through quid pro quo deals for the Clintons and their cronies to enrich themselves.
When Hillary Clinton was sworn in as secretary of state, she was required to sign a document stating she would keep the State Department independent from the Clinton Foundation. She was also required to disclose the Clinton Foundation's donors. Needless to say, Clinton did not follow this agreement.
ExxonMobil, the global oil and energy company based in Texas, gave the foundations between $1 million and $5 million. The company lobbied the Department of State for issues involving hydraulic fracturing, popularly known as fracking, oil sands and other provisions.

no nonesense just information
May 31, 2016
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Big investment comes to Mexico
May 4, 2016

Auto Industry Giants Invest another $2 Billion in Mexico

They're not the only ones.
Over the last three years, Mexico has attracted more than $23 billion in new investment dollars from global car and car parts companies, reported the Toronto Star, and the nation’s total production is expected to hit upwards of 56 percent by 2020.

Also great for culture. Come find out.

Travel deals.
Exotic places in Mexico.

Some may laugh at some past Mexican presidents but consider the present US Republican candidate
March 19, 2016

Trump is being sold on his business acumen.

Give me a break.
I don't need to tell you about those real estate failures. Anyone who doesn't live in a cave knows them.

Ever try Trump vodka? No one else ever did ever. Trump said it would become the number one drink in the USA. That company went out of business.

As did Trump airlines.
Debt forced Trump to default on his loans, and ownership of the airline was turned over to creditors.

Now this inept Republican claims he can be President of the USA?
And build walls?

And Trump mortgage which shut down after just a year!

Someone wanted to write a Trump biography but every page went back to Chapter 11

In effect it is like Trump is saying so look I declared bankruptcy a few times. Let me try my hand with running the USA.

Trump complains that China takes US jobs. Then why in his signature collection is a small ticket saying made in China

How do you define hypocrisy?
How do you define ineptitude?

Build some walls baby!

here's the real thing and we have it on promocion at 55% off for a limited time.

Don't wait. Let's book a date.

Trump argued that the government can save hundreds of billions of dollars in waste because the pharmaceutical companies are not mandated to bid properly in Medicare's behalf.
Medicare only spends $78 billion a year on drugs indicated Fox news' anchor Chris Wallace.

Early booking discounts and they're deap
October 9, 2015
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March 6, 2015
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You arrive at your hotel but there's a line-up at the front desk.
And you're number 748 in line.
And the lady behind you has a child who's screaming bloody murder.
By the time you get to check-in your vacation will be over.

But believe me it doesn't have to be that way.


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Making your booking easy
June 14, 2014
You want to communicate with such-and-such website and get these annoying captchas.

With us book beachfront from $44 per person per night all-inclusive here.
Imperial Perlas Cancun.

No one cares for captchas so we don't use them on any of our booking forms. We make it cheap and easy and fun.

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Air travel with young children
May 13, 2014
You have a full day of travel with two changeovers.

You have a two month old and three year old in tow.
What to do.
Want our advice.
we understand we supply all the information for you.

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Things we don't like and things we do
April 13, 2014
You can't wait to get down here!
I can understand that.

No one likes it when the airline has a delay.
Or looses our bags.
With your booking with us not only do we supply hundreds of dollars of discounts in Mexico but also the names of those airlines with the most consumer complaints and lost bags.
our members we supply the user name and password for you.

But worse than delays is when the government lies to you like telling you it's dangerous here when it ain't. Or for those that remember them, those conclusions of the Warren Commission.
Win an easy discount with your hotel rental with this fun game determining just where Chief Justice Warren came from. Tell me who believes it was self-inflicted wounds.
Don't know about you but I always had a problem about how that commission operated.

Yes you may link to this blog
March 22, 2014
You may feel free to link directly to this blog.
Use the code below.

<a href="">CancunSteve THE news about Cancun</a>

Select the above code then paste on your own page and voila!
Be sure to select it all with a pass of your mouse. Include all the brackets '<' too.

Not all hotels reviews are favorable we publish them all
January 27, 2014
You may have heard about reviews on websites where
everything is so nice and good.
Any child knows life's not like that.
Here's a review for CopaCabana in Playa del Carmen a hotel this guest didn't like in case you need to know.

