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Cancun weather real-time
Dec 16, 2010
See the weather in Cancun and the Riviera Maya now. Cancun weather now.
Plus forecast information.

Free nights plus 25% discount at Playacar luxury condominium
Apr 9, 2011
Not only 25% off but fourth night free.
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No swine flu here!
May 14, 2009
Quintana Roo stays away from Swine Flu
The Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo reported that the state is so far free of the Swine Flu, and that not a single case related to this virus has occurred in any of the main touristic destinies. The plan of prevention and detection implemented by the Ministry of Health continues in the entity, using filters inside the airports, docks, and bus stations. Plus the constant supervision in more than the 74,000 hotel rooms that exists in Quintana Roo. This organization reports that in Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Riviera Maya, Cozumel and Grand Costa Maya, tourism activities are being carried out normally. They are also, like the rest of the state, aware of the instructions that emit the health authorities. The Government of Quintana Roo, sympathizes with the states in which outbreaks of swine flu have appeared and respects the precautionary measures and recommendations that are being implemented in some countries in relation to travel. At this moment, the priority of the State Government is the health of its citizens and its visitors.
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Adios hurricane Dean!
Aug 21, 2007
At 4:30AM EST this Tuesday, Dean made landfall 15 miles north of Chetumal a devestating force 5 hurricane with 165mph winds with a low pressure of 906mb. But you all don't care about its' pressure or stuff but how it effects your hotel reservations.
OK. I hear you!
First some geography is in order for those who are not so familiar with the coast of Quintana Roo. Chetumal a city of 130,000 people is on the border of Belize and is Q Roo's most southern city more than 250km south of Tulum; and as Akumal the Riviera Maya are much further north, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres not effected. Cancun is over 380kms from Chetumal.
The ecological reserve Sian Ka an just north of Chetumal got hit bad but good people don't live there. Only crocodiles and swindlers who charge exorbitant prices for tours through the reserve.
Dean continues inland still a force 2 hurricane now in Campeche (western neighboring state of Quintana Roo). The government has been busy evacuating Mayans living in their palapas in harm's way.
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Sep 12, 2009
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July 28, 2009
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Gran Caribe Real Cancun

Camara Alternativa
August 9, 2004
An evening alternative to the laser-light disco or piano bar (if that's your thing) is the Camara Alternativa at the mall La Isla. Herein the best in foreign films are presented. Films that have won prizes or nominations at Cannes or the Fesitval of Cine in Copenhagen for best film. Or best director. These are films best using the art of cinema with depth of character development not found in commerical Hollywood fare. IF you're visiting Cancun from New York City this art form may not be so novel for you; however if you're visiting from Butte, Montana you may not have a chance to see these films back home. For times and details pick up any local newspaper or check with Cinemark at La Isla.
Elections in Quintana Roo
Feb 10, 2005
Following the vote on February 6th the preliminary results show:
PRI victories dominated the recent elections. With Francisco Alor the new elected mayor of Cancun (PRI). Felix Gonzalez the elected Governor of the state of Q Roo (PRI).
PRI also took Playa del Carmen and Jose Maria Morelos. The PAN took Cozumel.

Felipe Carrillo Puerto voted for Eliseo Bahena for Mayor (PRD).

