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So you are not flying from Dallas? No problem:
Wether you are flying Denver to Cancun. Or Denver to Puerto Vallarta. Or San Francisco to Cancun or to Puerto Vallarta. Or Detroit to Cancun:
**  serving such cities as Detroit, Dallas, Denver, San Antonio, and others

IF you are traveling from of these cities: Consider for low fares

The airline industry is changing airlines then and now

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Good people, beware of  THIS
Want to know which airlines are banned in Europe? airlines banned in Europe

If your destination is CABO SAN LUCAS or PUERTO VALLARTA and you live anywhere from Anchorage Alaska to San Jose California click on the Alaska Air emblem to the right for the best rates to get there.

Top Flight Destinations:


  • Business Class to Capetown
  • Business Class to Johannesburg
  • Business Class to Lagos
  • Business Class to Nairobi


  • Business Class to Amsterdam
  • Business Class to Athens
  • Business Class to Brussels
  • Business Class to Frankfurt
  • Business Class to London
  • Business Class to Madrid
  • Business Class to Moscow
  • Business Class to Paris
  • Business Class to Rome


  • Business Class to Beijing
  • Business Class to Hong Kong
  • Business Class to Kuala Lumpur
  • Business Class to Manilla
  • Business Class to Seoul
  • Business Class to Shanghai
  • Business Class to Singapore
  • Business Class to Taipei
  • Business Class to Tokyo


  • Business Class to Auckland
  • Business Class to Brisbane
  • Business Class to Fiji
  • Business Class to Melbourne
  • Business Class to Sydney
  • Business Class to Tahiti


  • Business Class to Buenos Aires
  • Business Class to Lima
  • Business Class to Rio de Janeiro
  • Business Class to Sao Paulo


  • Business Class to Admedabad
  • Business Class to Bangalore
  • Business Class to Mumbai
  • Business Class to Chennai
  • Business Class to Cochin
  • Business Class to Delhi
  • Business Class to Hyderabad


  • Business Class to Cairo
  • Business Class to Doha
  • Business Class to Dubai
  • Business Class to Tel Aviv

* R/t Including taxes & fees. Flights originating from New York. Savings of up to 10 to 70% off claim is based on a comparison of non-refundable restricted fares to the applicable classes of domestic and international lowest unrestricted fully refundable published fare. The actual discount amount will vary based on availability, advance notice, minimum stay, travel dates and blackout dates. Fares change from time to time without notice. Other restrictions may apply. Savings claim is based on our research of popular routes on major scheduled airlines based on 21 days advance purchase. Travel dates range Dec 23 – Jan 17.

Fares are round trip, Fares incl. all fuel surcharges, our service fees and taxes. Book 21 days in advance. A minimum Saturday night stay may be required. Displayed fares are based on historical data, are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.

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We are asked:
Any tips on surviving a full day of air travel - two flights and a layover - with a three-and-a-half-year-old and a two-month-old? Let's assume sedation isn't an option for the children involved although it's tempting, and we'd ideally like to keep our marriage intact.
I must assume the two-month-old is a lap child, right? A kid under two years of age can fly free with you so long as you keep them on your lap (and you have a copy of a valid birth certificate, and those meanies with vinegar faces at the counter won't hesitate to give you the eye when you've forgotten it).
Keeping a lap baby with you for an entire flight is every bit as excruciating as you think it is.
But buying an extra seat is an impossible luxury, so you just have to deal with it the best you can. The upside is that the baby almost always wants mommy on an airplane and not you (unless you're the mommy, in which case my condolences), which means you get to deal with the older child, who is easier and has his own seat.

Good news:
In this beachfront all-inclusive in Playa del Carmen kids up to 12 years of age FREE Gran Porto Real Five Star with kid's club too.

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Careful with booking flights over the phone:
International air travel and typos don’t make it. A California couple booked the tickets for their vacation in Cancun over the phone with a sleezy agency. If they had made the reservations online, at least they would have been the ones responsible for their last name being spelled incorrectly. The sleezy agency assured them that two transposed letters in their last name would be no problem. The airline disagreed.
Despite the agency’s assurances that the incorrect name would cause no problems at the airport, Aeromexico told them that it would, in fact, be a problem, and that they would have to pay a surcharge to change the names on their tickets.
why is flying better now

Aerocaribe 8 84-20-00
Aerocozumel 1 8 84-20-00
Alegro 8 86-0425
American Airlines (airport) 8 86-01-29 and 8 84-14-17
Areomexico 8 84-10-97
Aviacsa 8 87-42-11
Continental Airlines 8 86-01-69
Delta 01-800-902-2100
Delta 8 86-03-68
Lacsa 8 87-31-01
Lan Chile 8 87-52-33
Magnicharters 8 84-06-00
Martinair Holland 8 86-00-70
Mayair 987-2-55-68
Northwest 8 86-00-44
Taesa 8 87-43-14
United (in Mexico City) 2 01 5 7-26-02-99
Varig 8 87-43-77
1 this line is so small they have to share the same phone with the airline company above them
               the employees were told that if they behave Santa may give them their own phone lines for Christmas
2 United does not fly into Cancun but partners with local lines to get you here from Mexico City

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Many of you will be traveling here on a Boeing 737. Did you know the 737 is the best selling commercial jetliner of all time?
On the average about 1,000  737's are in the air at any given time; one takes off every 5.5 seconds.
There are apprximately 367,000 parts in a 737.
There are over 36 miles of wire in a 737.
The 737 fleet has carried more than 6.1 billion passengers, or the more than the number of people in the world's population.

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