Maestros and educational reform
October 10, 2013
You may have heard about innocent people suffering while ignorant teachers block public highways.
People in Mexico City who need to work but have to walk to work taking up to several hours as main streets are blocked.
So what's the story behind the educational reform and the maestro's reactions.
Find out with the link below.
Learn Maestros demonstrate against reform.

if you had three wishes or fishes
August 23, 2013
If you had three wishes this would be 2 of them.
Vacation at Gran Caribe Real in the heart of the hotel zone of Cancun with over 9 restaurants included in your package. Shows every night.
Business center with internet access.
Kids club with qualified certified kidergarten teachers with arts crafts mini golf. And no green fees.
See Gran Caribe now. And your third wish will be to book with CancunSteve at our favorable rates. Especially when with your 5 night rental we provide ONE FREE AIRPORT TRANSFER

And let's say you're on a budget as you need the cash to rent a fishing boat:
Gray triggerfish and greater amberjack will open for recreational harvest in Gulf of Mexico state and federal waters Aug 1
The commercial harvest of gray triggerfish will also reopen Aug 1 in Gulf state and federal waters
The gray triggerfish season closed on June 10 this year, when new management measures went into effect.
The recreational bag limit will be two fish per person, per day, and the commercial limit will be 12 fish per trip
Anyone fishing out of the window of open dates or catching extra fish may be subject to a stiff bribe.
So let's say your a fisherman and need to save money on a room. I have a bed and breakfast studio in Cancun's hotel zone at just $36USD a night including tax and breakfast.
As the unit has cooking facilities cook the fish there
Imperial Laguna Cancun
Male triggerfish coax females to nesting areas, then get them drunk, tell them how nice they look, seduce them, then in the hot nesting area they all care for and guard their eggs after spawning.

Beware of who you book with!
August 16, 2013

Students recently at a New Jersey high school French club lost thousands of dollars when the travel agency they used to arrange a week-long trip to France abruptly closed, leaving them with no arrangements or accommodations for their planned trip.

Choose someone you can trust CancunSteve
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Stay in the hotel zone of Cancun in 2013 from $36.80 a night including tax !
August 16, 2013
Selected dates in 2013.
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Zombies vote
August 5, 2013
Cancun recently held elections.
no incidents. all peaceful and in order

Not like that in South Carolina.

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson reported that there are over 900 individuals who had died before the election (and had voted) and at least 600 of those individuals had died way outside the window that an absentee ballot could have been sent, so it is known for a fact that there are deceased people whose identities are being used in elections in South Carolina.
Could there be zombies voting?

Cancun now has a planetarium
July 29, 2013
One of the most advanced in the world
see more

See more about the new Cancun Planetarium

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Escape the cold
July 24, 2013
Book your winter holdidays now in the warm Riviera Maya
don't be stuck in the cold like Snowden
He'll be in Siberia now thanks to those kind-hearted Russians he loves so much! Let him freeze there.
See more escape the cold you can! Snowden can't

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Shopping tips
July 15, 2013
When you go shopping down here:
don't buy those souvenir keychains as it looks cheap.
don't get those I (heart image) T-shirts or caps I ♥ Playa del Carmen or I ♥ Ruta 4 Cancun
stuff in the airport which is cheezy and overpriced
Do use those hundreds of dollars of discount coupons you download from our website! example

Pay less for the same room type in a given hotel
July 10, 2013
According to a recent study
Did you know that the couple in the room next to yours may have paid less for the same room you have in your vacation hotel?
1 By booking sooner (Early booking) save as much as 50%! Pay half! Example in this Five Star Cancun beachfront Hotel NYX book it all-inclusive; European Plan; or bed and breakfast
2 By staying a minimum amount of days get $1500USD credit for room upgrades; spa treatments; trips to the archeological zones; dolphin swims; or play golf Moon Palace in Cancun
3 By booking with us get hundreds of dollars of discount vouchers see more and just one of the restaurants you get a discount for
4 Many hotels have different rates depending on the day of the week! True! With those drawing business guests hotels in Mexico City offer lower weekend rates.
5 Lower weekday rates here all inclusive Los Angeles Locos
With your reservation with us we shall provide the user name and password for those discounts we mentioned.
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Worried about lost baggage on your flight?
June 18, 2013
According to a recent Airline consumer report
These are the TOP five airlines with reports of lost bags per 1000 passengers.
1 Virgin America
2 JetBlue Airways
3 Frontier Airlines
4 Hawaiian Airlines
5 Delta Air Lines
With your reservation with us we shall provide the names of the top 10 airlines with complaints to the U.S. Department of Transportation .
To help you decide with whom to book your flight.