Keep in mind when it's 9PM in Cancun, or 9PM Cozumel, or 9PM Isla Mujeress, or 9PM Chetumal, or 9PM Akumal and Tulum, guess what time it is in Felipe Carrillo Puerto? It would be 8PM there. One hour behind.
That should tell you something.
Hector the OPC
July 18, 2004
Hector just bused in from Tiajuana. Having no trade or profession he thought about what he'll do in Cancun. He considered these alternatives: selling chiclets on the corner of Lopez Portillo and Bonampak; washing windshields of parked cars with his Coke bottle filled with soap-water and rag; or being an OPC. He opted for the lowest profession of the three and became an OPC.
What is an OPC? They hang out in front of some of the hotels and downtown hawking at unsuspecting tourists 'need any information amigo'; 'are you on vacation'; 'want free trip to XCaret'. The deal is Hector will get you a free breakfast or a seven dollar and sixty cent discount on your car rental if you agree to attend a presentation. Sound good? Remember baby, nothing for nothing.
IF you do go remember not to give your credit card data to anyone unless you intend to buy. And if you are thinking of buying ask yourself this: when was the last time a 20000 dollar time share appreciated in value? Will it ever? About as much chance of a snow storm in Cancun folks.
People have told us their cards were charged w/o their authorization.
Even if someone has signed they can according to Mexican Law back-out. Be aware that Mexico laws require a 5 day “cool down” contract rescission period for timeshares purchases, and this right cannot be waived. IF YOU ARE WITHIN 5 DAYS OF SIGNING AND WANT OUT Mexican law permits this you should know. .... wrote 'My husband and I have also been scammed by .... . Let's join forces in the battle.' And .... says 'My wife and I purchased a travel package from the ..... . We now know this package is a HUGE waste of money. We are currently fighting with the time share company with the help of the Mexican government to get our money back.'
Is that kind of agrevation worth the 14 dollars you saved on breakfast? OR 7.60 on that VW rental?
Last month a woman wrote me asking availability from June 15 to November 30. I know from experience few people can afford a six-month holiday in Cancun. We asked her to narrow down her travel dates to check availability at the hotel she requested. Her husband wrote back saying they bought a time share. So why do they come to me you ask? I'll tell you why: probably every time they try to use their week they bought they're told it's not available so they want to use us to see if it's true.
Some hotels have the 'fly and buy' program and some have the 'buy and cry'.
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Jazz festival Playa del Carmen
September 29, 2005
Latin Jazz Festival 05 in Playa del Carmen
November 17,18 and 19th.
See such Latin greats as Iraida Noriega and Cristobal Lopez.
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Hurricane Emily
July 19, 2005
As you know from many sources this storm hit south of Cozumel quite a distance from Cancun.
In some parts of Cancun phone service is intermittent.
Read this Feb 18th e-mail we received from Blue Bay Resorts to get an idea of the situation:
The hotels have no damage. Palapas on the beach were damaged and are being cleaned up now. Our guests will be having breakfast at the campus and immediately after will be transported back to the hotels. Both resorts are in operating condition and we are ready to have our guests back in the resort as well as receive new clients. Both resorts are ready to offer the regular service and quality standards.
Chacho President (Mayor) of Cancun no longer in power
July 20, 2004
The state government of Quintana Roo injected major funds into Cancun to guarantee services such as public security. As Cancun was short funds to pay the salaries of city workers it appeared as though the mayor 'Chacho' (Juan Ignacio Garcia Zalvidea) mis-managed city funds.
The responible government officials responible for areas like ecology; police; etc. have abandoned Chacho. The officials resigned thereby leaving Chacho without power. Then Chacho was removed from the Mayor's office and now a citizen group is now in charge of the city.
Chacho says he'll be back by law.
The city of Cancun is functioning perfectly with all services working as they should.
Chacho situation in Cancun
August 3, 2004
As Cancun functions normally with nearly 100% occupation, the situation of Chacho and the dissapearing funds is now in the hands of the Mexican Supreme Court. Fernando Garcia Zalvidea (Chacho's brother) aids in Chacho's defense as Chacho was jailed. The citizen council continues to govern Cancun during the investigation.
Chacho free
August 8, 2004
The Supreme Court of Mexico ordered Chacho's release declaring the prosecution is unconstitutional.
Support for Chacho
August 16, 2004
Last night in front of the mayor's offices citizen groups manifested support for Chacho, objecting to the way Chacho was removed from office. Handmade posters of support were on display as a rock band attempted to play some Pink Floyd and street vendors sold corn-on-the-cob.
Chacho and Hendricks in Mexico City
August 17, 2004
Both Chacho (President of Cancun) and Joaquin Hendricks Diaz (Governor of the state of Quintana Roo) meet in Mexico City before the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico. The Supreme Court intends to get to the bottom of things. The Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that Chacho is right to demand the funds frozen to pay salaries should be liberated and that Chacho is still rightfully mayor. Hendricks still hasn't liberated these funds.
Chacho declared rightful Mayor of Cancun
August 19, 2004
The Supreme Court of Mexico declared Chacho is the legal and rightful Mayor (President) of Cancun.
Hurricane Ivan
September 11, 2004
Hurricane Ivan came and went touching the west coast of Cuba. Now somewhere in the Gulf heading to the panhandle of Florida.
Here in Cancun some rain and moderate winds left some broken branches; a broken traffic light; seaweed on the beaches. IF you're not down here within the next two days, you'll see no evidence that Ivan passed by here.
Free night in Cancun hotel
July 24, 2004
One free night in beach condo-hotel Cancun Plaza during the months of September; October; November. Minimum 4 night stay. Visit Cancun Plaza now .
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Chacho Mayor of Cancun declares bus fare increases not authorized
September 11, 2004
The Mayor of Cancun declared the bus fare increases were not authorized by the city nevertheless the new fares remain the same.
Rent a car in Cancun.
Unlimited free phone calls within Mexico; to Canada; anywhere in the continental USA
Aug 6, 2008
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How about a XMas New Years in Cancun all inclusive at 72usd/pax/nite?!
Apr 29, 2008
Yes. Cancun all inclusive at just 72usd per person per night double occupation!
Valid Dec 23 2008 to Jan 3 2009.
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AI or BB or EP villas on Cancun's best beach
July 13, 2006
As you like it stay B&B or All-inclusive or lodgings only on Cancun's nicest beach according to Discovery Channel in your own villa.
Ambiance Villas

Economicos vuelos dentro de Mexico
September 23, 2005

Paquetes hoteles-vuelos:
Vuelos hasta Cancun desde ciudades EU y desde ciudades dentro de Mexico.
paquetes hoteles-vuelos
The truth about Cancun beaches and activities
March 5, 2006
Let's begin with this recent photo of the actual beach at Solymar

Three bedroom beach villa at Solymar with Jacuzzi. Gym. Laundry room

All these bars open now:
Coco Bongo ■ Coco Bongo Terraza ■ Dady'o ■ Dady Rock ■ Fat Tuesday ■ Nectar Bar ■ Corona Bar ■

And open to serve you CancunSteve

And these malls:
Plaza Kukulcán ■ Plaza Caracol ■ Plaza Nayan dei (downtown) ■ Plaza Flamingo ■ Plaza La Isla

Cancun is on its feet and if anyone says there's no beaches show them this page!
How does Villas Marlin look NOW
February 22, 2007
Have a look at the pools and beach as they are now. The truth is here:
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Would you believe you can do all inclusive in Playa del Carmen from $46 per person!?
Jun 15, 2012
Selected dates in 2012.
Stay in Playa del Carmen.
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