Merger of airlines effects travelers YOU
June 7, 2013
American Airlines and US Airways will merge so what does that mean for your summer vacations.
You should expect fares and fees for these airlines will likely go up but not the hotel prices at CancunSteve, airline loyalty programs and rewards will consolidate impacting your travel awards but at CancunSteve your points always grow and never expire
CancunSteve frequent renter awards. Airline and major travel routes will adjust we predict.
However we offer early booking discounts for your summer vacations here Gran Caribe Real you don't have to be a senior or member of any specific organization. Many only give discounts for old age. Not us. Young or old get low prices.
Who do you feel should get the discount? Use the link on the left to see if you agree with me.

How safe is Mexico | this from CNN
April 17, 2013, listing the top reasons to visit Mexico now.
Although the country might have suffered a slight PR problem in recent months due to exagerated news reports of violence along the northern border, and a US State Department warning that was issued in April 2012 for travelers heading to some of its states, the reality is that Mexico is actually much safer than the government would have you think.
The disconnect lies in the fact that Mexico is roughly the size of Western Europe, so border incidents have very little impact on life in the country's top tourist destinations. In fact, the best places to visit in Mexico can be found in the 17 states that are not mentioned in the travel warnings, such as the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico City and Baja California.
Mexico is a very large country, said Rodolfo Lopez Negrete, is BIG land, said the chief operating officer for the Mexico Tourism Board, in an interview with CNN. When you take into account the distance between Ciudad Juarez [the most violent city in Mexico] and Cancun, you're talking about 1,400 miles of distance. Puerto Vallarta is 1,000 miles away and Los Cabos about 1,600 miles away. That is equivalent to the distance between New York and Houston.
Mexico's Yucatan state remains one of the safest in the country and is home to a wide variety of fabulous destinations that are located near the party city of Cancun. In fact, some of Mexico's most popular Mayan archaeological sites can be found here, including those at Chichen Itza and Tulum, along with a number of traditional and very charming Mexican colonial cities, such as Merida. To give you an idea of how safe this area really is, the Yucatan state, which has roughly the same population as the US state of Kansas, only experienced two drug-related deaths in 2010, while Wichita, Kansas, had six gang-related killings last year.

go to Wet and Wild | Chichen Itza | dolphin swim all FREE
March 22, 2013
with your booking with CancunSteve at Moon Palace, or Cozumel Palace, or Isla Palace
up to 1500usd credit with your booking at Moon Palce with CancunSteve valid until Dec 23rd 2013 good for Chichen Itza | Coba | Isla Mujeres | Tulum Express | Wet’nWild | Ultimate Dolphin Swim Experience | wedding collections | romantic dinners
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January 21, 2013
44% off on your vacation to Acapulco.
Plus 3rd and 4th person FREE.
And whenever you book remember to book with the good guys:
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visit the Acapulco CopaCobana now
Is there any other location to be in Acapulco? On the beach a few minutes walk to the discos. Five minute walk to the Convention Center. Twenty minutes from the famous Quebrada. In front of the golf club.

Fly cheaper!!!
September 20, 2012
The least expensive days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.
That means that if your departure or return flight falls on a Monday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday, you're paying more than you need to.
It may take some juggling of your vacation time; such as a trip that runs Tuesday to Tuesday rather than Sunday to Sunday; but what you lose in flexibility you more than make up for in savings.
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August 14, 2012
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Hotel zone Cancun
rooms have kitchenette.
look and see Imperial Laguna rates include tax

Where are the dangers of traveling to Mexico!?
July 23, 2012
Is Mexico dangerous.
How does Mexico stack up to the rest of the world?
Take this quiz and find out.
look and see the truth How dangerous is Mexico quiz the facts are here baby not in the crap the state department wants you to believe.

Would you believe you can do all inclusive in Playa del Carmen from $46 per person!?
Jun 15, 2012
Selected dates in 2012.
Stay in Playa del Carmen.
Pay as low as 46usd per person a night including tax and lodgings and food and drink.
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Save in Cozumel in 2012 35% off!
Apr 3, 2012
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Crime is not exclusive to Mexico
Sep 6, 2011
It was Jane's honeymoon night.
Jane laughed off the warning her friends gave her about Italian boys from South Brooklyn.
A dull ripping sound startled poor Jane.
Tony got up. He held something in his right hand.
What's that asked a frightened Jane.
Just this said Tony flinging the mattress patch at her.
The one that states Do not remove under penalty of law.
You idiot screamed Jane. Removing that mattress tag is direct disobedience of United States government regulations!
You destroyed the proof this mattress was made in compliance with acts of the District of Columbia.
Chill out replied Tony. Get into the bed woman!
No asserted Jane. Not now. Not ever. I may have married a criminal but I'll never sleep with one.
So ended their honeymoon in South Phily at the Day's Inn.
Want a real honeymoon in style without worring about matress tags:
See the place for your honeymoon in Cancun

Your kids will love the kids club. Play games make new friends.

Deal at Sea Adventure Cancun
Aug 26, 2011
All inclusive from just $46 usd a night per person at Sea Adventure Resort in Cancun
The water park is awesome

Great food. Animation team and shows unsurpassed in the city!
main Sea Adventure page.
See the water park
To enjoy the resort book now with discounts August thru December 23rd 2011.

Your kids will love the kids club. Play games make new friends.

Time Share precautions
May 26, 2011
In addition to the cost per week there are stiff maintenance costs every year.
And those costs have yearly increases to boot.

Sometimes when you want to use your week of time share in some hotel-time share situations you may find your week is not available as the hotel booked it to a renting guest.
Which is why the slogan exists 'fly and cry'.
Read about Hector the OPC Time share salesman Hector
Careful if there is a cluase preventing you from cancelling. As you may want to.
And remember this. This is not an investment as investments are supposed to appreciate in value. No time share ever has.
Try to re-sell a time share. Good luck.
When you try to sell you will get less than you paid initially. Which is why this is not an investment buyt a vacation plan.
See if they offer fixed time or floating.
Get the befits and obligations in writing.
Don't want the hassles just a simple good all inclusive vacation? Good. a good deal with no strings attached on the beach in Cancun

Win secret discount on 2 bedroom house for rent
May 26, 2011
Two bedroom home in downtown Cancun.
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Cancun two bedroom house for rent
May 13, 2011
Two bedroom home in the heart of downtown Cancun.
Safe quiet well connected area.
Cancun 2 bedroom home .
From $450/month.

Mexico apprehends its' criminals
Mar 11, 2011
Thirty of Mexico's 37 most wanted criminals apprehended.
Cruise the shores of Somalia and get the pirates. Somalia Coast Cruise.
Don't let Hillary Clinton tell you Mexico isn't safe.
The Somalia coast isn't safe as the inept powers to be there aren't cleaning things up like here in Mexico.
Where it's safer than most USA cities.

The spring breakers filling Cancun's hotels and beaches now don't see to pay much mind to that danger garbage in the US press.
They're down here partying and having a good time.
And you? What are you doing?
Reading your local newspaper?
Well put it down I say; go on-line and book a vacation with CancunSteve.
You need the vacation; we need the booking.

Cancun weather real-time
Dec 16, 2010
See the weather in Cancun and the Riviera Maya now. Cancun weather now.
Plus forecast information.

Imperial Perlas in Cancun!
Jun 29, 2010
This Cancun hotel zone beach hotel rents either EP or AI plan. visit the hotel now.

All inclusive from 40usd per person per night. And pay for 1 hotel but use 3!!! With your all inclusive at Imperial Perlas use all installations at Maya Caribe or Dos Playas also in the Cancun hotel zone nearby.

Sea Adventure Resort and Water Park in Cancun!
May 17, 2010
The Water Park is open and fun. For young and old alike. visit the Sea Adventure Resort and Water Park now.

Earth calling Jose Jimenez
Apr 24, 2010
Mexico now has a space agency AEXA which will launch a satellite into space.  

A Mexican made satellite

The launching area will be located within Quintna Roo the state which is home to the Riviera Maya & Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Isla Mujeres.
The area is thirty hectares. That's BIG!. The launch area is near Bacalar which is not far from Chetumal (the capital of Quintanna Roo). The area is unpopulated.

The Mexican astronaut Jose Hernandez will supervise the launch site.

Mexico can enter into the international space community. And have its' own buit and launched exploration and communication satellites.

Scientific investigation and space travel are priorities.

Imagine the first Mexican colony on the moon. Moon tacos al pastor.

Earth calling Jose Jimenez. Hey Jose where are you? What are you doing?

Dejame en paz guey!

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Water park coming to Blue Bay Club Cancun
Jan 23, 2010
You and the kids will go wild with these activities and rides at your doorstep.
See Blue Bay Cancun Blue Bay Club
Or rent our studio condo in the complex beachfront condo in Blue Bay
The main attraction of Sea Adventure Resort & Water Park will be the Tree House, a big set of water slides and other water rides that offer amusing activities for every family member. Children over 6 years old will enjoy the Mayan themed games like water guns, water splashes and buckets of water interacting with symbolic animals of the region. This 40ft ride will also have an enormous bucket of water that squirts 7 square feet of water, creating a huge waterfall that kids will love. This Tree House will be attached to a children’s swimming area for kids under 6 years old to enjoy: the squirts of water, little mushrooms and waterfalls in a one foot-deep pool.

How about a condo on the beach in Cancun?!
Jan 2, 2009
Yes. Amenities include kids club! tennis courts. gym. several pools. Jacuzzi.
Have a look Hacienda del Mar.
Part of Blue Bay Club Cancun!
Free unlimited phone calls with your beach rental!
May 15, 2007
Call anytime anywhere. Local. Within Mexico. Or international. Anywhere else. No limit. No charge! Call the USA. Europe.
Talk as long as you like if you can tear yourself away from the best beach in Cancun or best infrastructure of any five star Cancun resort.
This benefit valid for selected rooms
Royal Carribe Real Cancun go there now
How does Villas Marlin look NOW
February 22, 2007
Have a look at the pools and beach as they are now. The truth is here:
See Villas Marlin as it is NOW
Bringing three kids to Cancun sharing one room with you
August 22, 2006
You want to check-in to an all-inclusive in Cancun with hubby and the three kids in tow. The problem is the hotels tell you they don't allow 5 people in one room and two rooms forces two kids to be billed at adult rates. Not cost justifiable.
Now there are solutions for you!
This hotel allows two adults and three children in the same room. What's more they have kid clubs too.
Blue Bay Club and Marina
Shows in the Riviera Maya
July 6, 2006
La talentosa actriz Lluvia Prado del grupo La Bambalina a la izquierda.

Entre Puerto Morelos y Playa del Carmen, entrada a Bahia Maroma el grupo La Bambalina presenta Los pajaros estan diferentes y otros cuentos para niños.
Domingo 9 de julio entrada libre a las 11AM. Piano Cafe terraza.
Mas informacion Piano Cafe 872-8247

Para los siguientes cuatro miércoles el grupo La Bambalina presenta un espectáculo de comedia a partir de las 9pm en el Restaurante El Pabilo ubicado Ave Yaxchilan numero 31 al lado del Hotel Xbalanque.
Downtown Cancun.

Yo lo vi y lo recomiendo mucho.

Car rental deals
June 15, 2006
You may want to move around while you're down here. We help you do it economically. But you know it's not just about price.
Read this then rent at the lowest rates with us.
Car rentals in Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Cancun beaches
April 21, 2006

The areal photo above says it all! This photo of the Cancun hotel zone seen from Punta Cancun going towards Punta Nizuc published recently in a local newspaper shows Cancun is on its feet with superb sugar-white beaches.

If anyone should say the contrary you know the truth and where they're comming from.
Just show them this page.
photo source newspaper Por Esto! de Q Roo 19 April 2006

20 million dollars beach recuperation for Cancun
November 9, 2005
Cancún, 9 de Noviembre.- El gobernador del Estado, Félix González Canto, sostuvo hoy una reunión con el secretario de Turismo, Rodolfo Elizondo Torres, donde se acordó que en la segunda quincena de diciembre se pondrá en marcha el proyecto de recuperación de playas, con una inversión de 200 millones de pesos.
In other words the Governor of Quintana Roo Félix González Canto reached an agreement with Federal Secretary of Tourism for 20 million dollars to recuperate Cancun's beaches.
This will focus from Punta Cancun to Punta Nizuc where the beaches were damaged. Work will begin mid-December so my guess is by the end of December improvement should be seen judging by the speed they recuperated beaches in Playa del Carmen.
Pascual from Chetumal puts a sock in baby's mouth
September 24, 2005
In Chetumal (382 kilometers from Cancun) Pascual Ucan Cuitun bothered by his baby's constant crying put a sock in its mouth.
Later it was found he was smoking grass and stoned out of his mind.
What did he tell the authorities?
That he was so stoned he mistook his baby's mouth for a foot?
source: Por Esto! de Q Roo Sep 22, 2005
200 million pesos on beach recuperation project: from III Foro Nacional de Turismo Cancun
January 13, 2005
The project to recuperate the beaches of Cancun reach 200 million pesos.
The private sector contracted the firm Baird Costal Engineering who is responsible for the supervision of the project.

To insure reefs and other flora and fauna of the oceans will come to no harm environmental impact was studied with the committee Semarnat, the authorities of Parque Marino, the head of ecology of Benito Juarez, with consults to local ecological organizations.

International experts were consulted regarding technical oceanographic aspects.

This project which was first conceived in 2002 is now well under way and thanks to Mexican engineering and technical efforts working with international expertise more than three million meters of sugar-white sand line the cost of Cancun's beaches.

This successful project is a beautiful working example of the tight relationship between the development of tourism and the conservation and care of natural resources.

It is a model example of citizens working with the private sector and the Mexican government.

Witness and celebrate this here in Cancun on our sugar-white beaches caressed by transparent turquoise waters.

Puerto Cancun project: from III Foro Nacional de Turismo Cancun
January 15, 2005
At the III Foro Nacional de Turismo, Rafael Lang director general of the Puerto Cancun Project indicated the basic infrastructure (roads; water; electric; drainage) for that part of the project corresponding to the hotel zone of Puerto Cancun should be completed in June of this year (2005).
Puerto Cancun in its entirety when complete will have living areas; a hotel zone; marinas; golf course; commerical areas for shopping.
This project will have a strong social impact generating more than 10,000 jobs directly and 25,000 indirectly.
It is hoped the 18 hole golf course will be completed in 2006.
The golf course will be of professional category of 75 hectares bordering on the ocean.
The marina will have a capacity for more than 330 vessels.
Rafael Lang indicated it will take 10 years to complete all the buildings in Puerto Cancun.

Cancun Ecological Park
July 17, 2004
See spider monkeys; crocodiles; turtles; ducks. Take an ecological walk during the afternoon in Cancun's ecological park. And it's free. Museum displays the history of Cancun where you may see the first telegram ever sent from Cancun. Playground for the kids. Visit the park now
The Cancun supermarkets
July 18, 2004
Everyone takes the bus to Wal-Mart. Yes, Cancun has a Wal-Mart. As a matter-of-fact it has two. There are also several Chedrauis; many Comercial Mexicanas; a Carrefour; and a Soriana. Each super-market has its own advantages. And in addition to these indoor air-conditioned mega stores you can find outdoor markets such as mercardo 23 or mercardo 28. If all you need is a loaf of bread and a six pack of beer any of the supermarkets will do. However: IF you are looking for tender beef the Soriana offers choice red meat. For a wide selection of exotic fruits also go to Soriana. Vegetables are most extensive at the Mega Comercial Mexicana. For bagels from Mexico City the Wal-Mart is your only choice. The malls of Cancun
Swim with the dolphins
July 26, 2004
So you want to swim with the dolphins. Before spending $80usd to swim with the dolohins remember you can swim with Joel Gondelman for free. There are several places to swim with dolhpins in Cancun. In the heart of the hotel zone in La Isla mall in the aquarium. Visit La Isla mall
Or at Parque Nizuc (alias: Wet and Wild) on the road to the airport. About 2 miles out of the hotel zone.
To learn more about dolphins IS the dolphin a porpoise?
The price to swim with these intelligent creatures depends on where you go; how long you swim; and the type of experience, i.e, 'interactive'.
Last boat to the island
Nov 20, 2004
Playa del Carmen to Cozumel ferries run to 11PM. Puerto Juarez to Isla Mujeres has boats until 10:30PM. IF you come in from the islands to the mainland to party know there are boats after dawn to get you back to your hotel

Isla Mujeres maps information lodgings

Find your ideal Playa del Carmen hotel

Airport planned for Tulum
Dec 2, 2004
Airport planned for Tulum. Construction to begin in 2005. Fly down to the Akumal area now.
Akumal area
Tulum area

III Foro Nacional de Turismo Cancun excerpts
Jan 24, 2005
Quintana Roo is a model of what turism can do for a state. After the Mexican revolution the Mayans lived almost as slaves working on the haciendas. Today there are more oportunities of employment for everyone in areas directly or indirectly related to turism.

Tourism is the third most important industry in Mexico.

The friendliness of the Mexican people encourage tourism.

After just 34 years of existance Cancun has a population in size of Merida, a city of hundreds of years in age.

Some of the lobster caught in the waters of Isla Mujeres is exported to the USA.

Quintana Roo now has the highest level of immigration in Mexico.

Cruise ships contribute little to the city hosting them, rather they take advantage of existing infrastructures and natural surroundings.

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